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Mission: Living the nomadic expat life by traveling and living on all seven continents. 

I’ve been epically failing at the American Dream for six years and counting and instead I’ve been working around the world to sustain my travel addiction.

If you’re willing to work to make the travel lifestyle happen, I can help you do that.

There’s so much hype about traveling out there but not that many tell you how to actually support yourself abroad and stay abroad! I’m here to change that…

If you’re not rich, want to travel long-term, are willing to work for it, and truly want to make a life of travel, you’re in the right place.


I want to work to wander, to travel longer!

Hey, you beautiful intrepid soul, you! This blog’s simple purpose is to help you travel – no matter if it’s a two-week vacation or a move abroad for an indefinite amount of time. So join me! Sign up for my email travel newsletter where you’ll get even more magical tidbits about travel and ways to live/work abroad.

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