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39 EPIC Things to Do in Europe Before You Die

I haven’t done all the things to do in Europe, but it’s on my list!

Since I was young, I wanted to travel, and the continent that interested me the most (at first) was experiencing Europe.

While every continent fascinates me now and is pulling me in with equal strength, I’ll always have a special little connection with Europe. It was my first love.

With the exception of a couple of family vacays to Jamaica and the Bahamas and a dizzying week in Mexico for Spring Break, Europe was my first big trip abroad. The second I landed, I wanted more and more. This was the continent that gave me the desire to make my travel lifestyle actually happen.

So while this article has hardly scratched the surface for me in terms of seeing all the things to do in Europe, I love all the memories it brings back to me, and I hope it inspires a dreamy European getaway for you!

Nowadays, I don’t stay away from Europe for too long, so I’ll be updating it often!

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39 Experiences and Things to Do in Europe

Back in 2009, when I had an epic whirlwind of a month experiencing Europe, I knew I was going to go back again and again! For every country I stepped in (I went to nine, by the way!!), I wanted to spend an infinite amount of time soaking up more of what it offered.

There are plenty of things to do in Europe but with only one month—Yes, I said only—It just wasn’t enough. I went back home so high on life I knew I had to figure out how I could spend more time abroad in general. Long story short, I’ve been living, traveling, and working abroad for well over a decade now, and I have been in and out of Europe a million times!

Nina standing at the helm of a sail boat and smiling.
I’ve even sailed a ship in Europe! (JK!)

Below you’ll find a curated list of the best experiences in Europe, but I must warn you… You’ll need to come back and visit often.

This list is in no particular order and also has a mix of ANCIENT photos from back in 2009 (whatever I could gather off of a dusty hard drive) to recent pictures. Oh, don’t forget to read up on what to pack for Europe too.


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1. Sun Your Buns Under the Algarve Sun

Beaches in the Algarve just hit different.

A woman running along a beach in the Algarve under the golden sunlight.
Basking on the beaches of The Algarve

The Algarve is a region in southern Portugal that’s famous for its miles and miles of gorgeous coastline. The beaches are backed by crumbling cliffs and surrounded by incredibly blue waters with random rock formations jutting out.

Coming from the mouth of a pro beach bummer, these are some of the best beaches I’ve seen!

Ponta da Piedade in Portugal, awesome view of rocky cliffs and two boats.
Ponta da Piedade is a must on your Algarve itinerary. It’s GORGEOUS!

And the best part? The coastline takes about two hours driving so there are literally hundreds of beaches to stop at—some busy, some desolate. Check out the best beaches in Albufeira and the beaches around Lagos to start off.

2. Voyage Through the Austrian Alps via Raft

If you’ve ever seen the Sound of Music, you know the Austrian Alps are GORGEOUS. And thankfully, there’s a lot more to do here than singing your heart out!

Get your adrenaline pumping as you white water raft with the Austrian Alps as your backdrop. You’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget that it’s freezing, and the wetsuits definitely help in that regard, too.

Two groups of river rafters on a wide river surrounded by trees in front of a backdrop of the Austrian Alps.
Imagine rafting with this backdrop!

This was something I did on my whirlwind tour of Europe, and it was unforgettable—especially as a Floridian! Pretty sure it was my first time even seeing snow on a mountain (I literally didn’t see and touch snow for the first until I was 30, if you can believe it)

3. Embrace Being a Tourist in Paris (One of The Most Touristy Things to Do in Europe!)

What’s more French than the Eiffel Tower? How about eating a freaking crepe under the Eiffel Tower?!

It’s OK, be the total typical tourist and not care what anyone thinks… Just once in your life. It is a cliche experience in Europe, but you’ll forget your cringiness as you sink your teeth into that sweet, fluffy crepe while the lights on the Eiffel Tower glimmer behind you.

A female hand holding up a crepe in Paris right in front of the Eiffel Tower.
If you didn’t take this picture, did you really visit Paris?

