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How to Work and Travel Around the World


Remote and work abroad opportunities + tips that help you travel longer!

Hi! Nina here🙋‍♀️

I’ve lived around the world for over ten years and I did it by learning about the opportunities out there to work abroad! Trust me when I say there is more than you think.

You have to think out of the box, be open to learning new things, teach yourself skills, and understand that nothing is permanent and you’re a dynamic human that can do different things!

You won’t find any fluff here, any BS about just “quitting your job to travel” or any weird gimmicks. Just straight up information on working abroad, finding opportunities to work remotely, and the best opportunities out there for you to travel longer!

The only catch is, you have to be ready to work for this lifestyle!

Here are some of the work abroad opportunities I wish I knew about when I was first starting this lifestyle.

Work Abroad Jobs


Check out tons of other jobs you can do abroad here:

Make Sure You’re Covered Abroad!

Travel insurance can save your @$$ abroad and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Safety Wing is what I use because it’s affordable, perfect for long or short term travelers and covers the important stuff (including COVID-19).


Working Holiday Visas

Teaching English Abroad and Remotely

Make Sure You Choose The Right TEFL Program!

There are tons of TEFL programs out there and it’s hard to sift through which are actually worth it! In fact, I nearly got screwed out of my TEFL certificate! And I paid WAY too much for it too. 😭Luckily I got you covered. Check out the best and cheapest online TEFL programs so you can teach English around the world and travel!


Work Remotely Around the World


➡️ Digital Nomad Tips

1. Teach yourself new SKILLS!
Start learning—for FREE!

2. Find LEGIT remote jobs!
Start searching for your remote job.

3. Make sure you’re COVERED abroad!
Check out the best travel insurance for digital nomads.

Living and Working Abroad Tips

Your Shortcut Guide to Living Around The World

No seriously, I’m not joking!

I created the Live Around the World Shortcut just for YOU! It has quite literally everything you’d need to know about living this lifestyle, actually maintaining it, making money on the road, and all of the tips and knowledge that I’ve learned over the last 10 years.

No need to spin your wheels trying to figure everything out for yourself (which takes years btw), I got you! Live abroad like a pro from the start!


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