Work to Wander, Travel Longer

This page is all about how to work abroad so you can stay abroad longer!

I’ve totally failed at living the American Dream. Like… Miserably. Womp Womp.

I never got a house, I’m not married, I have no kids, and I don’t even have a 9-5! Am I the worst or what?!

The thing is, I never wanted these things. I always wanted something else.

While it took time to realize that it’s OK to want something different despite the societal pressures, I’ve come to terms with it and I’m now living life the way I want to.

I’ve always wanted to travel BUT I’m not rich. Mommy and Daddy don’t give me a dime and I don’t have a travel sugar daddy…

So how have I survived traveling abroad since 2011?

It’s simple – I work for it. (Shocking. I know!)

I’ve held numerous jobs that are travel-friendly and I’m here to share with you how you can find a job that lets you travel too!

Here are my resources on how you can work to wander so YOU can travel longer!

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Getting Work Abroad

How to Be a Travel Nanny and Work as You Travel

The following article on how to be a travel nanny is a guest post by Felicity. “Oh, you’re back already”. I quickly jumped up from the sun chair I had been lounging on and wrapped my bikini body up with a towel when I saw them walk through the door. “Sorry, these two...

How to Be an Au Pair in Spain + Tips for Getting a Job

This article on being an au pair in Spain is a guest post from Suzie Kelsey. One of the most daunting moments of my life was when, at 16, I was left alone with this tiny kid throwing a tantrum in a public space. He was screaming, banging his fists on a window, not...

How to Teach English in Spain

This Teaching English in Spain article is a guest post by Jamie. If you’ve ever wanted to spend a year traveling around Europe, learning a new language, and having the experience of a lifetime, teaching English in Spain is a great, easy way to do it. Over the past few...

Teaching English in China: How to Get ESL Jobs in China

This teaching English in China article is a guest post by Chris. It was my first day as an actual teacher, teaching English in Hangzhou, China. I was very nervous. In just a few hours I was going to be stood up in front of over 40 students, with all their eyes fixed...

The Easiest and Best Travel Jobs That Even YOU Can Get

UPDATED March, 2017    "I Want to Travel Longer..." …Says Everyone Every Time They Go Travel.   Nobody wants their travels to come to an end. We are all looking for ways to take more days off work to actually enjoy this thing called life and we all dream about being...

How to Teach Abroad – The Guide to English Teaching Anywhere

If you are looking to teach English abroad this article is a must-read! I have gathered all the information I was seeking out when I first was seeking out ESL jobs abroad and I was totally clueless on how to teach abroad. I had to spend hours researching and it felt...

Digital Nomad Jobs

How to Start Making Money with Travel Photography

This post about making money with travel photography is a guest post by Max. If you have a passion for both travel and love taking photos of all the places and experiences you encounter, you’ve probably asked yourself, "How can I sell my photos online for money?" I...

7 Steps on How to Become a Travel Videographer + Tips

The following article on travel videography is a guest post by Garrett Galvan. 16.7 seconds. That's how long it took the mouse to find the elevated area in a murky pool of water. I made the note on my clipboard, placed another mouse inside the pool and set the timer....

21+ Digital Nomad Jobs: Take Your Desk Around The World

If I had a dollar for every person I've heard say... "I want to be a digital nomad!" "Guys, where can I find a digital nomad job?" "Teach me to be a digital nomad!" ... I'd be one rich bitch. The thing is, a digital nomad ISN'T a job! It's a person who happens to have...

How to Teach Online and Make Money From Anywhere

What if you could make money anywhere? What if you learned how to make money online? All you need it a computer and a stable wifi connection. There are more and more location independent jobs that are popping up everywhere and there are many popular "freelanceable"...

How to Work Online – Ways to Make Money to Travel Longer

UPDATED MARCH 2017 I need some ways to make money so I can travel longer! How many times has this thought ran through your head? Figuring out ways to make money are always on our mind becuase without it, we literally have nothing. Luckily for many of us, we have...

Live and Work in Australia

Moving To Australia: The Price of Living Down Under (11 Cities)

If you're asking yourself what the living expenses in Australia are, chances are you're moving to Australia...Congrats! Either that or you may have seen the adorable animals they have Down Under and immediately decided you needed their cuteness in your life stat,...

How to Live and Work in Australia as an American Expat

I saw something large and black move out of the corner of my eye. When I whipped my head around to see what it was, it was at that moment, I immediately regretted my choice of moving to Australia. THIS is what I was afraid of! Why did I come here! TAKE ME HOME! A...

How to Get a Job in Australia & Save a Sh*t Ton of Money

It was my third follow up. My palms were a bit sweaty and I hoped this was THE call that would help me get the job. I really needed and wanted this job, they paid damn well, and it was a pretty chill spot. And then it happened. EXACTLY what I wanted. The answered the...

How to Work Abroad in Australia (Without Experience)

Would you fly halfway around the world just to work abroad in Australia? I did, and thousands of others do too! Why? People flock to the Land Down Under in hopes of scoring a job and making a pretty penny. Australia is known for savage wildlife, kangaroos, sexy...

How I Saved $17k USD in 10 Months Living in Australia

Say wwwhhhhaaattttt. Yep, you read that right my friend. I saved over $17,000 USD in 10 months living in Australia! Pretty good, huh? That's cash money in the bank, right now. SAVED. Bills paid, fridge full, no debts in Australia. S-A-V-E-D! At the end of the day,...

An American Expat: Working and Living in Darwin, Australia

I'm working and living in Darwin, Australia. If you would have told me I'd be here a few years ago, I probably would have laughed for five minutes straight. I can't believe I've been abroad for over 5 years, this is my fourth continent I've lived on and my eight or so...

Live and Work in Thailand

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Thailand and Other FAQ

Is Thailand a place you see yourself living in one day? Do you want to come over to work? Travel long-term? Maybe you're just going to be a here for a month but are curious on costs and have a few questions.   Well, I've been living here for about four years. On and...


Ready to live and work abroad or remotely to travel more? I can help! I’ve been doing it since 2011. Come join and learn to make money while you travel!


Ready to live and work abroad or remotely to travel more? I can help! I’ve been doing it since 2011. Come join and learn to make money while you travel!

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