Luckily, there are several stalls where you can get your hands on this delicacy right in the park where the Eiffel Tower is located. A match made in heaven. You can continue on the typical touristy thing to do here and hop on a cheap but beautiful Seine River cruise!

4. Feel the Wind in Your Hair in Greece

Sailing around the Greek Islands is a fantasy for many, and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best things to do in Europe. At this point, it’s basically a rite of passage when visiting this Mediterranean icon.

There are tons of ways to make this happen. You can charter your own sailboat with friends you meet at your hostel or keep things simple and go on an island hopping tour. Most tours include a buffet with AMAZING seafood, so you can probably guess which option I’d recommend!

5. Go off the Beaten Path in Corfu

Grab a helmet, slap on the sunscreen, and go 4-wheeling around a Greek island like Corfu. Stop at every viewpoint and take 100 mental pictures and just one or two actual pictures to show your friends suffering back home (just kidding, kind of).

A white ATV parked at a viewpoint that looks over the Greek Island of Corfu - a great experience in Europe.
Why not take an ATV tour to explore every inch of the island!

If you’re confident in your ability to kick up some dust on your own, there are some affordable rentals available across the island. If you want some help learning the ropes or a guide to lead you to some of the most scenic spots, you can book a 4-wheeling tour in Corfu. I had so much fun doing this, and you can stop at private little coves to enjoy.

Hilarious side note—I almost rented a scooter but never rode one before. At the rental shop, I scooted away on accident, barely knew how to stop, and the lady said, Uhm, you’re going on a 4-wheeler. I think she made the right choice for me!

6. Have the Adventure of a Lifetime on a Road Trip Around Iceland

I know American road trips are all the rage, but Iceland really takes it up a notch.

One of my favorite experiences in Europe was taking a road trip around Iceland in a van. As you drive, you can pull over to admire wild horses (from afar, please), soak in natural hot springs, chase waterfalls, hike, and so much more.

A Kuku campervan parked off the side of the famous Icelandic ring road with a huge mountain backdrop.
ICELAND—You crazy, beautiful, little island you… One of Europe’s top experiences, I’d say.

No exaggeration, it’s one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places you will ever see in your life. Every corner is more beautiful than the next. And the best way—and CHEAPEST—is to rent a cheap van in Iceland!

7. Eat Your Way Through Belgium

Ah, Belgium. This itty bitty country is big-time underrated, especially when it comes to cuisine.

Now, I’m not talking fine dining – I’m talking waffles, fries, and chocolate! Once you’re full on these tasty treats, wash it all down with a Belgian beer – there are nearly 1,500 types brewed here!

A hand holding up typical Belgian fries in the main center of Brussels.
Belgian fries hit different – am I right?

Of course, there’s a lot more to do here than just pig out, so make sure to admire the incredible architecture in between binges. During my, unfortunately, too-quick of a pass-through Bruges and Brussels, I essentially just lived on fries and waffles as I wandered the streets.

8. Hit the Road in Croatia

For a total change of scenery, take a Croatian road trip. Anywhere. It’s hard to find a crappy and ugly place in a country like Croatia.

Nina walking among historic Croatian ruins under the sunlight.

If you want a little taste of it all, start in Pula and make your way south to the hidden gem of Makarska. There are plenty of great places to stop along the way, both along the coast and further inland.

Nina posing in from of the Croatian city Makarska with mountains in the background.
You can feel overwhelmed and totally lost figuring out your travels if you haven’t done it before.

I’ve done two road trips in Croatia and had a legendary time! Don’t forget to stop in Split and Omis for insane adventures like rock climbing and ziplining over canyons!

9. Search for Dracula in Transylvania

Yes, this is a real-life place, and no, it’s not just about Dracula! Visit Transylvania and get to know more about it, aside from all the Dracula lore. This region encapsulates a handful of dreamy little villages mostly known for their Gothic architecture, ancient churches and castles, and eclectic mix of cultures.

Nina walking along a typical and colorful street in Transylvania, Romania.
Bet you didn’t think Transylvania was this cute, did you?

