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If I had a dollar for every person I’ve heard say…

“I want to be a digital nomad!”

“Guys, where can I find a digital nomad job?”

“Teach me to be a digital nomad!”

… I’d be one rich bitch.

The thing is, a digital nomad ISN’T a job! It’s a person who happens to have a job that can be done remotely. And there are heaps of digital nomad jobs out there too! You may even be able to get into one faster than you think.

Nowadays, everythang is done on the internet and with computers. I truly believe offices won’t necessarily become obsolete, but damn close to it. Why house a bunch of workers that work behind a desk when those workers can sit at home and work?

Companies are catching on to this massive money saver and they don’t want your ass in their office costing them more money!

It’s a great thing. Having location independent jobs are totally the future. People don’t have to commute, they can spend more time at home, with the family or doing their hobbies, companies save money, people can be overall happier without having to slog through traffic at 6 am every day… Lots of benefits! Hardly any downfalls.

So what type of digital nomad jobs are there? How does one start?

There’s a lot that can go into figuring this out, but just know, that you DON’T need the experience to work abroad or online. Sure, it would definitely help but being super motivated to take control of what you want in life and moving forward no matter what to reach a goal—this is what you really need.

Read that post above after this if you’re still unsure what location independent job is best for you and read my post about the realities of digital nomad life as well so you can get the big picture.

Hopefully, this list shows you the world of possibilities are great with digital nomad jobs and helps you narrow your path for your future job!


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Top Digital Nomad Jobs

1. Blogger

Yes, the blogger is telling you to become a blogger. But for good reason. You can make money in so many ways, and in a combination of those ways, through your own personal blog. And you can literally blog about anything.

There are seven and a half billion people in the world. If you love something and are passionate enough to write about it, the odds are excellent that there are thousands if not millions of people who are also into that same thing and want to read about it.

You could blog about anything from world travel (hello!) to knitting and there will be people interested in your niche. You can build a website for super cheap on WordPress through BlueHost but if you’re serious, you’ll get on with SiteGround (BlueHost isn’t that great in my experience, they are just cheap!), just choose a domain name and get to writing!

Work online and never have to go into an office again!

Working remotely is the ultimate job abroad to obtain for freedom!

Of all the digital nomad jobs, this is not only one of the best, but also the one that lays the foundation for many others. Oh, but let’s not forget, while this is all very easy on the surface, actually making money doing it isn’t! Trust me!

Ways you can make money blogging:

There are more than just three ways but these are the most common…

  • Ads

You basically let Google, or other advertiser networks, put advertisements on your website and you get paid based on the traffic you get to your site. I display Mediavine ads.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Here you get paid for selling a product related to a particular post. For example, in my piece on What to Wear in Morocco, I link to Amazon for an infinity scarf. If you click and buy, I make a commission from Amazon, and it doesn’t cost you a single extra red cent!

  • Sponsored Posts

Companies will pay you to write a piece on their product or company, or they may have a piece ready for publishing pending your approval.

Resources for Being a Blogger:

2. Sell a Product

While blogging can make you money for your writing, you really do have to have a passion, whatever it is, to create content around. On the other hand, you do not have to be a writer at all to sell a product online.

In fact, you could hire someone to write content for you around your product. For example, you could be a jewelry maker or designer. Hire a content or copywriter to promote your products on your website, and sell your items on your site.

At the same time, you could sell your digital product, an Ebook or How-To Guide, if you are indeed a writer.

Resources for Being a Seller:

3. Consulting & Coaching

Got a law degree or Personal Trainer certificate? You could run a consulting business from your laptop from anywhere in the world. You could set up personalized plans for clients and design packages around the level of support each client needs.

You could be a writing coach or a life coach, helping people hold themselves accountable to some goal or goals they have established. Set up a website showcasing your abilities and be sure you’ve got a “Work With Me” page so your future clients know exactly what you offer and how to contact you.

Resources for Being a Consultant and Coach:

You can literally teach or offer a service doing almost anything! These are just a few examples:

4. Freelance Writer/Copywriter

And speaking of freelancing, you could be a freelance writer. Companies across the world are looking for content providers for their sites.

Even bloggers who are busy living the lives they blog about often need a little help keeping the content on their site flowing freely. Set up a profile on a freelance website like Upwork or Fiverr and start applying for jobs you find that fit your niche.

So make sure you have a niche! There are a million freelance writers out there; your edge will be that you’ve got experience in the field they specialize in, so you’ll be “speaking their language.”

If you want to travel full time, think of working online as a freelance.

Freelancing involves SO many jobs, you’re bound to find something. Being a writer is just one of many.

Copywriting work is similar to a content writer. You could provide written copy (sales content) for a product or service, and you could do this for companies selling to consumers or companies trying to sell to other companies.

