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51 of the Best Travel Accessories for Men and Women

51 of the Best Travel Accessories for Men and Women

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When it comes to finding the best travel accessories for your trip, *ish get serious.

Us travelers know that every single thing you bring or don’t bring, can either make or break your trip. I’m not being dramatic here.

Sometimes you just NEED certain things to properly function abroad and then there are the things you WANT because you’re a human and all humans have their creature comforts. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Particularly for me, I live out a bag. I want and need travel accessories that make my life easier, would otherwise cost a fortune abroad, or literally, help me travel better.

If I didn’t have my hard drives, I wouldn’t have any pics for this blog. If I didn’t use my storage compression bag, I couldn’t fit winter and summer items in my backpack for my year-long jaunt before I go home to reorganize and repack. The list goes on and on…

While I don’t suggest you buy and travel with every item on this list, because that’s just crazy, I know many of the items on this list are very useful to most travelers out there and everything on this list can make your life better and easier when you travel.

So pick and choose which are the best travel accessories for you, because only you can answer that question!

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51+ of the Best Travel Accessories for Men and Women

The Best Travel Accessories

There are probably a million different travel accessories I can put on this list but here are some that I personally think are amazing and use in addition to a few others that some travelers would LOVE to have.

Should you buy everything on this list and travel the world with them? Oh, hell no! You’d have three bags full just of this stuff but I do help my list of some of the best travel accessories out there help you think about what YOU need to travel better. A few items are totally a must, a few more are probably needed and then there are some that are for a particular trip, person, or just for pure comfort.

Here’s my massive list, I hope you find a few travel gems in here to bring along on your trip!

Travel Accessories That Help You Stay Organized

Organization is key for traveling efficiently and these items here will help you do exactly that…

1. Travel Storage Bags or Compression Cubes

These travel storage bags come in three sizes: medium (ideal for carry-on), large (ideal for a checked bag), and jumbo.

Using roll-up compression, you won’t have to pack a bulky pump or vacuum, saving precious space in your travel bag. I’m all about the travel storage bags, it’s a travel accessory I’d NEVER leave home without, but I know more people are lovers of the compression cube.

Compression cubes do a similar job, compress all your stuff to make more room but I’m still convinced that the bags offer me more space! Although I like the organization of the cubes better.

One thing is clear: You have to use one of them to organize, protect, and maximize your space in your bags. Pick which works for you.

Check Price Here: Cubes | Bags

2. Travel Cable Organizer

Designed for the organized traveler, it has multiple pockets of varying sizes to accommodate all of your technology needs. The lightweight, water repellant and durable case protects against accidental drops and scratches.

cable organizer - travel accessory

Use it to store charging cords, SD cards, portable hard drives, and multiple USBs. OCD and clumsy people, this is the organizer for you. No more crazy knotted cords and missing pieces for your devices with this organizer!

Check Price Here

Travel Accessories For Your Safety

Can’t be too safe, nope. Especially if you’re like me and travel often with a bunch of valuables. In fact, I have a whole other post on anti-theft gear and how to keep your stuff safe that you should probably check out!

3. Travel Safe

Made with weather-resistant poly canvas and 1000mm PU coating, the conveniently portable Pacsafe can hold your iPad, Kindle, e-reader, or similar size laptop.

travel safe

It has a drawstring closure made of high-tensile stainless steel wire. The TSA-approved 3-dial combination lock easily secures your belongings and fits smoothly into your existing luggage. When you leave some valuables behind, shove them in here, lock ‘er up (to an immobile or heavy object in the room), and leave your hotel room confidently.

It’s not a 100% thief proof but they would need to be SUPER savvy and have all sorts of tools on them to make a clear getaway. This is a huge deterant and they would make quite the ruckass trying to break into this thing.

Check Price Here

4. TSA Approved Travel Combination Lock

Backed by a 100% lifetime warranty, the small and weatherproof locks can be used on a backpack, suitcase, or briefcase and are 100% TSA compliant.

tsa approved combination lock - travel accessory

The resettable 3-digit combination has a flexible metal cable to help thread through any luggage zipper. This lock can be opened by TSA agents without breaking it and relocked after they inspect your luggage. I own a few of these and use them all the time, this is a travel accessory must.