This is one of the best things to do in Europe for those who want something a little less touristy. Not to mention, Romania is one of the cheapest countries in the world!

10. Marvel at the Splendor of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Want to check the smallest country in the world off your bucket list? Check out the Vatican while you’re in Rome! Everything about this consecrated country (it’s really more of a very, very tiny city) is extra in the best possible way.

Words are difficult for art of this magnitude, so I’m just going to let you find out for yourself. But you should probably read up on some tips before heading there to get the most out of your visit.

Also, you don’t want to forget to grab tickets early so you don’t have to wait in line and try to visit on shoulder season too!

11. Drink Like a Local in Munich (Must Do Experience in Europe for Beer Lovers)

Even if you’re not in town for Oktoberfest (another one of the best experiences in Europe, especially if you’re a fan of beer), you should still hit up the Hafbrauhus in Munich.

Once you’ve had your fair share (one stein is 1 liter!), you can check out the rest of Munich. Eat some pork knuckles, watch the Glockenspiel in Mariaplatz, or peruse the stalls at Viktualienmarkt.

A younger Nina holding a huge stein of beer in Munich.
Hafbrauhus in my early traveling days

There are also some great day trips available from Munich if you make it your base, including the Neuschwanstein Castle and Dachau Concentration Camp if you’re up for something more somber. It was hard to be there, considering the atrocities, but it was an impactful tour, and I’m glad I did it.

12. Fall in Love With Spain One Tapa at a Time (Possibly The Most Delicious Thing to Do in Europe)

One of the best experiences in Europe (and anywhere, really) is trying out new cuisine. It helps you connect with the culture, try something you may never get the chance to, and maybe even fall in love with a new food group.

Spanish tapas are perhaps the best way to sample as many things as humanly possible in a short time frame, and these small dishes are meant for sharing and trying an assortment of different dishes. There’s something for every diet too, with veggies, seafood, and meat options galore.

A full spread of tapas food in Spain.
Tapas is like getting to try everyone else’s meal, but acceptable

One tapa tip is to wait to indulge AFTER 10 pm if you want to see how the locals live! Hey, it gives you plenty of time to work up an appetite! While tapas is essentially my favorite way to eat, I’m not a fan of the late-night eating part.

As a fun side note, tapas are called pintxos in northern Spain in Basque Country, and yes, they are equally as delicious.

13. Enter the Whimsical World of Gaudi in Barcelona

Gaudi’s architecture is fairly recognizable, and you’ve probably seen it whether you know it or not. It’s characterized by whimsical, other-worldly aspects like colorful bubbles, ornate and intricate details, and grandeur that goes unmatched.

Two unique looking Gaudi style houses found in the heart of Barcelona in Spain.
Gaudi designed buildings or gingerbread houses?!

There are various spots around Barcelona to see Gaudi’s work, and I have to say, my favorite spot is Parque Guell! This was one of my fondest memories and experiences in Europe I had on my first visit (I may or may not have been still awake from the night before as I wandered around here too…The party scene in Barcelona is INSANE).

But his most famous masterpiece is, without a doubt, the glorious Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Don’t just admire it from the outside – go into this iconic, centuries-in-the-making structure. You will regret not doing so – it’s a magnificent work of art. Just get tickets ahead of time, and you’re golden!

14. Channel Your Inner History Buff in Athens

Even if you’re not into Greek mythology or an avid viewer of the History Channel, don’t you dare miss out on the ancient sites around Athens.

A younger Nina standing in front of a historic monument in Athens, Greece.
Baby Nina—my first trip to Europe started in Athens!

From the beautiful white temples and impressive stadiums, plus a whole lot more that we’d need more than one post to dive into, there are A LOT of cool archeological sites in Athens. The best part is that many of them are situated on big hills, so you’ll get a scenic vantage point as a little bonus.

You can choose to take a tour around these magnificent sites or just grab your entry tickets on your own now so you don’t have to wait in line later!

Experience the history around Athens by day and take it to the streets at night. Try Ouzo once and never again (if you’re anything like me).

