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1-7 Day Krabi Itinerary and Guide

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Who is off to Thailand soon and has no idea what to do in Krabi? I feel you!

Krabi offers up a ridiculous amount of things to do and places to go, and they are all very tempting.

Luckily for you, you stumbled on my site, and I happen to have some great advice on the things to do in Krabi. I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I lived in Krabi for about a year and a half, so I think I have some decent knowledge of the area.

With that said, I hate choosing favorites for other people, so here’s a realistic Krabi Itinerary on the things you can do in the area, depending on how many days you have and to your preference. Feel free to mix and match the days and add or delete whatever you want.

I have quite a few other posts on Krabi that get way more specific, so after you’re done reading, go back and click some of the links. The activities for Krabi I have right here are some of my favorites, and I laid it out in a way so you can see what things to do in Krabi you can realistically fit into a day.

Planning Your Krabi Trip NOW?

Here is the quick low down for your Krabi itinerary!

🗺️ Top Experiences and Tours in Krabi

  1. Book this rock climbing tour in Railay (The one I did!)
  2. Go for a kayak ride in Ao Thalane to get off the tourist path
  3. Go on the most beautiful island tour around Krabi

🏨 Where to Stay During Your Time in Krabi

  1. Blue Juice Guesthouse is the best budget spot
  2. Stay at the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort for an infinity pool with a view
  3. Feel like a castaway at the Tonsai Bay Resort

🚘 Looking for a way to get around? This is the best site to book transport around Thailand.


Things to Do in Krabi—1-7+ Days in Krabi Itinerary

Considering I lived in Krabi, I could go on and on about the area. Here’s peek at what you can get up to in this dramatic karst mountain and blue water paradise.

Resources for Your Trip:

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Where to Stay?

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Krabi Itinerary: 1 Day – Ao Nang Beach and Markets

If you’re only here for a day, you’re going to want to get out of Krabi Town and get to the beach. So head to Ao Nang, which is essentially Krabi’s main beach. Here’s everything you need, so you don’t have to waste too much time traveling around.

You can beach bum, or if you’re a bit more adventurous, grab a kayak from the end of Ao Nang beach and kayak out to the crazy beautiful karsts jutting out of the water.

Walk along the beach towards the Last Fisherman Bar, just after, you’ll see someone renting kayaks by the hour. Kayak around the large karst rock on the left and find the tiny secret beach on the other side.

Grab a massage at the million and one places available in the area, and try some street food or eat at one of the many restaurants – Massaman House is excellent! 

catching a sunset while chilling on ao nang in krabi, Thailand
Ao Nang sunset

For markets and nightlife…

Markets are better in Krabi Town, and the nightlife is better in Ao Nang (each town has both this is just “who is better”). The two are very easy to get to, so depending on what you like and how long you’re staying, you’ll need to decide where to go.

If you’re staying in Krabi Town, you can spend the day in Ao Nang, as mentioned above, and enjoy the night markets in Krabi Town. If you’re staying in Ao Nang, you can stay there for the nightlife, or head to Krabi Town for a wander around the night markets.

I’ll help you with getting around Krabi below.

Alternative: Should you want a quieter setting and beach, neighboring Nopparat Thara Beach is a good choice. If you want a taste of both, it’s possible. It’s a cheap songtaew (shared truck taxi thing) ride between there and Ao Nang.

Krabi Itinerary: 2 Days – Krabi Island Hopping

Visiting the islands is one of the best things to do in Krabi! Krabi island hopping is an absolute must while you’re in the area and will take up most of your day. There are plenty of islands to go hopping on, the four island tour in Krabi is, you guessed it, a day of visiting four islands around Krabi.

Krabi island hopping is the best things to while visiting the area! This is Chicken Island.
Island hop to Chicken Island – Can you see it? 🙂

I can’t lie; you’re not going to get the islands all to yourself unless you’re here during off or shoulder season (more info on that below), but it’s still an excellent tour, in my opinion. There’s no particular company to go with; they all offer mainly the same thing for the same price (around $15+ USD).

Taking a tour is so cheap and easy, it’s a great thing to do in Krabi and it’s kind of a must! The beaches are gorgeous with white fluffy sand, crazy blue water, and limestone cliffs towering above you. A few of the islands have fun snorkeling too and the tour operators include the snorkel rental in the price.

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Krabi Itinerary: 3 Days – Chill on Railay

I LOVE Railay Beach. Is it off-grid and quiet? Eh, not really. It’s certainly no secret, but it’s damn beautiful, so can you blame people for flocking here?

Railay beach is the best place to chill out while in krabi, thailand
Visiting Railay West

It’s one of the prettiest and best places to visit in Krabi.