Check Price Here

5. RFID Travel Wallet

Built-in RFID blocking material safeguards your personal information against identity theft. Available in grey and pink, the travel wallet has plenty of space to fit your travel documents and your cards.

travel wallet - travel accessory

The wrist strap lets you stay hands free while you navigate the airports and the waterproof design ensures your accessories don’t get wet when dealing with inclement weather.

Check Price Here

6. Anti-Theft Camera Strap

This camera strap is thicker and bulkier than your average strap with a non-slip adjustable neck pad. It’s also slashproof and comfortable. The turn and lock security hook works great to prevent theft.

anti theft camera strap

If you have a DSLR, this is the best anti-theft strap you can get to make sure it stays on your neck and nobody can make a quick getaway with your camera.

Check Price Here

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Travel Accessories That You Wear

I love, wear and am borderline obsessed with these travel accessories that I always have on me.

7. Infinity Scarf With a Hidden Pocket

Featuring a discreetly hidden zipper pocket that can hold a phone, a passport, cash, and ID card, this scarf is probably my absolute favorite travel accessory on the list.

The material comes in different colors and patterns that drape nicely and can be worn all year. Wear this scarf while you’re out and about without the hassle of lugging a purse around or simply to access your important items without digging through your purse.

This scarf is what I wear on my travel days so I can have easy access to my cash, passport, and ticket without rummaging.

And yes, men can wear this too! There are plainer scarves for the guys to choose from.

Check Price Here: Shop Pop Fashion | TUPARKA

8. Sarong

A fringeless, wrap-around fabric made of a comfortable, lightweight rayon material that is silky smooth and flexible.

It fits most body types and its versatility makes it a great travel accessory for women and yes, even for men! Use it as a beach cover-up, a shawl, scarf or even a light blanket. This sarong dries quickly and takes up hardly any space.


Men can use it as well, not for a coverup, although I’m sure you would look lovely, but as light blanket or using it as a towel or beach towel would come in handy. Even my boyfriend carries one.

I’m team sarong all the way as I don’t like those microfiber towels at all. They still take up more room than a sarong and they get stinky too. Not to mention they don’t have as many uses as a sarong does. (Can you tell I feel strongly about this?)

This is one of the best travel accessories I can recommend, I never leave home without a sarong in my bag.

Check Price Here

9. Graduated Compression Socks

If you’re on the move often, these socks can boost your blood circulation and encourage faster muscle recovery from long days of walking or hiking.

compression socks

With breathable material that wicks away sweat, they’re also beneficial for flying long distances by providing maximum comfort and increasing oxygen flow.

Check Price Here

Electronic Travel Accessories That You Need

We have lots of gizmos and gadgets nowadays, they help us travel. Here are some I love and use and wouldn’t leave home without.

10. Waterproof Phone Case

This is the quintessential protective phone case for all travelers. It has a built-in scratch protector that you can hardly tell is there, waterproof (fully submersible to 6.5 feet for up to an hour), snow proof, AND shockproof (can be dropped up to 6.5 feet high).

lifeproof case for mobile phone

With all those great features, it makes for one of the best travel accessories for those who are clumsy as me with their phones. I actually recently got a new phone and decided to try another “regular case” as my phone is now waterproof. It’s your average case that says it protects from falls. Well two months after spending $700+ on my brand new iPhone I dropped it and cracked my screen. As soon as I can, I going back to Lifeproof and never leaving again.

Check Price Here

11. Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth headphones have active noise canceling that cancels noise from an airplane cabin, traffic, or a noisy hostel.

On a full charge (which only takes 2.5 hours), these headphones can last up to 8 hours. The neckband is flexible and comfortable and is a must-bring travel accessory for any jet setter who hates screaming babies, loud seatmates, and enjoys music. I’ve tried a few of these Bluetooth headphones and these are the only ones that have lasted and don’t crap out after a month.

Check Price Here

12. GorillaPod Stand for DSLR/Cell Phone Tripod

This tripod is compatible with almost any DSLR. Rubber foot grips and flexible legs allow your phone to be mounted nearly anywhere and the adjustable locking screw lets you change the angle. It’s made TPE and stainless steel for a rugged frame that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Garrett and I own numerous Joby tripods and use them on our travels all the time. Check out this post about these bendy travel tripods.

