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7 Epic Huasteca Potosina Tours in Mexico You Need to Try!

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The area of La Huasteca Potosina in Mexico is pretty special. Yet, despite its natural beauty and range of recreational activities, not many people have heard or been to this unique area.

This hidden oasis is a sub-region in the state of San Luis Potosi and is the ideal spot for those looking for a little adventure in one of the most unspoiled environments in the region.

The area is tropical and lush, filled with incredible swimming holes surrounded by rainforest and huge towering waterfalls resulting from the many rivers in the area. In fact, it offers some of central Mexico’s most impressive scenery.

Most waterfalls don’t even seem real because the water is so blue, thanks to the high calcium content in the surrounding rocks.

Many pre-arranged Huasteca Potosina tours in the area provide an easy and efficient way to see some of the many sites, which is especially beneficial if you don’t have your own form of transportation.

Nina posing on rock in cave behind Micos Waterfall on one of the Huasteca Potosina tours in Mexico
Behind Micos Waterfall

Most of the Huasteca tours also include hotel pick up and drop off, as well as some food, so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself and taking in the many magical sights.

As you’ll see, some of the most epic activities are literally impossible without a tour and while I’m not much of a tour person, I did this entire area on a tour! You’ll see, while this area is AMAZING, it might not be the easiest to navigate without a tour.


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1. Ziplining Over the Micos Waterfalls Huasteca Potosina Tour

Ziplines are always great fun, but having a stunning cascading waterfall beneath you the entire time? Yeah, that’s awesome! The Micos Waterfalls are one of the best places to zipline in Mexico for several reasons. For a start, the landscape is breathtaking; plus, there are many different ziplining options available.

The Micos Waterfall area comprises eight cascading falls that tumble from a range of levels over the rocks. The waterfalls are so clean and clear, and with the bright green, lush foliage surrounding them, seeing them from the air is quite magical.

Nina ziplining over Micos Waterfall with jungled mountains in background on a Huasteca Potosina tour
Ziplining over Micos waterfall

The ziplining Huasteca Potosina tour will take you on three ziplines in total. The first is the shortest at 175m; the second is 200 meters, and the longest is a huge 720 meters, giving you plenty of time to admire your surroundings while enjoying the thrill.

The zipline Huasteca tour company offers so much more than just your average zipline. They also offer a suspension bridge adventure, where you’ll be walking at the height of 60 meters above the waterfall for 150 meters. Although this was the scariest part for me!

Nina riding a bike on a zipline with views of Micos waterfall and jungled mountains in background - this is one of the Huasteca Potosina tours in Mexico
Riding a bike on a zipline over a waterfall!

The last and possibly most exciting option is the suspended bike. Fly across the ropes on a bicycle for 225 meters at the height of 80 meters, suspended by ropes. It is the only attraction of its kind in the whole of Latin America and will give you plenty of time to admire your surroundings and have fun.

This was probably the coolest part of my Huasteca tour!

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2. Micos Waterfall Jumping Huasteca Potosina Tour

If jumping off waterfalls into rich blue waters in the heart of Mexico sounds like your sort of thing, then this Huasteca tour is definitely for you.

The stunning Micos waterfalls are located in Micos National Park, and although they are not very difficult to get to, you’ll be blown away by just how stunning the eight falls are.

Three people in the air after jumping from Micos waterfall with pool below them on a Huasteca Potosina tour
Micos Waterfall jumping

Thanks to the varying heights of the falls, they make a great spot for waterfall jumping, as you’ll be able to experience the thrill of both higher and lower jumps.

The trip takes you along a 1km stretch of the river, equipped with a helmet, a vest, and a guide showing you how to be as safe as possible. Challenge your vertigo and enjoy the thrill as you plunge into the waters, surrounded by stunning scenery. This is usually booked in combo with one of the other tours!

3. Tamul Waterfall Huasteca Potosina Tour

Tamul Waterfall is one of the most impressive of all the waterfalls in the area. The falls are 105 meters high and are most impressive during the rainy season, where the cascades reach a width of 300 meters.

