27 Things to Do in Pai, Thailand + Where to Eat and Sleep
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27 Things to Do in Pai, Thailand + Where to Eat and Sleep

While some rumors may have you believe the only things to do in Pai are hammock rocking and channeling whatever inner hippy spirits you may have in you, that’s not quite everything…

Pai has far more to offer than that and while those hippy vibes are infectious, and chillin in a hammock is certainly part of everyday life here, I strongly encourage you to also get out there and get lost.

Through the foothills, around the huts, over and under the waterfalls with little direction, Pai is best savored than marathoned through.

At least that’s me. I spend months living here (two different times, actually) during my years bopping around Thailand finding new “homes…”

Pai was a place that I randomly circled back to a few times and I hope you visit or perhaps even circle back for another taste, as I did. For anyone curious, here’s what to do in Pai according to someone who lived there…

27 Things to Do in Pai, Thailand + Where to Eat and Sleep

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Things to Do in Pai, Thailand: The Highlights

These are the places in Pai that you should definitely check out no matter what. Sure they are some of the more typical things to do in Pai, but they are worth a visit in my eyes!

→ Not sure how to get to Pai from Chiang Mai? Click here

1. The Container

First, coffee. Just 10 minutes outside of Pai, with crazy cage-like cocoon chairs suspended from balcony roofs, The Container is a must when you’re wondering what to do in Pai and are dying for a pick me up after your hellish 3-hour ride up here. This is your intro into complete and total chillaxin vibes, which is what Pai is all about.

Couple in a container in Pai
Straight chillin.

Grab a wonderful coffee, a fresh coconut, or even a beer, and enjoy the view as you swing in the Thailand breeze (if there is any, hope that there is).

2. Memorial Bridge

This bridge has WWII history, so it is an emotional memory to take home with you. The bridge was torn down by the Japanese when they left Pai in retreat during WWI. The villagers then rebuilt it, and it has since been fortified with the help of US Steel.

Fun story and a lesson: Always look down. Something I definitely know considering I have been living abroad for years now… Well, I was walking along the bridge, NOT looking down and I fell through a hole. Luckily, the hole was only big enough for one leg and I was fine. Any bigger and I may have found myself in a body cast. (I have a permanent dent in my leg there now, yay)

Night market in Pai
Picking up some cheap street food at the night market.

3. Walking Street

An open-air market that is 4 blocks wide and 6 blocks deep, Walking Street is the best thing to do in Pai to taste fresh food from a variety of regions and shop for jewelry and other knick-knacks. It’s a class tourist attraction here.

One thing I had to get every time I went to the market was a masala chai, she does a good job!

4. Land Split

This geographical oddity is just a fun stop right outside of Pai. A farmer found that after a few quakes his land cracked wide open. Now he offers free juice and snacks for visitors and simply asks for whatever donation you can spare for the visit. The Split itself is nothing super amazing but the owners of the land are very sweet and their fruits and juices make the stop worth it.

Land Split in Pai
Fresh everything! This Roselle juice is SO good.

5. Pai Canyon

The Canyon is a prime “what to do” in Pai location. Long narrow pathways that drop off into steep canyons on both sides lead you out to the edge of a cliff to see some of the most stunning views anywhere in the world. Warning: it can get crowded AF, going earlier in the day is nice because it’s cool out and there are fewer people but sunset is often the best views!

Canyon in Pai
Nothing like the Grand Canyon, but it’s quite beautiful, particularly at sunset.

6. Themed Cafes

Pai is full of them! Wander the streets in and out of central Pai and you’ll find a variety of themes. They are ridiculous. But it’s still a thing to do in Pai! You can’t miss it… Or can you?

When you ride around you’ll see a crazy large strawberry for selfies or two interlocking hearts overlooking a view begging for you to snap and post to Instagram.

I will say, these cafes are very popular with Korean and Chinese tourists, however, I’ve stopped only once because a friend was visiting me and wanted to. Otherwise, no. But, hey! Maybe it’s your thing?

Theme cafe in Pai
It’s hilarious, obnoxious, and kinda annoying all at once.

7. Lod Caves

Feeling a bit of wanderlust? Hop on a scooter and head outside of Pai to explore a gorgeous limestone cave system. You’ll pay a guide to take your into the cave on a bamboo raft, then you’ll be guided along a system of three different caves. A great day trip that may find you getting pooped on by a bat. Now that’s a once in a lifetime experience!