Don’t do DSLRs? There are options for your phone too! Small enough to fit in your bag, you can take it wherever you go. The flexible phone tripod bends and wraps around objects so that you can capture any footage in any environment—Just like the bigger one does.

Take better photos by using a travel tripod, it’s the best tool for getting epic shots. If carrying around a huge professional one isn’t your thing, these smaller tripods are the answer.

Check Price: DSLR Tripod | Phone Tripod

13. Universal Travel Adaptor

This grounded adaptor has a patented all-in-one country slider system to connect all 2 and 3 prong devices.

power adaptor

It doesn’t convert voltage but includes 4 ungrounded plugs that work in over 150 countries and an integrated USB charger. You’re sure to use this travel accessory if you travel with multiple devices to multiple countries. If you’re wondering why the price tag is a bit more than the cheapy ones you’ve seen—it’s justified.

I’ve been through all the cheap ones and they crap out on me within a few weeks or a month. If you’re traveling for a short period of time, go for it. If you’re traveling for an extended amount of time, I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s been going for years.

Check Price Here

14. Solar Charger Outdoor Portable Charger

With dual DC 5V and solar power inputs, you can recharge anywhere you go. This is my best travel accessory and I keep it in my purse EVERYWHERE I go.

charger gear for iceland in September - travel accessory

It’s waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, featuring an LED flashlight and the capacity to charge an iPhone 7 up to 4.2 times. It includes protections to keep the charger from any overcharges or short circuits. It’s lasted me years and it’s great for adventures as I can clip it outside of my bag or leave it on a rock and it charges itself again.

Check Price Here

15. Internet Privacy & Security Software

After installing ExpressVPN, just a few clicks are all it takes to secure your internet traffic. While you make not really see this as a great travel accessory as it’s not a tangible object, let me assure you, it’s quite necessary!

It uses top-ranked encryption technology to protect you from being hacked and monitored. Even your internet service provider won’t be able to see your browsing history, thereby preventing them from collecting and selling your data.

This is particularly useful for when you’re traveling as you often are “wifi network hopping” and even using open networks like at the airport. A VPN prevents anyone from hacking in and stealing your data.

Aside from safety, if you’re looking to watch Hulu outside the US, or are visiting China and are trying to use Facebook or something, you’ll NEED a VPN. (PS – it works on your phone too!)

Check Price Here

16. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless, waterproof, and portable Bluetooth speaker with a carabiner that can clip to your clothes or your backpack. You can stream music via Bluetooth or plug into your device with the attached 3.5mm audio cable.

bluetooth speaker

It provides up to 8 hours of playtime and an integrated microphone for noise-free phone calls. I always carry one of these, they are so small and when you’re at the beach, camping, or even in a hotel and your phone isn’t loud enough—you’ll be happy you have one of these.

Check Price Here

17. Skyroam Solis Portable WiFi

Boasting 4G LTE mobile WiFi speeds, the Skyroam Solis is a fast, smart travel tool. It has a power bank with a USB-C connection to charge your devices and 16+ hours of WiFi battery life. Connect up to five gadgets at once and keep them all online for one affordable price.

→ Get 10% off with code: NINA77

Check Price Here

18. GoPro and Selfie Stick with Tripod

A two-inch touchscreen quickly switches between modes to help you frame the perfect shot and watch your footage.

With voice control and a Bluetooth compatible app, you can control your GoPro hands-free and remotely. Auto offload and auto cloud backup keeps everything connected for a worry-free experience.

And don’t forget your selfie stick!

A waterproof extendable monopod that’s resistant to rust and extends from 15” to 44” for close and wide-angle shots.

The mount has an anti-slip rubber grip to prevent your GoPro from falling and many other accessories including a remote clip, phone holder, mount adapter, adjustable hand strap, carabiner loop, and carrying pouch.

It’s perfect for my solo travelers as well! You can prop your GoPro up on the stick and tripod and get photos of yourself anywhere.

Check Prices Here: GoPro | Selfie Stick

19. Compact Cube Smart Power Strip

The cube design keeps this tech staple power strip compact and portable. Each of the three outlets has sliding safety covers and LED indicators.