Resources for Being a Writer or Copywriter:

Sites for Finding Freelance Writing Work (and more):

5. Proofreader/Editor

You may not have what it takes to write brilliant copy but you could have an excellent eye for recognizing what makes good and bad copy. You can hire yourself out to check grammar and rhetoric, punctuation and tone.

Offer your services as a great editor to a raw piece of writing. Some writers simply don’t have time to worry about the details, or maybe they simply don’t have the eye for it. If you do, let people pay you for it.

Resources for Being a Proofreader or Editor:

6. SEO Specialist

SEO, for those not in the know, stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is what makes a blog post or website searchable on Google. Great SEO can get an article or website to the top of thousands of Google pages. And if you understand SEO even a little bit, build on it and sell your services.

You can quickly rise to the top of your market. People will pay big money to get their website noticed by a large audience. Getting a site to the first page of a Google search is worth big money.

Resources for Being an SEO Specialist:

7. Website Designer

If you’ve got skills with website design, you can travel the world and do your work remotely today. There is a high demand for website designers from everyone to major corporations to small businesses to individual bloggers trying to make money while traveling and many people don’t think of web design as a digital nomad job, but why not? All you need is a good laptop.

Try becoming an app developer to work remotely.

App developers are in need!

Web knowledge is still minimal for most people, even seasoned bloggers and other people who run a remote business, and they are always looking for a designer or a consultant. Set up your own website showcasing your skill with a “Work With Me” page and then promote yourself on social media and freelance sites.

Resources for Being a Website Designer:

8. App Developer

An offshoot of website design is an app developer. If you’ve got great ideas for apps that can improve someone’s life, companies want to hear about it. You can end up creating the next Map My Run or other fitness app.

There could literally be an app for anything. And you can build and create this app from anywhere. This is the epitome of a nomad job; you can do it from anywhere.

Resources for Being an App Developer:

9. Translator

Translators are always in high demand, and much of the work comes in the form of location independent jobs. Connect to the right company or companies, and you could make a ton of money.

Again, it’s always a good idea to have a website that showcases your services; write a piece in both languages on the work you do, on your linguistic background, and your services, and then promote yourself on social media platforms, especially professional ones.

You could even translate copy, so you are combining two skills, copywriting and translation. The important thing is to pick a niche, law, finance, copywriting, education, and then sell your services in that arena.

Resources for Being a Translator:

10. Transcriber

Don’t speak a second language? No problem! You can translate the spoken word to the written word for good money. Essentially, anytime a company takes minutes on a meeting, or a courthouse uses a stenographer, those events need to be transcribed into a typed document that can be filed somewhere for posterity.

You could be that typist. And all you need is a laptop with whichever doc software the company requires, and they will typically provide that software for you.

Resources for Being a Transcriber:

11. Teacher/Tutor

So many teachers want to travel, and they have summers off too! But so few of them realize they already have nomad jobs. As a teacher, you could also use your language skills to teach English or another language online.

How to Teach Online and Make Money From Anywhere

I used to teach online for years! It was my first remote job abroad!

Really, you could teach anything online. Get paid to tutor kids or business professionals online. You could even set up your own Youtube channel with lessons on anything from Chemistry to History and then advertise for your private lessons via Skype, for example.

Resources for Being a Teacher or Tutor:

12. YouTube Channel

Set up a YouTube Channel for anything. Teach lessons, vlog about your travels, rant about motherhood, engage in political discussions, there are viewers about there for everything. Then, once you’ve grown an audience, you can make money off advertisements on your channel.

Start small, start making videos, and post them online. It is the age of video right now. And as digital nomad jobs go, this one can be really fun. People want to see your face and hear you tell your truth. So if you have something to say, say it! People will not only listen, but they will pay you for it.

This won’t make you money tomorrow, or maybe not even next year, but if it’s something you’re passionate about doing, money can follow. Besides advertisement money, you can work with brands as well and make money that way.

If you’re into cryptocurrency, you can even start ranking in coins virtually with platforms like Steemit.

Resources for Being a YouTuber:

13. Photography

This one is not easy. Photography is a highly competitive game to get into. But here’s the thing: if it’s your passion and if you truly love doing it, take a shot (literally). The demand is high for great photography, and if you put in the time and give it all you’ve got, you can make good money in photography.

The beautiful thing about it too is that you don’t necessarily have to travel, although it’s life goals to integrate that, isn’t? But nowadays people want destination weddings, and they need a photographer along for the ride. Maybe a company has a travel-friendly product and they need a photographer to go to destinations and photographic it in use?

Put your mind to it, pick a niche (are we tired of hearing this yet?) and you’ll be taking amazing shots you can sell.

It’s a good idea to get started making a name for yourself right away. Work for free or for super cheap from where you are while you learn, sell photos to anyone who will pay, then grow from there.

Resources for Being a Photographer:

14. Videographer

Yes, this one can be tough too, but it doesn’t have to be as grueling as some make it out to be. You could offer your services locally in foreign countries. Video weddings and bat mitzvahs can totally be nomad jobs in whichever you city you happen to land in; sell your services on local boards and websites as a “man/woman of the world with a keen eye for video.”