The best season to visit is between July through March, this is where the rains have stopped stirring the waters, and the water returns to its characteristic aquamarine color.

Tamul Waterfall with pool of turquoise water in front and forested rocky cliffs on each side in Huasteca Potosina
Tamul Waterfall

In a region known for its beautiful waterfalls, Tamul really is in a league of its own. It is the product of two rivers merging into one, the Gallinas River and the Santa Maria River.

Due to the location of the falls in a gorge, one of the only ways to reach them is via boat, and this Huasteca tour offers everything you need to see the falls in all their glory. The whole trip lasts around 8-hours and includes hotel pickup. 

You’ll follow a knowledgeable guide along the Tampaon River on a canoe, all the way to the base of the falls, with plenty of time to pose for pictures. After you’ve had your fill of the views, you’ll be able to cool off with a dip in a picturesque cenote before enjoying a local lunch at La Morena.

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4. Minas Viejas Waterfall Tour in Huasteca Potosina

The stunning Minas Viejas Waterfall is located at the northern tip of Huasteca Potosina and has a height of between 45 to 50 meters. Although it is not the tallest of all the falls in the region, what makes it pretty special is the series of turquoise pools at its base that make it perfect for swimming and relaxing.

Nina standing on rock in waterfall pool looking at Minas Viejas waterfall in front of her on one of the Huasteca Potosina tours
Minas Viejas Waterfall

Minas Viejas Waterfall is beautiful no matter what angle you see it, but there is something special about seeing it from above, just before you rappel down the cliffside next to it.

On this tour, you’ll be rappelling down 100 feet of a pure cliff face and into the crystal blue waters at the bottom of the falls, and although it may seem scary at first, the thrill you get while doing it makes it all worth it. 

People rappeling down cliff with water at the bottom on one of the Huasteca Potosina tours
Rappeling at Minas Viejas

After rappeling down and hopping into the pool, just make the short little swim over to the falls and hang out while giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! It’s a bit scary, but SO cool!

Lunch and transport are included, so all you have to worry about is calming your nerves before making the big descent. 

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5. Tampaon River From Ciudad Valles, Huasteca Potosina Tour

Get a little adrenaline rush bouncing over class III rapids along the Tampaon River. You’ll have a guide with you the whole way, so you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands, as you’ll be shown exactly how to handle these small rapids while still being given the freedom to enjoy the thrill and the adventure.

The rapids are not the biggest, so they are suitable for all sorts of adventurers, yet they are still big enough to be a lot of fun and get your heart pumping.

It’s not just the rapids that make this tour worth doing. You’ll be able to take in some of the very best views of the Huasteco Potosina area from a unique viewpoint as you glide effortlessly through the water.

The whole Huasteca Potosina tour will take you 7 hours, so it is a full day out from Ciudad Valles, with hotel pickup included as part of the tour. After your rafting, enjoy a delicious lunch included in the tour, as well as snacks along the way.

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6. Xilitla and Gardens Huasteca Potosina Tour

For a little culture and sightseeing, the tour to Xilitla and the Las Pozas Surrealist garden is a good option. You’ll be taken into the forest to the picturesque hilltop town of Xilitla.

The gardens are the creation of artist Edward James, who created huge buildings and sculptures within the park that twist and merge with the tropical plants.

Expect to find staircases that reach towards the sky but take you nowhere and doors that open to nothing. Some of the sculptures are pretty big, so you could easily lose yourself for a few hours exploring, or even longer if you want to take some cool snaps along the way.

The tour includes a nice Mexican lunch in a local restaurant before you’ll have some free time to explore the town itself, which is pretty nice considering it’s a Pueblo Magico.

Historic pale yellow building on town square in Xilitla on a Huasteca Potosina tour
Xilitla Town Center

It is then time for the next part of the tour. Your guides will take you to the Huahuas Abyss for a cool trek through the forest to a massive hole in the ground with beautiful native birds flying high above.