The current for each port is determined by each individual device’s output demand. For those frequent travelers with multiple devices, you won’t have to prioritize one device’s battery over the others anymore.

jsver outlet - travel accessory

Also, if you’re traveling with friends, you’ll be the lifesaver with “the juice” for everyone’s phones and cameras. Some hotels abroad often offer up a single outlet… It’s a nightmare charging things and trying to keep your lamp on.

Check Price Here

20. Hard Drive

Taking tons of pictures? Maybe even video? There’s no other choice but to carry along a hard drive. Better yet, you’ll need two.

I always back up everything on two hard drives, one stays with my in my electronics bag and the other gets thrown around a bit in my other bag. I keep them separate in case a bag goes missing.

hard drive

While a cloud option would be great, internet abroad isn’t fast enough and it usually can take days (sometimes, literally, months) to back up a large sum of data.

Check Price Here

21. Fire Tablet with Alexa or a Kindle

A rich 7” IPS display, 8 GB (or 16) of internal storage, and almost twice the durability of the iPad Mini 4 makes the Fire Tablet a fun and affordable travel accessory.

You can choose from countless e-books or watch your favorite movies and shows on your TV using Second Screen.

Alexa provides voice control for your favorite apps and simple tasks like checking your calendar or setting an alarm. Download Sling TV to watch your favorite cable television shows while galavanting the globe at the same time.

Too many bells and whistles for you? You can grab a simple and lightweight Kindle. This is what I personally use as books are just too much to carry. They are cumbersome, heavy, and make me go overweight. So I stopped traveling with them. Yeah, I like flipping through pages too but I also love not breaking my back or rummaging through a crappy selection of books at a used bookstore abroad (that may or may not be in English.)

So—Calling all book nerds, put down the paperbacks, just convert yourself to the digital age and get a Kindle.

Trust the person who traveled before Kindles even existed! And no, you don’t look cool or trendy for using “old school” books, you look like you could have used that space in your bag more wisely.

Check Price for Tablet | Check Price for Kindle

Other Handy And Basic Travel Accessories

A lot of these are basic for travels and a few are dependant on the type of trip you’re taking. Out of everything here, definitely grab a water bottle and the reusable utensil—those more eco-friendly travel accessories on the list!

22. Travel Sink Wash Packets

Created for washing on the go, these travel-size packets are just the right amount of detergent to wash a few clothes in the sink. If you’re a fan of quick-dry clothing, this is the best travel accessory for you.

It doesn’t take up any room in your luggage and you don’t have to worry about any spills. If you can’t make it to the laundromat, this will clean up great and leave your clothes smelling freshly washed without the hassle. Don’t be that stinky travel person.

Check Price Here

23. Travel Bottles

Buying this TSA-approved bundle contains everything you need for travel to contain your essential liquids (shampoo, conditioner, etc.), including a zippered bag to store them in. The bottles are leak proof and come with a pipette, funnel, and a mini spatula to transfer any liquids or lotions into the bottles you purchased.

16 pcs silicone travel bottle set - travel accessory

This is perfect for those who don’t want to be wasteful with too many plastics as well. These can be refilled very easily with the soaps from home and even some hotels without the need for a million extra plastic bottles.

The silicone body of the bottles makes for an easy squeeze, unlike the plastic ones. The squishy silicone is my fav as sometimes you have to…uhm… finger out the remainder of your product a bit too much with the plastic ones! Plus since it’s squishy, when they are empty, they take up less room!

Lastly, they actually have a turnable dial which states what’s inside. No more attempting to write with a marker or pen and having it washing off the next day.

Check Price Here

24. Swiss Army Knife

Featuring 15 functions for any adventure, this knife is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or fishing. From blades to a bottle opener, wire strippers to a wood saw, this is a multi-tool that you’ll use repeatedly.

swiss knife - travel accessory

With several different sizes and varieties to choose from, there’s a swiss army knife for even the pickiest traveler.

Check Price Here

25. Wallet Ninja

The world’s first flat multi-tool, the Wallet Ninja fits in your wallet next to your credit cards and cash.

wallet ninja

It comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull. With the power of 18 everyday tools, this wallet-sized powerhouse is TSA compliant and handy enough to keep with you while you travel.

Check Price Here

26. Water Bottle

With two sizes (32oz and 40oz), TempShield insulation, wide mouth straw lid, and a handy finger loop to clip to your bag, the Hydro Flask is a fast favorite. It keeps your beverage icy cold for up to 24 hours or piping hot up to 6 hours.

