Photo and Video Blog- Ao Luk, Krabi, Thailand

A random afternoon my friend Por and I accompanied a lovely Dutch couple to some national parks around Ao Luk, Krabi that aren’t explored very much. I will let the pictures do the talking since that’s all you want to see anyway….


ao luk

ao luk

The first National Park we went to.


ao luk ao luk

ao luk

The waterfall is nice but I’m also obsessed with the tree roots here. I’m so weird.

ao luk ao luk

ao luk

Me and a cave in the distance…

ao luk


ao luk

Walking back to catch the taxi to the next spot…

ao luk

So cute they did this…

ao luk

Oh, of course our way of getting to the pier for the boat ride is in the back of a truck…. and we can’t put the back up? OK, mai ben rai right?



ao luk

Boating through the cave…

ao luk ao luk ao luk



















ao luk ao luk


Click these links to see videos ….

On the way to the cave

Of course there is alway an adventure so be sure to look out for the rocks peeping out of the water as we glide right past them and then we have manage not hitting a huge stalactite on the other side!

Boating through a cave in Ao Luk

ao luk

ao luk

Our boat driver didn’t tie the boat up well enough and his friend had to kayak him out there to get it. hehe

ao luk

Look writing on the wall…

ao luk

“ancient” wall writing…not so sure how ancient it is though

ao luk

If you squint you can see a waiing Buddha… See it?


Nina lives the epitome of a nomadic lifestyle. Regularly a solo traveler, she makes her way around the world visiting exotic countries and places while mingling with locals and fellow travelers from around the world. The best part about Nina's travels is that she has the luxury of living abroad so there is never a rush to move around. Since she works online, her home is wherever she wants it to be at anytime. This makes traveling much more enjoyable and makes for one hell of an awesome lifestyle! The purpose of this blog is to keep record of all her travels, to share her experiences with anyone interested, and to perhaps inspire those who wish to live the nomadic life while still contributing to society.

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9 Responses

  1. Dorit Stone says:

    Gorgeous pictures, thanks you so much Nina’le for sharing your wonderful adventures, you are amazing!! Love you your auntie :)

  2. Catherine says:

    Beautiful photos! I can see why you like the tree roots, they look spectacular :)

  3. steffy says:

    Wow what a beautiful place and pretty pictures!

  4. Lovely photographs of your trip. Krabi is certainly a beautiful island. Those mini waterfalls look stunning :)

    • Nina says:

      Thanks Lily! Krabi is actually a province that’s made up of an area on the mainland and some islands. Ao Luk is on the mainland just about an hour north of Krabi Town! :)

  5. Jessica Weinstock says:

    Nina this is amazing!!! You look so happy and so ALIVE! I’m so excited for you :):)

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