15. Discover the Magic of Rome

Taking a day or two to discover Rome is one of the quintessential things to do in Europe. This is the city that keeps on giving, with ancient historical sites, so much history, and a whole lot of gelato to go around.

A POV looking up at the huge colosseum in Rome, Italy.
Coliseum in Rome—A MUST-DO experience in Europe.

Sure, you’ll need to go to the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and all the regular hot spots. But don’t be afraid of wandering off and to the less-visited areas of Rome for charming alleyways. There’s something adorable in every nook and cranny, especially in less touristy spots like the Trastevere neighborhood.

Then decide between Rome and Paris. Which was your favorite city?

16. Shred Some Waves around Sagres, Portugal

Beach bumming around the Algarve is one of my all-time favorite things to do in Europe. But for those who want a little more adventure during their European getaway, there are also some great spots to take on the waves.

Stairs leading down to Amado Beach in Portugal, where tourist bask in the golden hour light.
Amado Beach is perfect for surfing!

The area around Sagres, in particular, has some seriously crazy waves for surfing, and the scenery is to die for, too. This sleepy little beach town is one of my top places to stay in the Algarve, and there are plenty of great things to do here in addition to surfing!

In fact, this has been my unofficial base in Europe for a few years now, and it’s one of my fav places to “live.”

17. Locate One of Europe’s Best Hidden Gems in Montenegro

Never heard of Tara Canyon? I’m not surprised! This is a true hidden gem in Montenegro, which is crazy when you consider the scenery. The canyon is surrounded by verdant mountains, the water is so clean that you can drink directly from the river, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Two groups of rafters drifting along the clear blue waters of the River Tara in Montenegro, surrounded by trees - a great experience in Europe.
One of the best ways to explore the Tara Canyon

The best part is that there’s a lot more to do here than just admire the landscape. White water rafting is one of the best ways to enjoy this incredible canyon, and the rapids are great for beginners and experts alike! This isn’t too popular of an experience in Europe, but it’s well worth it.

18. Try the Most Authentic Pizza in the World in Naples

As the (mostly) uncontested birthplace of pizza, Naples takes the art of the perfect pie seriously.

They’ve been crafting the perfect pizza for centuries, with the flawlessly crisp yet chewy crust, tasty marinara sauce, mouthwatering Buffalo mozzarella, and fresh basil.

A male chef preparing the bases for stone baked Italian pizza for customers to try.
True Italian stone-baked pizza cannot be beat

Luckily, you can get a classic Napolean pizza outside of Naples too, and your best bet is anywhere between Rome and Salerno.

19. Get an Adrenaline Rush in Omis, Croatia

While it may not seem like there’s too much to do around the little port town of Omis, this area is teeming with adventure! Go zip lining, white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and more.

Nina zip-lining over the Centina River hundreds of feet in the air in the Croatian mountains of Omis.
Zip lining over the Cetina River in Omis, Croatia

This is my favorite place in Croatia – and that’s really saying something!

If you don’t feel like spending a whole lot of time in this area, you can easily take a day trip/tour from the nearby city of Split.

20. Find Beauty in the Up and Coming Bucharest

I won’t lie to you. Bucharest isn’t the most beautiful city in Europe. But sometimes you have to see the rough sides to appreciate everything, and Romania’s capital city is a stark reminder of a not-so-distant harsh past.

Nina standing at a huge city fountain in Bucharest, Romania.
Bucharest, Romania

Learn about Romanian’s trying past in Bucharest, and you’ll likely find the city more beautiful than you did at first glance. The locals are also some of the friendliest of any place I’ve ever been, so it gets bonus points for that, too!

21. Explore Buda and Pest in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was once two separate cities, Buda and Pest (hence the name), but today they stand united as Hungary’s capital city. The lovely Danube River still separates the two, and each has its own reputation!

Nina walking through a historic section of Budapest with a huge gothic building in front of her.
Wandering around Budapest

Some recommend staying in Buda, while others swear by Pest, but for me, nothing beats the cool Castle District scene on the Buda side of the city! No matter where you end up staying, be sure to explore both sides of this European gem.