With the double-wall, vacuum-insulated exterior, you won’t have to worry about condensation or heat transfer. This model fits in vehicle cup holders and bike bottle racks, which truly makes it the go-to for any adventure. I use this waterbottle ALL the time but every once in a while, the weight bothers me a bit. They are slightly heavier than your average water bottle.

For a lighter bottle, I like carrying my Nalgene, it’s a classic water bottle to use and does exactly what you need. It’s extremely lightweight and can pretty much hydrate you all day long.

Check Price Here: Hydro Flask | Nalgene

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27. Water Filtration System

After researching and burning my eyes reading up on water filtration systems, my friend finally showed me his Sawyer set up. I’ve heard the bottle with straws are hard to suck, and other water bottles leak. Apparently this is IT for a full water filtration system. I’m getting one for my next trip when I’ll actually need it for camping and such.

sawyer products mini water filtration system - travel accessory

I saw him fill up the pouch from the stream and actually get a sizable amount of water to drink. You do “all the hard work” and have your water for a while, unlike other systems that you need to “filter as you drink” AKA suck very hard to get a bit of water.

Check Price Here

28. SteriPen

A lifesaving device that reduces so much plastic. I have a SteriPen and I’m drinking tap water in countries where I shouldn’t be—without getting sick. The alternative? Buying a million plastic bottles.


Simply swirl this UV light pen around your water and within a minute, you’re able to drink it without issues. This pen couldn’t be any easier to use and last AGES. You can use it 50 times before needing to recharge it and it has around 300 cycles or 15,000 liters of water. It destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Check Price Here

29. Travel ID Bag Tag

High-quality aluminum luggage tags that can withstand extensive travel conditions while appearing stylishly professional—because who actually thinks those paper ones at the airport are even going to last one trip?

travel id - travel accessory

Each tag is held in place by a sturdy steel cable and screw that can fasten to the handle of any type of luggage.

The personalized tags are the perfect size for a standard size business card or flip over and fill out the custom template with your information.

Check Price Here

30. Hand Sanitizer

I mean, do I need to save much on this? It’s necessary. Although never as good as good old fashioned soap and water, surely hand sanitizer is better than absolutely nothing.

Particularly on those long travel days, on buses, trains, and planes… Or when you’re in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t even toilet paper in the bathroom. Ekk, yeah, I’ve been there. I’ll take some hand sanitizer, please!

Check Price

31. Travel Utensil

A necessary travel accessory and one that you’ll find in my purse. You can finally say no thanks when plastic utensils are offered or not worry about what to bring camping to eat your food. This is a 3-in-1 utensil with a mini serrated edge acting as a knife and then a fork and spoon, all in one. It’s light and eco-friendly. Just get one.

light my fire bpa-free original spork - travel accessory

Don’t be wasteful when you’re eating out a lot and bring your own utensils! The oceans will thank you…

Check Price Here

A Few “Extra” Travel Accessories

32. Hooded Travel Pillow OR Neck Support Travel Pillow

The hooded travel pillow is ideal for light air travel, with a hooded shell covered with soft fleece, removable foam headrests, and adjustable drawstrings.

The neck support travel pillow keeps your head upright while you sleep with hidden internal support and soft cushioning, perfect for a long day of flying. It attaches to the handle of your backpack or luggage and is designed to look like a scarf, weighing only half a pound.

Check Prices Here: Hooded Pillow | Neck Support Pillow

33. Travel Coffee Press

Designed for those travelers who love the taste of coffee when they’re on the go, the patented double micro-filter maintains the flavor you savor and keeps the grounds out of your travel mug.

The double-walled stainless steel keeps up to 15 ounces of liquid warm for hours with a lifetime guarantee to back it. This coffee press can make French Press, Pour-over, or loose-leaf tea and features a 360-degree lid that makes it easier to drink from.

man with coffee maker - travel accessory

I can’t function without my coffee, if you’re the same, here’s the only way to make sure you have GOOD coffee, always.

Check Price Here

34. Priority Pass and The Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

The tiniest travel accessories can make all the difference… These two cards will change your life if you travel often. I’m not an expert on traveling on reward points or anything but I DO know that the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card is the HOLY GRAIL of travel reward cards (and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not getting one sooner).