8. Waterfalls

*insert yet another reference of TLC’s Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls…*Pai is full of waterfalls to chase. The most common are Mo Paeng, because of the natural waterslides shaped from the slick rocks running into the waterfalls, and Mae Yen, because it is one of those classic long walk hiking trails that will take you over the river and through the jungle.

There’s Pombok as well which is a fun one to hike and swim around at.

Pai waterfalls
Waterfalls never cease to amaze me and I will play in all of them!

9. Get a Massage

Yes, after all that hiking and scooting, eating and drinking and adventuring, you’re gonna want to take advantage of one of the most important things to do in Pai: a Thai massage. Do it. And do it often.

10. White Buddha

If you’re in Pai, you already know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, you will. The White Buddha looks down on Pai, and you can climb up to join him. It’s a bit of intense hike up (mostly because it’s boiling outside and there’s of lot of steps) but it’s worth it. Just make sure you actually pay respect. It’s a popular thing to do in Pai for tourists, but it’s is a sacred shrine for the locals. (AKA wear decent clothing)

White Buddha in Pai
I used to work out going up these steps a few times a week, my house was down the road!

11. Pai Springs

This is really only a cool thing to do in Pai when it’s a bit chillier outside or if you wake up really early. There are numerous hot springs sprinkled around Pai which provide some relaxing, steaming hot waters to soak in. Unfortunately, it’s often far too hot outside to enjoy a dip in water that could boil an egg (literally).

If you want to go here during the summer months, I’d say you need to wake up really early and head out, otherwise, it’s just simply too hot!

12. Santichon and Yun Lai Viewpoint

Santichon, or the Chinese Village, is not the most remarkable thing to do in Pai, but it’s worth a wander on the motorbike, particularly so you can get to Yun Lai Viewpoint which is quite beautiful. Sit down, have a cup of a tea, and enjoy the views.

Yun Lai viewpoint
Yun Lai viewpoint

13. Fluid Pool

It gets hot as hell in Pai, doesn’t it? If you’re looking to cool off with some drinks, the Fluid pool is a pretty damn good spot to do so! There’s even a mini gym here if you’re looking for some weights to throw around, don’t expect much though.

Offbeat Thing to Do in Pai, Thailand

The typical things to do in Pai are definitely cool, but here’s a way to make your trip a bit more exciting and less common than the rest…

14. Huay Dimi

Huay Dimi lake in Pai
Snacks and chill vibes here

Of the places in Pai you might not know about, this one might be the least frequented. Grab some lunch in town and chow down at this chilled out lakeside location. You’ll maybe see a couple of fishermen. That’s about it.

The surroundings are sweeping hills and before you is a serene lake. There’s isn’t anything to do but chill, but hello…that’s the thing to do in Pai! And this lake is a great place to do exactly that.

Side note: There are sometimes mini music festivals out here now! Keep an eye out around town for posters.

15. Human Powered Ferris Wheel at Kiew-Lom Viewpoint

2-4-1 here. A view point and some odd human powered ferris wheel that’s certainly not safe at all, but hey! Go for it if you’re totally cool with going up about 20 feet in the air on a rickety piece of wood. I actually would have done it but there was nobody around to swing with me…

Human powered ferris wheel
Viewpoints and swings.

16. Pai Viewpoint

Where the F is this viewpoint? No seriously… please comment if you ever found it! This is definitely one of the places to go in Pai, if you can find it… We tried so hard, but it was getting late, the roads were rough for our rickety automatic scooter, and it started raining.

It’s about 40 minutes past Pombok waterfall (so the sign says). There’s a sign pointing you to it and we got so close, but after 45 minutes of driving, then attempting to walk, we had to give up. We even continued a bit after a local told us to go back because the roads were bad.

We had to find out for ourselves. We got a decent view at one point, we must have been close…but in the end, no cigar. Try your luck. The drive through the villages is quite nice as well.

17. Viewpoint Coffee’s Flying Chairs

There’s a swing and two red flying chairs. It’s random AF and pretty cool. There are some great views here and the chairs make for a good photo op. (right before Pai Cabana coming from town)

Flying red chair in Pai
I don’t know who thought of this but it’s genius.