22. Have a True European Experience on a Naked Beach in Montenegro

Traveling is all about breaking out of your shell. And what better way to do just that than physically breaking out of your shell of clothing and basking naked on the beaches of Ulcinj, Montenegro? If you’re a solo lady, head to Ladies Beach. Otherwise, Ada Bojana is for everyone.

Nina at a nude beach wrapped in a towel in Ulcinj, Montenegro.
At the ladies nudie beach solo

This European experience is obviously not for everyone. But traveling can instill a newfound sense of confidence in us, so don’t be afraid to try something new! (Even if it’s not this.)

23. Experience a Real Life Fairytale in Prague

Visit the fairytale-esque and bustling city of Prague in Czechia (Czech Republic) and discover the “Heart of Europe.” This medieval spot is still one of my favorites in Europe, and many travelers miss it! Don’t be like them!

The sunset light glowing on Charle Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, as tour boats cruise around on the Vltava River.
Prague is the pinnacle of European architecture

Prague is gorgeous, and there are so many hidden gems right inside the city center. Prague also makes a great hub for diving into other parts of the Czech Republic or Eastern Europe in general.

24. Live Like a Scandinavian in Copenhagen

There’s a Scandinavian saying that goes a little something like this: “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.”

I guess when you experience kinda shitty weather for parts of the year, you have to learn to live with it!

A couple cuddling by the river admiring the view of the colorful houses in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Adorable Copenhagen with us two, freezing cold, meat popsicles posing for a pic.

Traveling around Europe in the winter will save you some serious cash, and there’s just something romantic about wandering the canals of Copenhagen in the winter! You can still do everything there is to do regardless of the weather, and it rarely snows here, so it’s never really that cold!

25. Gawk at the Duomo in Florence

How? What? Huh!? That was my reaction to the impressive Duomo and basically most of the other noteworthy architecture in Florence.

A plan rides a bike through the stunning Piazza del Duomo in Florence, surrounded by traditional Italian buildings.
How unique does Piazza del Duomo look!

The Duomo di Firenze is magical, but so is the rest of Florence! There are medieval bridges, breathtaking hillside lookout points, and plenty of gelato to go around. There are also a handful of great galleries, museums, and shopping streets to keep you entertained for days on end! Just don’t forget to get tickets in advance to some of the museums to skip the line.

Florence is also a perfect base for heading to Pisa and Cinque Terre too!

26. Experience the City of Canals, Cyclists, and, um, Coffee?

Amsterdam is a city of canals, cyclists, and the infamous coffee shops. You could definitely get into a lot of trouble in Amsterdam thanks to that live-and-let-live mentality – but try not to get too rowdy!

The city is taking strides to keep party tourists out, and there are plenty of other great things about Amsterdam that have nothing to do with partying! Take a boat tour of the canals, visit some of the most famous museums in the world, and of course, try as much cheese as you can!

Classic Dutch town houses line up along the river in Amsterdam at golden hour during the fall.
Amsterdam is picturesque at every turn

Of course, don’t hesitate to pop into a coffee shop or two along the way if that’s your vibe! Just remember that drugs of any kind are not technically legal – some (like marijuana) are merely tolerated. So be careful and never purchase anything from anyone off the street.

27. Glide Through Venice’s Canals While Being Serenaded (A Classic Thing to Do in Europe)

Calling all romantics! Orrrrr just anyone who wants to have a classic European experience.

The city of Venice is about as iconic as it gets. The quintessential thing to do in Europe, and within the city, is to get in a gondola and float. Preferably one with a man in stripes serenading you as you glide around the sinking city. 

Nina enjoying a gondala ride in Venice, Italy.
2009 Nina on the Venice canals!

Again, don’t be afraid to be a tourist, because when else will you have the chance to do this? Plus, there’s plenty to do in Venice after your gondola ride. Venice gets a crazy amount of tourists, though, so you might want to head here during shoulder season and definitely look at the tides too, as sometimes the canals can be dry!