Along with the card, you’ll get access to Priority Pass, which is a lifesaving card to have on your travel days. You’ll have access to lounges, get discounts at restaurants in airports and more perks. You can join Priority Pass separately if you so choose to, but we got it with our Chase credit card (which offered a separate “special” plan as well).

Bags and Such For Your Travel Accessories

Hey, where are you putting all this stuff? That’s a totally different topic (see below!) but these bags here are great accessories to your travel arsenal.

35. Waterproof Dry Bag

The 100% waterproof dry bag comes with a fully adjustable shoulder strap that removes if you prefer to hand carry. It’s made of extra thick, durable, laminated PVC that provides protection from water, sand, dust, and dirt.

dry bags

This bag will float away safely if you happen to drop it in water and comes in different sizes to fit your needs. I’ve been carrying a dry bag for over seven years now, I wouldn’t dare travel without it!

Check Price Here

36. Coversafe Neck Pouch

All sides of the neck pouch are lined with RFID blocking material and water-resistant quality fabric.

The strap adjusts to be worn cross-body or around the neck in a high or low position. It easily fits a passport, credit cards, cash, a phone and airplane tickets.

anti theft rfid - travel accessory

I sometimes wear this as a purse even when I’m just running out for the day and don’t want to carry very much.

Check Price Here

Women Travel Accessories

Oh hey, ladies! We need a few other special items, and here are a few of my favorite travel items that make traveling a bit easier and better for me along with a few other options that some of you my find useful.

37. Portable Makeup Travel Bag

At 30% larger than other makeup bags, its multiple pockets can fit anything you have and keep it all organized. The thick cotton lining and water-resistant outer layer keeps your valuable stash safe from impact and protects from moisture.

Makeup breaking while traveling is a nightmare as we all know, even cheap makeup ain’t that cheap!

Check Price Here

38. Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box or Jewelry Roll Bag

The jewelry box has a simple and compact design made for carrying small jewelry, such as earrings, rings, and necklaces while you travel.

With three different sections and two removable dividers, your favorite jewelry can go with you on all of your adventures. The zippered closure will keep everything secure and is surely a useful women’s travel accessory.

The roll bag has three large zippered pockets for necklaces and bracelets and three small zippered pockets for rings and earrings. It has a hook that allows it to hang for easy storage. It doesn’t look as fancy as the first choice, but it definitely has more storage space.

If you throw your jewelry in a bag, it’s going to get tangled, broken, lost and be one annoying mess. Grab an organizer so you don’t waste 30 minutes of your day looking for your other earring.

Check Prices Here: Jewelry Box | Jewelry Bag

39. Storm Alert Whistle

At 130dB, this may be the loudest whistle in the world.

travel whistle

Used by US Armed Forces and a variety of government agencies, you won’t have to worry about not being heard. On any adventure in, on, or under the water, you can feel safe when you have this safety whistle.

Check Price Here

40. Travel Door Alarm

At 91 dB, this travel door alarm is loud enough for your neighbors to hear from any part of your apartment, bedroom, or hotel room. It’s easy to set up and compact, weighing less than 2 ounces and fitting anywhere in your luggage.

This is a must-have for those looking for added security while away from home.

travel door alarm - travel accessory

In terms of women travel accessories, this is certainly not necessary but sometimes having that added level of security is nice or if you simply want to have it just in case your hotel isn’t what you thought it would be… It could be useful and allow you to have a better night’s sleep.

Check Price Here

41. Menstrual Cup

A reusable menstrual cup that collects rather than absorbs, it offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection and odor-free affordability. With the menstrual cup, you can swim, workout, and travel worry-free.

menstrual cup - travel accessory

Get rid of your monthly stash of tampons or pads for the flexibility of a menstrual cup. I haven’t used tampons in years, think about how much waste that has saved! The cup is also long-lasting and doesn’t leak as often as a tampon can. It can even get you through most of your day without needing to be emptied, YES, even on your first day!

Check Price Here

42. THINX Period Panties

Able to hold as much as 2 tampons, these period panties have wide, comfort fit leg holes and a soft, breathable cotton interior. For a heavier flow, you’ll definitely need more than one pair, and with six different styles to choose from, you’ll be glad you did.

