11 Adventurous Algarve Tours Worth Taking (Including the Benagil Cave tour!)
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11 Adventurous Algarve Tours Worth Taking (Portugal)

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Overflowing with beauty, teeming with verdant and limestone cliffs, and home to some epic adventures, it’s hard to believe a place like the Algarve can exist.

Mother Nature, you did well. You did really well.

And there’s something about this incredible and effortless beauty that also makes it so much fun to play in.

With all those magnificent boulders and rocks, clear blue waters, and cliffs, it’s just screaming for adventure seekers to take advantage.

So, please, take advantage!

Adventurous Algarve Tours to Relish In

1. Benagil Cave Tour

Taking the Benagil Cave tour is no doubt going to be the highlight of any of the Algarve tours you take and that’s why it’s #1. This is perhaps the most unique thing to do in the area and it’s hands down going to be the most jaw-droppingly beautiful thing you’ll see.

Tucked away along the Algarve’s stunning cliff-lined coast is a hole that leads to a cave with a beach in it! And to top it all off, there’s a “sunroof” AKA a hole at the top of the cave which allows a beam of light to shine down on those taking the Benagil Cave tour.

Benagil cave tour
The Benagil cave tour brings you HERE

The Algarve is littered with crazy rock formations, mini caves, rocky alcoves, and ochre-colored bays but this spot right here is always stealing the show. Everyone has seen that epic picture of inside this beach cave and everyone wants to see it with their own two eyes.

There’s pretty much only one way to see Benagil and that’s by boat (some people swim but it’s extremely dangerous!)

Which Benagil Cave tour is best for you?

Considering this activity is so popular there are Benagil Cave tours from three major cities giving everyone a chance to see this phenomenon.

Book from Albufeira | Book from Lagos | Book from Portimao

Side note about taking a Benagil Cave tour… It’s very weather dependent! Unfortunately, if the seas are rough, which is pretty common for the area, you’re not going anywhere. It would be best to book your tour during the beginning of your stay in the Algarve because if the weather isn’t good enough to go, you can always reschedule for another day.

If you do the Benagil Cave tour last minute and the weather is bad, you’ll miss your chance.

I’m actually still DYING to actually do this tour because the THREE times I’ve tried, the weather was NOT our friend. Disappointing! If you find yourself in this situation you can do the small hike that’s just at the top of that hole above the cave. It’s better than nothing.

Hopefully, during my fourth visit to the Algarve, I’ll be able to do a Benagil Cave tour, fourth time is a charm?

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2. Ponta de Piedade

Well, daaaaamn Portugal! How did you get so pretty?

Not in your wildest imagination can you picture a place so beautiful.

Ponta de Piedade is what dreams are made of. The rugged slice of coast just outside of Lagos displays possibly the most dramatic and gorgeous azure waters and terracotta and burnt orange rocks mingling together.

LOVE Lagos, it's a must when figuring out what to do in the Algarve
Ponta da Piedade is a must for your Algarve tour. It’s GORGEOUS!

It’s no wonder this area is extremely popular and why this Algarve tour is worth taking. If you love being a bit more adventurous, taking a kayak tour would be best for you but if you’re in the mood to relax more, then simply take a boat trip!

Boat tour | Kayak tour

3. Algarve Snorkeling Tour

Wondering what’s below your feet? Curious to know if underwater is just as beautiful as it is above water?

A snorkeling Algarve tour would be a perfect adventure and a great way to cool off on a summer’s day.

Bop around the pristine beaches and jutting rock islands and hop in the water and swim with the fishes. It’s a great half-day tour that gets out on the sea and gives you a different perspective to admire the coast from.

Snorkeling Algarve tour

4. Ria Formosa

Ria Formosa is a barrier island formation just off the coast of southern Portugal near Faro.

Explore these underrated islands by kayak or boating around them, checking out wildlife, visiting local fishing communities and enjoying beaches all to yourself.

This Algarve tour is perfect for those with a very short amount of time in the area considering this tour is just outside Faro, where the airport is. You can easily complete this tour in a day and be back in time for your flight in the late evening or the next morning.

Boat tour | Kayak tour

Kayaking in the Algarve
Kayakers in clear blue water

5. Marine Eco Boat tour

Absolutely love marine animals? This Algarve tour is all about the sea creatures, particularly the adorable dolphins that inhabit the waters off the coast.

Boat alongside dolphin pods AND boat around some of the famous cliffside and rock formation along the coast.

Book from Faro | Book from Albufeira

6. Skydiving

HO.LY.SHIT. Get a load of this epic Algarve tour… Skydiving above the southern coast of Portugal has got to be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. While skydiving isn’t for me, I know SO many people would be more than game to suit up, strap in, and jump!

With how beautiful the coast is from below… I couldn’t imagine it from up above.

Book Tandem Skydive tour

7. Jetski

Jetski sunset
Jetski at sunset anyone?

Those coastlines are fab while your bum is in the sand but what about an Algarve excursion that lets you do your own thing out on the water? Jetskiis are the only answer!

Since you can’t man your own boat, I guess this is the next best thing, right? Ski, swerve and splash around the incredibly clear waters just off the coast of Albufeira with this jetskiing adventure tour in the Algarve.

Book jetski tour

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8. ATV Adventure

Over the sea? Hey, not everyone is a beach bum or water lover, I get it, but there’s still an Algarve tour for you, no problem!

Hop on your own ATV and cruise around the inland area of the Algarve. Find trails, make trails, ride through villages and discover new views from up high, riding your own ATV around this part of Portugal is pretty epic.

Book ATV tour

9. Jeep Safari

On a similar note but without you driving this time, you can take a legendary Algarve excursion with your own Jeep!

Riding along bumpy trails, through rivers, and over hills, you’ll see a part of the Algarve most don’t because they don’t have the right vehicle. Jeeps can take on plenty of treacherous terrains any they’ll get you to your destination.

Try local foods and alcohol in the villages, go off-roading, enjoy the hillside breeze, and find panoramic vistas to stop at and snap some pictures.

Book Jeep Safari tour

Boating in the Algarve
There are worse places to boat around…

10. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in the area where the rocks are essentially the main attraction… Does life get any cooler?

This Algarve tour is still highly underrated and I don’t know why. With all the cool rock formation and cliffs that the Algarve boasts you’d think it would be a rock climbing mecca but nope.

Take advantage of rock climbing the Algarve while it’s still pretty under the radar, but it’s not like the area is going to run out of rocks to climb anytime soon though!

Book rock climbing tour

11. Biking and SUPing Tour

It’s totally OK if you want to smash out a workout while you’re galavanting around Portugal but if you take this Algarve tour, I’d say you can skip your regular workout because this IS a workout!

Start your day off biking through nature and then finish it off by stand up paddle boarding along the epic coast. Workout and adventure all in one. You win!

Book Bike and SUP tour

Which of these Algarve excursions are you most looking forward to? Will you be doing the Benagil cave tour? Let us know in the comments!

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