28. See Dubrovnik From a Unique Vantage Point

Let’s talk about Dubrovnik. Yes, it’s popular. Yes, it’s touristy. But is it overhyped? Absolutely not. It’s hard to understate just how incredible Dubrovnik is.

It’s an iconic city to visit while in Croatia, but after a day of seeking out all the GOT filming locations and exploring the walled city, get your arms warmed up and take a kayak around the walls for a different perspective.

A POV of Dubrovnik's castle walls from a kayak on the ocean in Croatia.
Get that arm work out in! You won’t even notice because you’ll be too busy staring at Dubrovnik from an angle most don’t try!

There are actually tons of tours around Dubrovnik in the surrounding area, and exploring with a local is the best way to get to know a new place IMO!

29. Take a Big Gander at Big Ben and the Rest of London

A visit across the pond to London is the perfect way to start (or finish) your European escapades. This city is absolutely brimming with world-famous sites, including Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace – this list goes on and on. And on!

An Uber boat navigating the River Thames around the London Eye at Southbank with Westminster Parliament and Big Ben in the background - all great things to do in Europe.
Did you know you can get Uber boats up and down the River Thames?

The historical and cultural sites are obviously one of the main draws to London, but this is also a great spot for those who are new to travel. Everyone speaks English, it’s a pretty short flight from the US, and most people are friendly. They do drive on the wrong side of the road, but hey, you can’t have it all!

I LOVED getting lost in London and wandering the streets for hours and the river for hours on end.

30. Wander Through One of the Hippest Cities in Europe

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with Lisbon.

For whatever reason, Lisbon is one of the coolest cities in Europe, probably because it doesn’t know it. It’s the cool kid who is humble and doesn’t brag, even though it has every right to.

The classic yellow Bica Tram in Lisbon, Portugal, making its way up the hill.
Lisbon is a must stop for any traveler

It’s also effortless to wander around on foot, and the lack of skyscrapers makes it easy to forget that you’re in a big city. Add in the endless viewpoints and the absolutely incredible food, and you’ve got one of the best experiences in Europe!

31. Go off the Beaten Path in Northern Spain (An Underrated Thing to Do in Europe)

For some reason, Northern Spain doesn’t get the same hype as its Southern counterpart. But there’s a lot to discover here! This region is known for its lush hilly countryside, beautiful coastal cities, and a culture all its own.

While you’re here, be sure to try Albarino, northern Spain’s most popular wine – preferably at a winery! I’m usually a red wine drinker, but this white wine has me thinking about converting.

Three friends smiling during a cider tasting experience in Spain.
I went to a cidery and got it straight from the tap!

The cider is also worth writing home about, especially if you’re visiting apple-forward Asturias. Dare I say it’s even better than the wine? You should not only drink (a lot of) cider in Asturias, Spain, but you should learn how to pour it as well! Get your aim right so you waste as little as possible!

Even if the drinks don’t pique your interest, the unique Basque culture and landscapes will have you loving this highly underrated region in no time. Here’s how to spend a week in Northern Spain.

32. Walk the Abandoned Walls of Kotor

Who says you can’t fit a leg day in during your travels? Climb up over 1300 steps to the top of the abandoned Kotor Fortress in Montenegro for a serious calf burn. Oh, and some truly spectacular views of the entire bay.

A view from Kotor Fortress over the lake in Montenegro.
Kotor Fortress in Montenegro.

This view is worth the effort it takes to climb the old fortress, and there are enough things to do in Montenegro to make a trip to Kotor justifiable.

33. Let the Coast Be Your Guide in the Algarve

The entire southern coast of Portugal is littered with hilltop trails offering spectacular views of the ocean from on top of the cliffs! Here’s a list of things to do in the Algarve, a post on where to stay, plus some epic tours to take, the most famous one being Benagil Cave.

Many tourists on Porto de Mos Beach in Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal.
Lagos Beaches

Spending time in the Algarve is one of my favorite experiences in Europe (couldn’t you tell?! I’ve mentioned it numerous times).