I use these in combination with the cup. When it’s lighter, the panties work great just by themselves. On the heavier days, wear these panties with your cup for extra protection. Even though leaks with the cup don’t happen often, you’ll be protected if it does.

Check Price Here

43. Dry Shampoo

A must-have travel accessory for women on-the-go to instantly refresh your hair, no water necessary.

dry shampoo - travel accessory

This vegan-friendly formula absorbs dirt and grease while adding body and texture to keep your hair looking refreshed in those more remote locations. After traveling for hours on end or on a day where you’re rushed and can’t wash your hair, spray away and look and feel fresher.

Check Price Here

44. Folding Handle Hair Dryer

Stores neatly in small spaces with a folding handle and equipped with dual voltage – a necessary feature as a traveler. The lightweight design of this hairdryer has dual heat and speed settings for any hair type.

travel hair dryer - travel accessory

Keep a coin or screwdriver handy to turn the screw that changes the voltage of this small but powerful travel accessory.

Check Price Here

45. Collapsible Diffuser

Where are all my curly-haired girls at? I’ve searched high and low for a diffuser that didn’t take up a quarter of my bag and wasn’t bound to break with one little bang against another suitcase.

collapsible diffuser - travel accessory

This diffuser is made of silicone and is collapsible. It does cave in here and there but overall works great, just make sure your dryer has the right nose to fit in it.

Check Price Here

46. Strong Black Hair Ties

These metal-free hair ties are ouch-free and tangle-proof with a unique, slip-proof design to hold hair securely. A small carabiner is included to keep them accessible while you travel.

hair ties - travel accessory

Is there anything worse than running out of hair ties when you travel!? Maybe it’s because my hair is crazy but it’s a legit nightmare for me.

Check Price Here

47. Nourishing Lip Balm

A lip balm that is safe to use if you have sensitive skin or don’t want weird chemicals on your lips, Burt’s is my go-to. After using it for a million years, trying others in between, and returning every time, yep, this is my lip balm.

burt's bees natural tinted lip balm - travel accessory

I like to get the one with a hint of color so I can be lazy and avoid lipstick for the day if needed but I also have a plain one on hand at all times as well.

Check Price Here

48. Microfiber Hair Turban Wrap

This turban is soft, absorbent, simple to put on, and stays in place while you’re free to relax or drink your coffee.

turban - travel accessory

The quick-drying fabric reduces drying time for most hair types and gentle enough to prevent frizz and breakage, which is especially important for curly-haired travelers. After all my travels and constantly wearing my hair up because it gets so crazy, the least I can do it wrap it up in a towel that isn’t conducive to making it frizz and break.

Check Price Here

Travel Accessories For Men

Hey dudes, here are a few men-specific items you may need for your travels!

49. Survival Bracelets

A 4-in-1 survival tool that you can wear anywhere but can also be prepared when you’re out adventuring.

x-plore gear emergency paracord bracelets - travel accessory

This paracord bracelet is a fire starter and scraper, whistle, and compass all in one.

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50. Men’s Dopp Kit

Guys need a place for their toiletries too, and you’d preferably like to see what’s in the bag easily without having to dump everything out. Oh, and have it waterproof too. Yeah, my boyfriend needs all these things in his life too!

This Dopp Kit has all that for a very reasonable price with a generous amount of space too.

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51. Cashsafe Travel Belt

Durable webbing material that fastens with a non-slip Duraflex buckle.

money belt - travel accessory

An expandable zip pocket fits your phone and passport and keeps them close while navigating airports or crowded areas. Don’t pack it too full; stick to a few items to keep the hidden pouch from becoming not-so-hidden.

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Which Bag for All My Travel Accessories?

This is a whole other topic and I have tons of bag recommendations all depending on what type of traveler you are and where you’re going. I use a wide variety of bags depending on my next adventure. Am I hiking? Am I just wandering around the streets of Europe? Am I taking my camera (extremely likely)? Do I just need a day bag? What about anti-theft bags (oh, this is my fav!)?

I got you covered, check out all my posts on the type of travel bags you need…

Phew! That was quite the list of travel accessories but hopefully, you found a few items here that will become your most used items on your travels.

Which of these travel accessories are a must bring on your trips? Let us know in the comments!

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51+ of the Best Travel Accessories for Men and Women

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