Railay West and Pranang Cave beach are the two gorgeous beaches here, the latter being the busiest of the two (mostly because it’s smaller, so it seems fuller).

Rock climbing here or on Tonsai (below) is also one of the best things to do in Krabi—literally, this area is a world-renowned area to go rock climbing, and it’s SO much fun (and cheap) to do.

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On Railay you can visit the “penis cave” (yep, it’s a thing when you get to Pranang beach, you’ll see it), climb to the lagoon and the Railay viewpoint (a bit of a sketchy climb but so much fun if you’re up for an adventure), and try to spot dusky leaf monkeys (they are the cute and sweet monkeys, gray with black and white circles around their eyes).

I’d say Railay is my favorite thing to do in Krabi but then there’s Tonsai…

Krabi Itinerary: 4 Days – Get to Tonsai

So, I love Railay, but I realllyyyy love Tonsai. It’s a more chill version of Railay, and a lot of people flock to Railay and disregard Tonsai (Woo! I win!), which is funny since it’s a 15-minute walk away from Railay. It has grown in popularity from my first visit seven years ago, but it’s still a favorite.

Tonsai possesses an incredibly picturesque beach with hippy reggae bars tucked into the jungle.

The beach is clear of pretty much everything but a couple of restaurants. Unfortunately, there are plans to put a resort right on the beach, but it’s a very slow-moving process, which is excellent news!

Just like Railay, rock climbing here is like no other! I rock climbed on Railay and Tonsai, and while Tonsai is a bit more challenging, it’s my favorite.

If you want to know what to do in Krabi, I’d say Tonsai and Railay are two of the best places to chill out.

You can easily reach one and the other by walking for 15 minutes over a hill. When you’re on Railay, look at the beach, and to the right. Walk over that hill! If you’re on Tonsai, look at the beach and to the left and you’ll see the hill to walk over.

It’s an easy trail but DO NOT walk this trail at night.

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Tonsai Beach is my favorite please to be in Krabi
Tonsai Beach is my favorite place in Krabi!

Krabi Itinerary: 5 Days – Climbing Tup Keak

Drive up to Tup Keak and spend the day beach bumming and climbing the mountain.

Curious to see what Krabi looks like from a birds-eye view?

That’s what you’ll get here. You’ll need to take a tuk tuk here and make them wait/come back to pick you up or ride your motorbike out here.

The hike provides some of the most incredible views you’ll experience on your Krabi itinerary as there aren’t too many options to get to viewpoints (rock climbing and Tiger Cave are one of the only other ways to get some great views.)

climbing tup keak for sunrise in krabi thailand
My friends and I on Tup Keak at sunrise – Credit to my friend Yuri!

A round trip hike takes around 3-4 hours depending on how quick you hike and how long you spend at the top.

At the end of your hike, Tup Kek beach is a few minutes away, take a dip and chill for the rest of the day.

Krabi Itinerary: 6 Days – What to Do in Krabi – Mix Day

Grab a motorbike and visit Tiger Temple, a hot spring, the Emerland pool, and overall just get lost riding around.

Today is kind of a mix it up as you please kind of day. You could squeeze in probably two of the following activities in one day, maybe more if you go quick…

The Emerald Pool is a popular tourist spot; it’s undoubtedly beautiful, but depending when you go, the crowds make it less than desirable. Go early in the morning or later in the day to avoid the tour buses coming through.

Phanom Bencha National Park has a few waterfalls and some jungle trails to get lost in.

There are numerous hot springs around Krabi as well; however, due to the regularly hot weather, this type of activity is kept to the rainy days or the days where it’s not sweltering outside!

Tiger Cave Temple is the most popular thing to do in Krabi

For some more excellent views of Krabi and a full-on workout, man up and take on Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua). No worries, no tigers kept in cages or anything here, just a statue of one and over 1,000 steps to the top of a mountain to see as far over Krabi and you can.

Krabi Itinerary: 7 Days – Kayak Ao Thalane

Take a day trip to Ao Thalane and enjoy the area by kayaking. This isn’t that popular of a thing to do in Krabi so it’s usually not crowded around here.

Hope on a motorbike and head a bit north for a day at Ao Thalane. More incredible karst cliffs to admire, and you can spend the day out in a kayak going through mangroves and finding hidden beaches between the massive rock faces.

Kayaking is one of the best things to do in Krabi.
Kayaking through mangroves is a great activity around Ao Thalane.

There are options to take a tour so you can explore more and glide through the mangrove forest. If you’re down to go off on your own, stick to the ocean side of Ao Thalane. Maneuvering the mangroves gets tricky, and you can get lost in there, and even worst, get caught out there when it’s low tide, don’t go in there without a guide!

