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How to sustain yourself abroad to travel longer—No BS
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Ignore the BS out there that provides no tangible advice on how to live abroad, travel often, work abroad, and work remotely…

You won’t find any “quit your job to travel the world” or “my life’s a vacation” advice here because this isn’t real.

What you will find here is truthful, 100% genuine, and actionable advice on how one can live abroad, sustain themselves and travel often.

In short: You WORK for it.

Hope I didn’t burst any bubbles here but yes, living this lifestyle takes work! If you’re ready to work for it, if you’re ready to stop believing the BS that’s out there on “living a life of vacation” then you’re in the right place and I can’t wait to help you.

I started out with pretty much zero information, I struggled to get where I am today and it’s taken years for me to build this blog to the resource that it is today.

Being a blogger is NOT one of the only ways to live this lifestyle (in fact, I encourage you to not be a blogger, it’s really f*cking hard). There are TONS of ways to make money abroad or online which can afford you the freedom to live in other countries and travel as you wish.

I’ve been epically failing at the “American Dream” as I don’t have the house with the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids, nor a regular 9-5 “big girl” job. I don’t own a car, a bed, nor do I have a storage unit. I sold and gave away everything in 2011. (OK fine, I have a couple of boxes in mom’s attic but that’s it.)

My life is very simple and I’m happy. I’m not telling anyone how to live their life but I’m here to share what I know to anyone who wants to form a life similar to what I’m living if they feel this is a life they’d be happier living.

Here you’ll find everything I wish I had access to when I was first starting this lifestyle.


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