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The Ultimate Resource Page for EVERYTHING Travel

How do you find your flights? How do you book your accommodation? What cards do you use?

These are all common questions I get so here you”ll find an easy and quick rundown of all my travel resources I use to travel better, cheaper, and smarter.

Travel Gear


Grayl Water Bottle

Drink water anywhere! This water bottle filter is the best travel water bottle I’ve had.

pacsafe rucksack

Anti-Theft Bags

LOVE these bags. They are super simple, perfect for traveling, and of course, anti-theft!

pacsafe rucksack

Dry Bag

I use this as a rainy day purse, beach bag, snorkeling bag, and even as a laundry bucket!


Durable sandals are always in my bag. These are my favorite because they are light, won’t break easily, and quick dry.

pacsafe rucksack

Solar Power Charger

Stay charged on the go! This thing charges my iPhone about four times.

green pacsafe anti-theft backpack


More helpful travel accessories and such!

How to Find Flights



This is my ultimate flight checker. I LOVE that you can choose by the month to see the cheapest date and you can choose “flexible” to find the cheapest city to wander to! Check out my guide for cheap flights to everywhere.

Google Flights

Google Flights has a great set up for seeing the entire month’s price before even clicking anywhere and I love seeing a map! But no “flexible” option.


Kiwi.com is GREAT for one simple reason—You can enter in a continent or a few countries as your starting/ending destination which means you can research a wider variety of travel routes and possibilties that could save you tons of cash. 

Secret Flying

I haven’t used any of these deals (because they tend to have certain date availability only), but holy moly there are some good ones! It’s worth following their Facebook to see what error fares they have found.



FREE $20 for airbnb

By far the most comfortable stays I’ve had! You get something way more homey than a hotel. Plus you get a free $20 with my link. Boop! You’re welcome, friend!


I’ve used Agoda for ages now . It’s the best way to look up accommodation around the world. Even if you don’t book, it’s the perfect way to search what’s available and gives you an idea of the prices in the area.


A MASSIVE variety of properties to choose from. They offer hotels to homes.


Literally, hotels combined. They combine all the deals on offer for your selection from many of the popular hotel search sites.

Tour Operators

I’m not much of a tour person but sometimes a tour is necessary! Here are the most trusted tour companies around…

G Adventures

Highly recommended! Here are their current deals.

Get Your Guide

Another highly recommended tour company.


They specialize in tours around Asia and are great for booking tours ahead of time.

Travel Insurance

Sometimes life happens… And it gets EXPENSIVE! Be prepared and covered with insurance. I’ve done the homework for you already! Everyone has different needs but these are the top two travel insurance companies I use depending on my trip. Here’s more info on travel insurance and what happened when I travel for FOUR YEARS uninsured! And I have more info for those who are in need of more long-term insurance needs as well. 

Dealing with Money

Let’s keep it REALLY simple. I use only three methods of money for my travels. One for ATM and purchases, one for transferring and one credit card. Here’s how to manage your money best while abroad, trust me, I’ve tried all the things already!

Charles Schwab

Hands down the only travel card an American traveler needs. You get reimbursed for each ATM fee incurred and they don’t charge a dime themselves. Depending on what account you open, you could get $100 bucks (code REFER. nonaffiliated)



THE easiest way to transfer money, especially in different currencies, around the world. It doesn’t hurt to compare, but I’ve found it to be the cheapest.

Chase Sapphire Reserve


The best travel card out there right now with a great points system in place, amazing rewards, Priority Pass, and more. It’s the only travel credit card I use. You can read this for more info on how I use my card and the benefits.

Phone Plan

There are numerous ways to stay connected abroad without breaking the bank. Here’s everything I’ve used/currently use now. Choose which is best for you. One of the most important things to do before you leave home though, is make sure you have an unlocked phone!

If you don’t want to use any of  these methods below, your other choice would entail purchasing a new SIM card in each country you visit.

Google Fi

Thanks Google! They’ve made it so easy with their GoogleFi SIM card. Unfortunately you have to be in the USA to activate it but otherwise, once that’s done, your phone will work in over 100 countries. This is what I currently use.


This is what I used for years and it worked great. This is best if you plan on traveling often but not for long durations of time (like years). They offer the best roaming data plan out there right now!

Hot Spot

Don’t want to get a new carrier or  SIM card? Don’t have an unlocked phone? This is pretty much your best best then! Skyroam is great for anyone wanting their own personal hotspot. You can connect up to five devices so it’s even cheaper if you’re with friends. Get 10% off your purchase with code: Nina77

Teaching Abroad


TEFL Certification to Teach English Abroad

This is one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to get certified online to teach English everywhere. You can check out this guide to teaching English abroad for more info on getting a job almost anywhere!

Discount code: Nina35

Best VPNs



The most recommended VPN out there that works in nearly 100 countries. Most people use VPNs to keep their privacy safe while browsing the internet, but sometimes countries block things you want to use. If you’re going to China, this is something you will literally need! Unless you can live without anything related Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram… Yeah…


Don’t need a super serious VPN? Too cheap? Hola should do the trick. It’s free and I’ve used it many times while trying to watch Hulu while in Thailand, for example. It’s not the best, but it didn’t cost me a dime, so I was happy with it. PS –  Think this will work in China? Think again…

Travel Blog Resources


Elegant Themes

Serious about blogging? I got the lifetime membership for two simple reasons. I’m awful at coding and figuring out technical aspect, so their support team is there anytime I need them. I also change my mind often and they have a plethora of themes to choose from. Boom. Sorted. (I use Divi theme)


Most bloggers recommend Blue Host, but if you don’t want to deal with massive issues later down the road, I can’t recommend SiteGround more. I signed up with BH because I was being cheap, but Site Ground is worth the extra money.