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Things to do

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Other Things to Do in Krabi

One of the best things to do in Krabi is to just get lost.

Getting lost anywhere I visit in the world is my favorite thing to do. Krabi is no exception.

There are TONS of beaches to discover where few people go, but you need to stumble upon them by riding around on a motorbike. There are a few beaches I love in the Krabi area, but I have kept them off the blog (I’m allowed to keep SOME things to myself). I can tell you, though, you don’t have to wander too far to find some sweet hidden secrets.

Other notable spots if you have more time on your Krabi Itinerary:

  • Ao Luk – waterfalls, caves, kayaking
  • Phanom Bencha National Park – waterfalls and trails
  • Ao Namao and Klong Muang – other beaches
  • Pak Nam in Krabi Town – cave and boat ride
  • Wat Keaw – white temple
  • Nopparat Thara Beach – Quiet beach near Ao Nang.
A good Krabi itinerary includes island hopping!
Those karst mountains!

Of course, should you want to venture off, Krabi is pretty big and offers up some islands that are further away from the main Krabi area.

Wander off to the lonely island of Koh Jum and relish in seclusion, put your party pants on and head to Koh Phi Phi or get the best of both worlds and spend some time on Koh Lanta.  I have more info on these spots on the links below!

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Where to Stay in Krabi?

There are three main areas…

Either you’re in Krabi Town, Ao Nang, or on Railay or Tonsai.

With all of your choices for things to do in Krabi, this is going to be your call, I can’t help here. I don’t plan and create personalized itineraries 🙂 

Visit this tower in Krabi Town.
Take a stroll up these steps and explore the towers.

As a rule of thumb:

For beach life and island hopping, you’re going to want to stay in Ao Nang or Tonsai and Railay.

For the things to do inland (the national park, waterfalls, Emerald Pool, etc) those would be a bit closer if you’re coming from Krabi Town.

If you have a flight the next day, particularly in the morning, ONLY stay in Krabi Town.

Below are some of my favorite spots, but you can read more about where to stay in Krabi here.

1. Blue Juice Guesthouse

Blue Juice Guesthouse is simple and inviting with an on-site restaurant, for an enjoyable dining experience. It has a total of 7 rooms, all filled with a range of amenities for a pleasant stay. The location is ideally placed next to the river and the night market

2. Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort

Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort is a beautiful modern resort with a large infinity swimming pool and gym. Rooms offer a beautiful view of the hills and within proximity are a wide range of eating options.

Ao Nang beach Krabi Thailand
A great spot to stay during your Krabi itinerary! Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort

3. Railay Viewpoint Resort

Railay Viewpoint Resort … the name says it all, this resort offers panoramic views of the ocean, includes a pool and a sun deck. It also includes a restaurant and bar, with sightseeing attractions within just walking distance.

4. Tonsai Bay Resort

Tonsai Bay Resort offers villas with private balconies are set between the cliffs and the ocean at Tonsai Beach. It’s a great location for enjoying outdoor activities.

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The Best Time To Visit Krabi

Finding out what to do with your Krabi itinerary is excellent and all, but what about when to go? The best time to visit Krabi can be a bit tricky as everyone wants nothing but perfect weather, but those “golden” months will also be the busiest and most expensive.

Krabi island hopping to poda island
Poda Island

When Do I Think The Best Time to Visit Krabi Is?

June to October is a bit of a gamble to visit Krabi. You will likely experience rainy days and weather going as far as torrential downpours. November to May is sunnier and drier, and also the busiest months to visit Krabi.

If you want the best months to visit Krabi in my opinion, I’d have to say, April-May (some of the hottest months) or November.

Of course, this is a bit of speculation on my part as I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me the weather for your exact dates (so let’s refrain from commenting things like, “what the weather going to be like this August!?)

Wandering around krabi by boat is a must do!
Dramatic cliffs as far as the eye can see…

You can check what the weather in Krabi is right now but these months are my recommendation because…

  1. They are shoulder season months. The weather in Krabi is often pretty decent but not perfect.
  2. Things will be cheaper!

The weather, now more than ever, is very fickle and can change at any time. Crazily enough, the climate differs drastically around the entire country. So if you’re planning to visit other parts of Thailand, you’ll need to do your research to time everything the best you can.

A rule of thumb is to aim between high and low seasons for anywhere you go. (aka shoulder season)

Things to Think About When Choosing When to Visit Krabi:

When you’re contemplating the best time to visit Krabi, keep in mind that shoulder season doesn’t mean rain all day! Rainy season doesn’t mean rain all day every day either.

