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OK so technically it was three nights, but when in Bangkok, the days just blur.

This is the half way point of my friend Julia’s visit to Thailand and things have been going fabulously. We made it from Suhkothai to Bangkok in one piece and we were ready to let loose! Julia booked a room “behind my back ” and it just so happened to be at the Lebua State Tower. You know this hotel even if you don’t know you know. Yes, the hotel from Hangover II. The place is pretty sweet! Especially since I’m a poor, old, scruffy, dirty ass backpacker… I certainly didn’t belong.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.58.09 PM




I strutted in this place with my dirty hippy pants and my 80B tank top and was welcomed by a BELL BOY who opened the door for my taxi and the door to the hotel, and then I received some orange juice as we checked in. What the hell is this?! Is this ss..sseerr….service? Real customer service? In a real place? With real workers?! Who will even press the button for my elevator?! OMG. I was freaking out. I seriously had forgotten what “nice” was. Nice places, nice service, nice rooms, nice…everything. It was so weird. And so cool.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.59.00 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.58.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.58.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.58.38 PM















So the we get to the room and while Julia was happy, it was noting to special for her. For me? I wanted to jump on the beds. There was a living area, a kitchenette, a beautiful bathroom, and a balcony overlooking Bangkok from the 54th floor. I’m used to a room with a deteriorating mattress and toilet, possibly shared toilet. I was like a kid in a candy store, or like Pretty Woman minus the hooker part, or …. I don’t know! But really.. I have been living so simply for the past three years. I didn’t know what to do with myself.















hotel pool on the 9th floor

hotel pool on the 9th floor

Obviously while we were here we did tons of shopping. Correction: Julia did tons of shopping, I did a fair amount. I couldn’t help myself. For some reason, my obsession was crop tops at this time. I couldn’t stop buying them! Julia’s main mission for her holiday here seemed to be shopping, so Bangkok was obviously a gold mine. We, I mean she, couldn’t stop herself. We scoured quite literally every shop in the Siam Square market.


We happen to be in Thailand when the protests were still happening, but stayed far away. It didn’t stop us from having fun! We happen to be there during the week and because of the protests as well, the nightlife wasn’t as pumping as it usually is, in my opinion. We went to the backpackers ghetto of Khaosarn Rd and randomly partied in the streets. Like there was a makeshift DJ…in the street. Dance party anywhere! We made our way around the roads of Silom and Sukhumvit, had a few drinks at Cheap Charlie’s and even had a stroll down Soi Cowboy, one of the seedy streets in the area.


Soi Cowboy



















The Skybar at the Lebua was fantastic. Expensive as hell. But fantastic. Like… The pictures don’t do it justice. I was holding a fancy cocktail, OK, a mojito, but a damn good one, and was wearing a nice dress (and by nice, I mean a maxi dress…this is “nice” for me. I even bought it just for this occasion…Oh! And some real shoes too! No flip flops allowed!).





bangkok, thailand

My Julz <3

bangkok, thailand













































I would recommend getting to the Skybar before sunset. This way you get all your day time pictures of the city and as you SLOWLY sip on that cocktail, and I mean really slowly… You get to watch the entire night light up! I loved it so much, I went back the next night with my new French friend I met earlier in Chiang Mai before Julia got in town. This was my second skybar in Bangkok, Vertigo being my first, and both are fabulous! Long live skybars.


bangkok, thailand bangkok, thailand

bangkok, thailand

Me on night two

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