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7. Three Day Huasteca Potosina Tour

If you like the sound of all these day trips and excursions and Huasteca Potosina tours or can’t pick between waterfalls, why not opt for a three-day tour of the region where you get to see it all during one great trip?

The tour company offers this trip, meaning you won’t have to do any planning or logistics and can leave it all down to the knowledgeable team. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sights and adventures.

You will be taken on a tour of the whole Huasteca Potosina region from Ciudad Valles, and two nights accommodation in a luxury 4-star hotel in Ciudad Valles is included in the price as well, in addition to three lunches and two breakfasts. 

View of person biking on a zipline above a blue pool and jungled mountains on a Huasteca Potosina tour
Zipline over Micos Waterfall

Day one starts with a bang, as you’ll be headed to the beautiful region of the Micos Waterfall and be jumping from the top of the falls into the shimmering blue waters below.

It may seem a little scary at first, but the guides will be with you the whole time, and there are several waterfalls to try out so you can build up a little confidence along the way.

Next, you’ll be taken to the scenic Minas Viejas Waterfall for a spot of lunch by the river; then, you can give rappelling down the side a go. You’ll be all strapped in as you make your way down the side of the cliff, with the water pouring down right next to you.

Nina in water with helmet and lifejacket on with cliff in background on one of the adventurous Huasteca tours
Rappeling at Mina Viejas is so much fun!

On the second day, you’ll be picked up from your hotel and be on your way to the town of Xilitla. Sample some of the delicious homemade banana bread and coffee before exploring the sculptures and buildings in the surrealist gardens designed by Edward James.

You’ll then have a bit of free time to enjoy the town and surroundings before continuing the trip, stopping for ice cream on the journey. The next stop is jungle exploration, with plenty of opportunities for birdwatching.

Sculpture in the jungle in Las Pozas Xilitla Jardin on one of the Huasteca Potosina tours in Mexico
Sculptures in Las Pozas Xilitla Jardin

On the last day of this three-day tour, you’ll get to see the stunning Tamal Waterfall in all its glory, as well as taking a thrilling rafting trip along the rapids of the Tampaon River.

If you enjoy boat trips, this will definitely be your favorite day, as your boat will take you up close to the base of the falls, plus you’ll get your adrenaline pumping as you head over the rapids.

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Tips for Visiting

  • Bring Cash – While Mexico is generally budget-friendly, the secluded nature of this area means it’s wise to have extra money on hand. Whether for tours or vehicle hire, expect to spend a bit more due to the location’s remoteness.
  • Brush up on your Spanish – English won’t get you far in this region; a basic understanding of Spanish is essential for smooth communication. If your Spanish is lacking, booking your adventure with Huaxteca is an excellent way to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Choose Cuidad Valles – A lesson learned the hard way: avoid planning your stay in San Luis Potosi if you’re here for the adventure. Despite being the larger city, it’s a three-hour drive from the main attractions. Cuidad Valles, on the other hand, is significantly closer to the action.
  • Opt for a Tour – This recommendation doesn’t come lightly from me, but truly, navigating this region is optimal with a tour group. To participate in activities like rappelling, whitewater rafting, or zip-lining, professional guidance is mandatory. Huaxteca offers exceptional tours that come highly recommended.
  • Online car rental – It’s advisable to book your rental car through an online platform to secure a computer-generated quote, which may save you from inflated tourist rates in person. However, be prepared for the inevitable ‘tourist insurance’ fee, which seems to be an unavoidable add-on.

Exploring Huasteca is AMAZING but doing it yourself can be a bit challenging especially if you don’t know Spanish. The bus system is OK in this region but renting a car definitely makes life easier. Neither of these options may be that appealing depending on the traveler you are which is why a Huasteca Potosina tour was my choice, even as a person who often tries to DIY instead of doing tours!

Huaxteca was a lovely tour company to book through and really showed me a great time. They have English guides, nice hotels or eco-cabins to stay in (I stayed at Selva Teenek, highly recommend it!), and they were super easy to work when plans needed changing last minute.

Enjoy your time in Huasteca!

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