If you go just before or just after the rainy season, there’s no need to be afraid that you’re going to get rained out.

More often than not, the rain happens for a small period, and you get sun for the rest of the day, which isn’t a bad deal! Mainly because it sometimes even happens like clockwork – you can almost predict when it’s going to rain each day.

Things to do in krabi and island hop
Krabi’s islands are my favorite islands in the world!

If you’re after the best time to visit Krabi and you run into some unfavorable weather, worst-case scenario, you cuddle up with a great book, get a massage and gorge yourself with amazing Thai food. Not a bad day, I’d say!

These shoulder season months are also unpredictable, and you could have an entire week of sunshine. On the other hand, if you get unlucky, it could be a week with mostly overcast and rainy weather. It’s certainly a gamble, but it can pay off.

Side note for visiting Krabi in April: This goes for the entire country, but keep in mind this is one of the hottest months of the year for the country and also when they celebrate their New Year, Songkran. It’s an incredibly fun festival to participate in; it’s the largest water fight in the world! Just be aware when coming to visit. Places can book out early, arriving with bags during the festival would be a pain, and costs can go up.

Getting to Krabi

Book your trip from anywhere to Krabi right here.


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How to Get Around Krabi

If you’re flying in, just after baggage claim, there is a bus that will take you to Krabi Town or Ao Nang—it’s very obvious and easy to find.

If you’re getting off at the bus station, grab a songtaew (shared taxi truck thing), and it will take you to the center of Krabi Town or Ao Nang—Again, very easy and obvious!

Songtaews are the main form of transport between Krabi Town and Ao Nang, and they are reliable, cheap (around 50B one way), and easy to ride. Just outside of the 711 near Vogue Mall is the central meeting spot for the songtaew in Krabi Town. This songtaew will take you to Ao Nang.

Typical karst rocks in the Krabi area.
Roads around Krabi are surrounded by karst mountains.

Just outside of the Tanta Restaurant in Ao Nang, you’ll find the songtaew that heads back to Krabi Town. (You’ll see a sign that says “bus”)

The other option is renting a motorbike, but be careful. They are dangerous, and people are dumb on them. The road between Ao Nang and Krabi Town is a major highway. People go fast, and large trucks use this road too.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you avoid riding between the two towns at night—it’s dangerous, and sometimes tourists are found in an awful position where they are targeted for theft while on a motorbike… Yes, it’s happened.

DON’T ride a tuk tuk alone between Krabi Town and Ao Nang at night, mainly if you are a solo female. Make sure when you go out at night that you’re in the same town as your hotel. 

Krabi Town and Ao Nang are very safe to travel between, but at night it can get sketchy.

Getting to Tonsai and Railay

From Krabi Town – You can easily go to the pier (near Blue Juice Guesthouse) and get a water taxi to the east side of Railay.

From Ao Nang, just get a boat ticket right on the beach. These boats will either take you to Tonsai or to Railay West.

The Ao Nammao pier will also have boats that go to Railay and Tonsai.

Taking a boat ride to get to Tonsai or Railay is a fun thing to do in Krabi.
Catch a ride in these traditional wooden boats to Tonsai or Railay!

All rides will take around 20-25 or so minutes depending on which pier you leave from. Yes, you will be on a longtail boat, yes, it can be a bit choppy, yes, you may get splashed a bit, and yes, the leaking at the bottom of the boat is normal.

Nightlife in Krabi Town and Ao Nang

Ao Nang is the party place. Center Point is a big area with a lot of bars, and then there are random reggae bars along the main road to the right (when the beach is behind you).

In Krabi Town, there isn’t anything crazy, but I liked it more for that reason. There are some chill bars off Chaofa Road like FuBar and Playground or a few others scattered around like Deep Lounge.

Krabi is a safe place, but getting sloppily wasted anywhere and walking home is a bad idea, so be safe!

Where will you go after Thailand?

Laos | Malaysia | Singapore | Indonesia | Philippines | Cambodia | Vietnam | Myanmar

 What are you most excited to do in Krabi? When will you visit Krabi?


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  1. Hello Nina! Thanks for this itinerary. It’s been pretty helpful to narrow down my plans for Krabi. I’ll be visiting mid-Jan 2020. My plan so far is one night in Ao Nang, two in Railay and two in Phi Phi, but it is flexible. Does this sound too rushed? For more context, this is my very first solo trip abroad and I’m equal parts anxious and excited. Please let me know what you think of this and what would you suggest.

