I love food. Like, seriously… I must have been a baby hippo in my past life. I.can.EAT. Oh, and if I’m really hungry, get outta my way… I get hangry! Anyway, point is I freaking like food and this blog is about where I eat in Krabi Town, k? (I might have been working all day and might be currently hangry…I better publish this quick…)

Where I Eat in Krabi Town

I have been accidentally “stuck” in Krabi Town for about a year now… It’s about time I tell you where I eat. I’m not much of a “foodie picture” person, but you can rest assure the food at these spots are YUM! Or should I say, aroy mak mak!

All of these spots are located in the town center-Super easy!


Poached eggs with veggies and ago!  @ Tawan


While Wan makes some killer Thai food here, I usually end up getting falang food because she actually makes it really well! She has a wide selection of Mexcian food (OMG!) and yummy sandwiches filled with awesome meats (not for me) and tons of veggies (YAY!). She doesn’t use the  typical “plastic cheese” slices  and carrys avocado when it’s available. Pretty much everything is homemade and if you can conjure up something and she has the ingredients, she will make it for you. She has great western breakfasts and the one Thai dish I get from here, because hardly anyone makes it in the south, is Khao Soi! She is my savior for carrying this delicious northern Thailand soup that it otherwise impossible to find freshly made and vegetarian. She has daily specials on the chalkboard outside and always has a smile on her face.

Blue Juice

Nueng is the fabulous face behind the counter at this guesthouse/restaurant. Besides loving her to pieces, her food is darn good and very reasonably priced as well. I usually order the continental breakfast (possibly the best breakfast deal in town), or some of her homemade yogurt with fruit and muesli. If I’m there for lunch or dinner, she makes excellent curries and tofu laap! Since she is vegan, she is totally on my page when it comes to making good veggie food and I have never been disappointed. She also happens to make great cocktails and has drink specials.

Getting work done with my masala chai tea @The Art of Tea

The Art of Tea

I’m more of a coffee drink than a tea drinker, but not when I’m here! While Mae does coffee, tea, and cacao VERY well, I always get the same drink here. Masala Chai tea, an Indian tea made fresh when you order it. It’s not that easy to find this tea in the area, at least I haven’t seen it freshly made like this, so this is my guilty pleasure. They do have a simple, but good menu with western breakfast and Thai food.

Maharat Bakery

Just a tad bit out of the main center is this cute little spot. I want to eat everything, but always end up getting the same thing… Paninis. Like a real one… with real bread…and real shit inside. Real cheese and fresh baked bread can be found here. I even buy my loaves of bread from here. He has a great menu with some Dutch specialties considering the owner is from the Netherlands. The pesto panini (sometimes adding an egg- a genius idea I stole from a friend of mine) is my go-to favorite thing, but everything else looks good… If I can stop shoving the panini covered in the homemade garlic sauce in my face just once, I promise I will get something different. Everybody else likes the other things here, so that’s a good sign. Thai food is available, and ridiculously awesome pies, brownies, and cakes are in the display case staring you in face the whole time you eat your lunch. The cheesecake and the brownies I can vouch for- Delish!

Coffee @May and Mark

May and Mark

They have two locations quite close to one another. They are pretty much always busy. The coffee and western style breakfasts is what I get here. I love their asparagus, herb, and cheese omelets!

Easy Cafe

The coffee here is good and I usually go for the ciabatta bread or farmers omelet with mushrooms. It’s just across from the Chaofa pier.

The bomb ass farmers omelet @Easy Cafe

OK… I swear I DO eat Thai food! Lots of it! But you might not get that from everything I just listed so far. Well…the places above all serve Thai food, and I do eat the Thai food from there, but more often than not, I get my Thai food from the markets and small food stalls which I’m about to list. Also, these spots mentioned above are sometimes where I work for the day to fuel up on my coffee so I can write these posts for you all! Lastly, if I had to eat rice for breakfast I would be knee-deep in my own tears. (K, a bit of exaggeration, I’ve had to eat rice for breakfast before, but it’s not ideal.)

Chaofa Road Spots

First Cafe and 89 Cafe are decent spots too. All the regular Thai dishes make appearances on the menu. 89 serves up a heaping pile of pineapple fried rice and the yellow curry at First is yum! Both are on Choafa Road.


Got to love the random restaurant on the sidewalk…You won’t find a sign for this place. At least not in English (Don’t bother looking for the name, I had to ask her the name of her shop even though I’ve ate here a million times. She also had to think about it for a second).  This one is on Maharat Road. If you are looking at Vogue supermarket, walk to the right and she will be on the corner of that next road. She closes around 5, so lunch and early dinner are your options here. She stays open a bit later on weekends. Generally everything is 50B. All the regulars are here. I usually get veggie fried rice, morning glory or veggie omelets on rice. This is a favorite spot for me for easy quick Thai food during lunch time.

fried rice @Jamughy

Muslim Food

Seriously, I think that’s the name? That’s what the sign says. I dunno, but they serve up simple cheap food here. Most rice/noddle dishes are around 50B. It’s just across for the Thai Hotel, next to Sirinakorn Supermarket.


OK, let’s get real, if you know me, you know I LOVE eating at the markets, I go everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. These are the markets in Krabi Town:

Maharat Morning Market (every morning 3am-10am) – I’m usually not around to get to the market. It’s open really early. Like I went here after a night of drinking around 4:30-5am and this place was hoppin’! While there are places to order some fresh made Thai food or buy some prepared Thai food, this is mostly a fresh fruits and vegetable market.

City Market– (open everyday) This one goes from about 2 or 3pm to about 9 or 10pm. A few sell some fruit and vegetables to begin the day, then late lunch things start going on with more peopling opening up with fresh produce and fresh food. Som Tam, meat on skewers, fish cakes, pre made curries, soups, mango stick rice, fried vegetables, Thai-stlye donuts, pad Thai, and plenty more are all here.

Chao Fa Pier Market– (open everyday) This spot is a mini cluster of outside restaurants. Plastic chairs and metal tables adorned with the “assigned” table-cloth to distinguish one for another, these stalls pump out tons of a food every night. Most of the stalls open around 5 PM and you can choose from all the Thai dishes you can think of. Fried rice, to curry, they have it. Thai pancakes, fruit shakes, and fresh seafood can be had here too!

Pu Dam Market (MTW)- This is a newer market that has a mishmash of stalls at it.  There’s the regulars, but they sometimes switch out. Many of the weekend market people make  their appearance here as well. A lot of the food is already prepared at this market. There are also clothes and knickknacks sold at this market. It starts going around 5 PM.

Krabi Walking Street (FSS) -This market sells food, clothes and other items. There will likely be a local Thai band on stage, little boys break dancing, or perhaps grannie singing karaoke at any moment here. Corn on the cobb, “Baan Toy” which is essentially a pad thai in an egg crepe (YUM!), savory bean buns (as I call them), fresh veggie spring rolls, fruit shakes, omelet on rice, satay, kebabs, and more. Tons of food to choose from here, I love this market and go every weekend. I highly recommend you don’t leave this market until you have tried the homemade coconut ice cream from my favorite vendor. He sells some damn good ice cream yo!

Prices at the markets:

Cheap cheap! I’m not going into detail about price, everything is cheap, dude. Pad thai is 40-50B, fruit shake is 20B+,cut up pineapple is 20B, spring rolls are 10B each, something on a stick is 10-20B, and the coconut ice cream you gotta get is 30B.


Where did you eat in Krabi Town? Did you like any of these spots?


OK…Starving now… BYE!

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