18. Pai Circus School

OK, OK, this place is actually popular… I think. I mean, it’s popular for me because I’m a circus freak (I’m a hula hooper in case ya didn’t know). But I felt like mentioning it because maybe people don’t know that all are welcomed?

Come by and take a class, play with the circus toys, or just chill at their pool. It’s a super sweet spot to chill for the day and one of my favorite things to do in Pai.

Pai Circus pool
Play circus, have a drink, swim in the pool… Going to Pai Circus school to hang out was one of my fav things to do in Pai.

19. Huay Chang Waterfall

Uhm, I’m confused. Why does nobody come here?! This is one of my most favorite waterfalls that I’ve been to in the country. Take the exciting ride with your scooter through three streams, then I suggest you stop and park at the fourth one. Use your judgment. Don’t drive through if you can’t see the bottom. Just walk the rest.

The hike is about an hour or so and it’s very easy however not well marked. The end result? An epic waterfall with freaking nobody there. A picture does the rest of the talking…

Huay Chang Waterfall in Pai
There are plenty of waterfalls in Pai to visit but this one is my favorite.

Things to Do in Pai: Food & Nightlife

You know I couldn’t leave without telling you where to eat! After trying and testing for months on end, here are my fav spots…

20. Nong Beer

You gotta hit this place up at least once, and then you’ll be back many times. It’s a super inexpensive hole in the wall that offers excellent authentic food. It’s a local staple. I especially appreciate the khao soi; it’s the best I’ve had in the country, and this is my fav Thai dish!

21. The Good Life

For all my health nuts out there looking for things to do in Pai, this is your spot. You’ll get great tea, some kombucha, homemade bread, and more, and you can even take fermentation classes. If you’re looking to chill and get some awesome grub, head over to The Good Life.

22. Earth Tone

More healthy stuff! This adorable little wooden structure not only offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes for those with a meat-free diet, but it also showcases shelves of herbal products and cases of ice creams and cakes. Quite literally everything you could want.

Add to all of that the ambiance of the stream running behind it, the thatch roof and boho decor and you might decide that this is the only thing to do in Pai that matters, and it very well may be. I found myself here for days in a row far long ago before the owner took this cafe to the next level (it’s grown so much!)

Now, aside from their ridiculously clean, beautiful, and healthy meals, they even have a mini shop to grab some local, organic, and deliciously amazing products!

TIP: Buy the raw chocolate balls.

23. The Witching Well

One of the most popular places to go in town and it’s DAMN good. I loved their breakfasts and when I wasn’t too hungry, I’d snack on one of their homemade pies with coffee while reading a book.

Pai river view
Walking along the river is a chill thing to do in Pai but be careful in the rainy season. I’ve been here when the bridge has washed away and the river flooded!

24. Om Garden

Literally beautiful food that’s vegan-friendly. The presentation is on point and so is the flavor, they know what they are doing here. Pumpkin curry for the win!

25. Cafecito

This spot is a bit hidden and outside the main bustle of the town but it’s worth a visit. Order anything that comes with their braised mushrooms and you’ll be in heaven. They are the best mushrooms I’ve ever had in my mouth—EVER.

26. Bars to Go To

There are plenty to choose from! When I was hanging around Pai you could find me at the Living Room (although I think the name has changed but I’m not sure to what), Don’t Cry Bar, and Sunset Bar. Pretty much all the bars in Pai are hippy and chill so they become kind of same same.

27. Random Parties

Keep an eye for signs and posters going up! There’s usually something happening around town. Sometimes there’s a mini music festival at the lake I mentioned above, Huay Dimi. There are also occasional Pittalew parties as well.

Pittalew Party
There are great parties in Pai!

The last thing I’ll also mention is Moon Village. It’s a bit secluded, underground, not popular, and yeah… If you stumble upon it you stumble upon it… 😉

Make friends, chat, read the boards… You’ll discover something cool!

So! Go grab a masala chai from Art in Chai and go get lost (the single best thing to do in Pai).

Just rent a motorbike and head out into the glorious wild. This really is the best way to get away, explore Pai, and really appreciate the area for what it has to offer: miles and miles of natural beauty.