    1. It’s a bit rushed. It will take at least half a day to get to Phi Phi depending on the route/mode of transport. I prefer chill spots so I’d skip it, it’s overrated but that’s just me! If you only have the five days and that’s it, I’d do Ao Nang, Railay, Tonsai – add in an island-hopping day somewhere in there, do a few mainland activities on another, that leaves you with three days to explore, beach bum, do things in the towns, etc.

      1. Hi, thanks for the tip! So now I’m considering Ao Nang and Railay-Tonsai. Is staying for one night enough to see Ao Nang so I get three nights in Railay?

  2. Just want to say a huge thank you for your info! As a solo traveler and for the first time here, this is exactly what I was looking for!! Really helped to figure out what to do.

  3. How hard of a hike is Tup Keak? We’ll both be wearing our little ones (1 year old and 3 year old) in carriers. Would it be a difficult trek with them?

    1. Sorry, not sure what it’s like hiking with kids. It’s not THAT hard of a hike. I also don’t know what “carrier” means but you’d def need those backpacks or something, you can’t do anything handheld, it’s too long and uphill.

  4. Really, so amazing Krabi 1-7 Island tour experience that you have shared here & I think you have enjoyed a lot by visiting this fantastic Island. As I have already seen this Krabi 4-Island during Phuket trip. This excellent trip was arranged by my father as he made this beautiful tour plan with Boat Lagoon Cruises Co. Ltd for which I got my trip so interesting as well as so exciting also for me.

  5. Wow. This is so thorough! I’m sitting on the ferry now from Koh Phangan, heading to Krabi. It was pretty rainy in KP, so I’m hoping it’ll be a bit better in and aroun Krabi.

    Did you end up diving at all while in Krabi?

  6. Hi Nina, I will be joining my husband on a trip to Singapore in late october and after his meetings, we are planning on heading up to this area. Quick question for you. In some of your posts, you mentioning hiking as well as rock climbing in the same post. Does this mean that on the same hike, there could be some rock climbing? If so, how experienced do you need to be and what kind of equipment would be required? We have done lots of hiking, scrambles, etc, and are adventurous but never any actual rock climbing. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks. Viv

  7. Thank you for all the valuable information! this is super helpful in planning my upcoming trip to Thailand. Love your blog!
    Lina @ SheLikesTravel

  8. Hi,
    Thank you so much for your post.
    I will be visiting Krabi September end, next month.
    It will be 2 of us, wanted to know what kind of expense should we expect per day? (food+alcohol+travel+island tour+maybe kayaking and rock climbing etc.)
    Excluding stay (We have booked our stay at Ao Nang)

  9. Whats the possibility of going on the speed boat from Krabi to phi phi or a couple of islands and then go to phuket in a span of 2 days?

    1. Sounds awful and extremely rushed. I wouldn’t do it even if there was an option. I’m also not a fan of Phuket and would say to stay in Krabi area and skip Phuket.

  10. If we plan to follow your 7 days itinerary, where do you recommend us to stay (which area)? Do you recommend staying in one place or move around to stay in several areas? Thank you in advance.

  11. Me and my friends are going down to Krabi next month and we still can’t finalize our itinerary for our one week trip. Thank God, I stumble upon your blog and saw this post. I have sent this to my friends and they were actually happy to see this cause we have new ideas on where to go and what to do in Krabi.

  12. Holidaying Phuket want day trip to Krabi and reurn 12-22 August 2018 any day stay approx 3 hours Krabi and return 4 – 6 persons

  13. Any cool hotel reviews ? I love to read and sometimes share reviews about unique properties.
    Thailand has so many awesome experiences.
    Great itinerary by the way.

  14. Couldn’t agree with you more when you said that Railay Beach is really beautiful. No doubt why lots of locals and tourists are coming here to spend their vacation. I instantly fell in love with this place the moment I set my feet on the shore and if only I can live here for a month, I’d definitely do so.

  15. Nice itinerary very helpfull
    By the way i want to visit
    Emerald pool and hot spring
    4 islands
    Phi phi island
    Morakot cave
    Where should i stay for the best location ? Krabi town or ai nang beach
    And how much does it cost if i want to use private long boat for maybe 4-6persons
    Thanks a lot

    1. Thanks for the comment Bobby. I have no idea the cost of the boat as it depends how many people are actually going, what islands, what season, who you ask etc. Please ask a long tail boat driver when you arrive. As I mentioned it the post, depending on how many people, it shouldn’t be much more than a tour.
      Ao nang = the beach
      Krabi town = the town, not the beach
      This may help: https://whereintheworldisnina.com/where-to-stay-in-krabi-thailand-any-budget/

  16. Thanks so much for your itinerary! I’m heading to Krabi and surrounding areas in a few weeks and can’t wait!