Meanwhile, you could build your own YouTube following, set up your website, and start posting videos of your experiences.

Resources for Being a Videographer:

15. Virtual Assistant

This field is new, growing, and thriving. If you have been an assistant in the past, an admin, or simply have a great attention to detail, not only can you make a ton of money handling people’s personal business, correspondences, and appointments, but you could even start up your own virtual assistant consulting firm.

Once you make a name for yourself with a handful of clients over time, you can establish your own company and hire employees, all of whom you manage remotely, offering them digital nomad jobs as well, taking a small fee for the connection.

Resources for Being a VA:

16. Social Media Manager

If you spend a ton of time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linked In, or all of the above, you’re already poised to become a social media manager.

Becoming a social media manager to work remotely.

Working remotely as a social media manager is not going anywhere anytime soon! Social media is everything! Oh, and happened to be a pretty perfect digital nomad job too!

Companies are fast learning that they can get a lot of attention for their products on social media. Writers need people to promote their products for them so they can focus on their writing. All you have to do is set yourself up on your own website, and offer packages to your clients, charging according to the time you put in.

Resources for Being a Social Media Manager:

17. Influencer

Just like a social media manager, you need to already be media savvy to do well with this one. But if you are a pro on platforms like Instagram, companies will pay you to promote their products to your audience. Literally, all you have to do is mention their product, shampoo, nail polish, etc., and you get paid per post.

OK, there’s actually quite a bit more to it, but this is the basic gist. Companies are essentially paying you for your existing influence within your little tribe that you’ve cultivated.

Resources for Being an Influencer:

18. Day Trader

Big money is waiting for you here. If you are good with numbers and patient enough to learn the ins and outs of the stock market, get into this location independent job. Day trading can provide you with a ton of money if you are comfortable with buying and selling stock.

You’ll need to understand how the market works, how it is regulated, and which stocks should be held onto and which can be sold off quickly for a profit, but after some trial and error, this could easily become a full-time profession, remotely, which makes it one of the potentially most profitable digital nomad jobs out there.

Resources for Being a Day Trader:

19. Drop Shipping

This is a fairly new concept in the digital nomad job market. Someone who runs a drop shipping store sets the store up online, in a niche market, knitting products, phone screen protectors, etc. and sells those products on the site. The catch is that the product is not your own, and you don’t ship it yourself. So you are a middleman (or woman!) between a producer and a warehouse.

The advantage to your customers is that you house all the products on one site so they can compare and contrast what they are looking for. All you do then is take orders and have the warehouse(s) you connect with ship them.

Resources for Being a Dropshipper:

20. Work for Your Own Company

Perhaps you don’t even have to leave your company. Check with your HR department, run a search on your company website, and you may find that your company already offers remote work. You could find a travel position or simply the opportunity to work from home, which means from Tahiti or Thailand.

best digital nomad jobs

Don’t be afraid to ask your boss to work from home (AKA somewhere else around the world)

In fact, there are a number of companies that will help you figure out how to negotiate a remote or travel position with your company even if it doesn’t already offer it.

Resources for Being Your Own Boss:

21. Tech Support

If your company won’t let you work from home, find one that will! There are tons of customer service rep and tech support positions that would make great digital nomad jobs. You just need to be available for phone service or, even better, internet chats at certain times of day.

In fact, if you find the right company, or build one, you could set yourself up so you just need to check your email inbox regularly enough to take on tech support tasks at your leisure.

Resources for Being a Tech Supporter:

Some Things to Note About These Digital Nomad Jobs:

And my apologies if some of these things are very obvious but I think I’m a bit obligated to state some of these things for the few special people out there that may stumble on this… ?

  • Each job listed here is a REAL job that pays.
  • Each job here likely won’t need a work visa but it’s because remote work is still a gray area. Please look at the country you wish to live and travel in for information regarding visas and their take on remote workers.
  • Please note, I’m not a job board, and no, I can’t help you find an actual job. I provide FREE information in regards to how you can find work, what type of work is available etc, but I will not help in finding you an actual job.
  • Some jobs on this list are simply temporary, one-off, or side gigs, but most of them are legit part-time or full-time jobs. It all depends on the opportunity you find.
  • Lastly, I have provided resources above for nearly every job but the best way to find more information regarding specific jobs is to Google it. Remember, if you don’t have experience, you just need motivation!


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Whoop whoop! Another massive resource regarding how many opportunities there are to work abroad and remotely! Did you see my 71+ jobs abroad list for other ideas that can land you a job abroad? You can do both a job abroad and a digital nomad job at the same time even. I used to!

It’s hard to have excuses with so many opportunities, so what’s it going to be? Excuses or hard work? I’ve chosen the latter many years ago and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Which digital nomad job is the job for you? Let me know in the comments!

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