Driving motorbike in Pai
Totally lost and totally OK with it. (yes, we wear helmets, they are off for the pic)

Word of warning though: Don’t be a douche on the road. There are SO many bad drivers riding around Pai, be careful. I have seen accidents in front of my face. This is a popular area for people to learn how to ride motorbikes and there are many new drivers on the road.

There are lots of hills and dusty roads so be cautious and ride slow.

Where to stay in Pai

1. Pai Circus School Hostel

It’s a great place to stay in Pai for all you party people. But if you are looking for something more comfortable Pai Circus School Hostel may not be the best for you. It’s also out of the center of Pai. With that said, it’s a super happening spot to stay!

2. Spicy Pai Backpackers

This is like having a treehouse on the ground. You can chill in a hammock, or you can socialize with fellow adventurists. Spicy Pai Backpackers provides great value for money when it comes to accommodation in Pai.

3. Pai River Villa

Pai River
Staying along the river is beautiful!

It may be a little tricky to find Pai River Villa, but it’s on a great location. Right on the Pai river, close enough to the street, but far away from the bustle. Have your morning coffee on the porch and you’ll feel at home. This is my usual spot when I’m just visiting Pai.

4. Pai Cherkaew

Pai Cherkaew is in a great spot, just behind the main street. This is a pretty stylish place to stay in Pai. It has a pool and they serve excellent breakfast.

5. Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm

Don’t judge a book by its covers is how to best describe Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm. On the outside, it looks traditional and frugal. However, inside you will find quite a modern interior and various amenities including a farm with bunnies, ducks and sheep!

Check here for more places to stay in Pai

How to Get to Pai, Thailand

There’s essentially only one way, and it’s not fun. There’s over 700 twists and turns that you’ll need to endure for 3 hours to get here coming from Chiang Mai giving those who get car sick a real shock! Grab the Dramamine and try to get a seat closer to the front, this ride sucks. It’s beautiful, but it sucks!

Transportation Tip for Thailand:

While you can simply book at the pier, bus or train station, you may want to book ahead for certain legs of your journey to guarantee that you get a seat on the day you need to travel. 12go.asia is the best way to do this. Book your next trip ahead of time so you have one less thing to worry about.

Click here to book a ticket through 12go.asia

You can book your minivan ride from Chiang Mai to Pai right here. If you pay when you’re on the ground to an outside service, they often charge a bit more and have crappier vans and drivers in my experience. If you don’t want to conveniently prebook here, then just go to the bus station and book directly.

There are two other options… You could rent a motorbike and drive yourself. Just keep in mind this is NOT the drive to make if it’s your first time riding. Or, you can see if there are any flights, as Pai does have a very small airport. However, I never found flying to be worth the cost and hassle.

Where will you go after Thailand?

Laos | Malaysia | Singapore | Indonesia | Philippines | Cambodia | Vietnam

So what to do in Pai? Hopefully, this list will keep you busy. Which spots are you most stoked to visit? Let me know in the comments.


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27 Things to Do in Pai, Thailand + Where to Eat and Sleep

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  1. I visited the Lod Caves when I was in Thailand, but didn’t have time to take the 3rd tour with the bamboo raft, the first two caves were incredible though! Also, I had no idea about Huay Chang Waterfall! I visited Mae Yean, but it was a bit more crowded than your experience!

  2. The viewpoint does exist, trust me, but it’s a hell of a scary road up there!!! It’s 1700 meters over the oceani believes fits marvelous once you get there, it took us nearly two hours to get upon think aide we had to push the bike at some point cause of super steap and muddy roads.
    Totally reccomended for an adventurer who loves a good view, but sadly not for the faint hearted :p

    1. Haha that’s awesome! If it wasn’t about to be sunset, it wasn’t pouring, and we had a better bike… We would have kept going. Lol I love how there’s a sign for it and it says “45min” …oh, Thailand… Haha

  3. There is a mountain above the Chinese village with a temple at the base.. there are little truck rides to the top of that mount. Take a truck there early in the morning and it will unveil a magnificent sunrise overlooking Pai . Great post. Next time I am there I will check out the waterfall

  4. Hey Nina!

    Thank you for writing a post about this. I’m aiming to go back to Thailand very soon, and I keep hearing about Pai!

    Awesome shots! I especially love the random flying chairs. I will not hesitate to try that, along with the human powered ferris wheel. I’m light AF!