So much so that I find myself going back almost every year now. If you’re heading to the Algarve, you’ll probably want to check out the charming town of Carvoeiro, perhaps party around Albufeira, and then head to Lagos to roam the stunning beaches and Old Town.

34. Make a Pit Stop in and Around Reykjavik

If you don’t have time for a full-on road trip through Iceland, stick to the capital city! Reykjavik is a super cool city, and it’s small enough that you can see and do a lot in a fairly short amount of time.

Take a day or two to explore the city, then go on a few Reykjavik day tours to get a feel for the rest of this amazing island.

A couple standing in front of Langjokull Glacier in Iceland.
Langjokull Glacier in Iceland

Pro tip: Flying into Reykjavik is the perfect way to break up your time in the air before heading to mainland Europe, and Iceland Air offers free stopovers here when you book with them! What does that mean? Basically, you can extend your layover for however long you want without any additional fees!

Since it’s so expensive here, you might literally want just a quick day or two to get a bite of Iceland, and that’s totally OK!

This is THE tour to hop on so you can get to see some of the best bits of Iceland OR just enjoy a long layover and head to the Blue Lagoon before hopping back on the plane.

35. Be Seduced By Sicily

Sicily perfectly encapsulates everything to love about Italy. Gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, ancient temples and Baroque architecture, and the food. The FOOD!

Tourists swimming in the crystal blue ocean waters of eastern Sicily.

Many people think that Sicily is a small island, and then they usually end up underestimating how much time they should spend there. Don’t do this! I recommend taking a Sicilian road trip so you can really get a feel for this incredible place.

36. “Rough it” in the Azores (One of The Least Known Things to Do in Europe)

European itineraries are often full to the brim with a whirlwind of sightseeing and exploring big cities. This is all well and good, but sometimes, you just need to take a step back and reconnect with nature.

A beautiful golden hour glow over the Pico Azores volcano which is a great thing to do in Europe.
That bull is living his best life in front of the Pico Azores volcano

Visiting the Azores is one of the best things to do in Europe if you want to get away from the swarming crowds in bigger cities. These Portuguese islands take going off the beaten path to the next level, making it a dream destination for nature lovers.

37. Escape From City Life in Scotland

While small in size, Scotland offers up grandiose treasures in spades. Cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh are great starting points, but the fun really starts when you get out of the cities and into the countryside.

A view up to the historic Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.
Typical castle views.

Taking a Scottish road trip is the best way to explore (if you don’t mind driving on the left side of the road, that is). From gorgeous mountain hikes and quaint villages to impressive lochs and plenty of great distilleries, Scotland will surprise you in the best possible way.

38. Amble Through Germany’s Scenic Countrysides

When you think of Germany, you probably think of beer, Oktoberfest, soft pretzels, and a whole lot of WWII history. But you should update your list and add wine, castles, and epic road trips!

A woman sitting on a rock enjoying the countryside and mountain view in Germany.
Germany’s countryside.

Most people don’t know how diverse Germany is, but the different regions are a patchwork of unique landscapes, cultures, and cuisine.

There are plenty of options for scenic German road trips that show off various parts of this diverse country, from the Romantic Road through Bavaria to the Fairy Tale Route through the center of the country and everywhere in between.

39. Chase Waterfalls in Croatia

Yes, you really should chase waterfalls, it’s one of the best things to do when visiting Croatia! You can head to Plitvice Falls, which is kind of in the middle of the country and has literally 90 waterfalls and a ton of lakes! You can spend the whole day wandering around here.

Nina enjoying Plitvice Falls in Croatia.
Plitvice Falls

If you’re closer to Zadar and Split, then you can easily visit Krka National Park on a day trip! While you used to be able to take a dip in the refreshing water, it’s no longer allowed since 2011, but it’s still worth visiting.

Tips for Booking Your Trip:


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You’ll want to book a few tours! I use Viator and GetYourGuide!

Don’t forget insurance!

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What wicked experiences in Europe are you most excited to have? I hope this list on some of the best things to do in Europe helped you plan your trip!

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