Here’s a guide to Krabi town – my best recommendations and places of interest!

guide to krabi town

OK, I’ve been in Krabi Town on and off, and lately, very very much on. As in…I’ve been here over a year now! Holy cow… It’s the most I’ve stayed put in my nearly four years on the road. I love this spot so much!

Many say it’s touristy, and they aren’t wrong. But hello, duh.. There’s a good reason why! Plus, it’s not ALL touristy all the time…

I feel like I could talk about Krabi for a real long time, but I’ll keep this as short and sweet as possible. This is going to be a brief mini guide to Krabi Town and its surroundings, I’ll link in my other blogs which have a lot more information.

It’s worth it to note that Krabi is actually a province. This mini-guide will include the activities, islands, and other attractions that are in and around Krabi Town, and a bit further. This is not comprehensive of the entire Krabi Province. This is also MY list and I happen to be only one person, so no, I still haven’t seen all this area has to offer. You’re welcome to add more to my list in the comments!

guide to krabi town


Food in Krabi :

OK, where do I eat in Krabi Town? I got you covered! I listed all my fav spots right here.

I’ve ate in Ao Nang plenty of times, but it’s not very often. There are markets on either side of “beach road,” Massaman Restaurant is YUM, Maharaja is usually my go to Indian spot, and if you’re poor and too lazy to leave the beach, there are actually a couple of food stalls that sell Thai food for pretty cheap (50B+) right along the beach to the left of the boats (when you are looking at the sea). The Last Fisherman Bar has decent food too, but they can be a bit pricey since they are right on the beach.


Activities + Attractions:

– Hiking Tup Keak is freaking brilliant! Quite possibly some of the best views in Krabi! I’ve been four times now. Not a crowded or popular spot… YOU’RE WELCOME!

Check out my friend’s amazing video of the last time we went to Tup Keak and camped at the top! He is the same person who took these amazing pictures below. Follow The Tanuri Experiment for more of his work.

guide to krabi town

Tup Keak

guide to krabi town

Tup Keak

– Manning Tiger Cave Temple is something I’ve done once, and don’t have a desire to do again. I’m not a fan of walking up stairs and going all the way 1,200+ steps is torture for me. Good thing the views are worth it. And no, there’s no tiger here unless you want to include the tiger statue.

Tiger Cave Temple - guide to krabi town

Tiger Cave Temple

– Walking around the many markets and stuffing your face is fun. They are listed here.

Kayaking in Ao Nang and Ao Thalane are beautiful! Get up close and personal with that gorgeous limestone rock you see everywhere. Ao Thalane takes you through mangroves, a large lagoon, and then out into the ocean, beautiful! When kayaking in Ao Nang- Go to the Last Cafe, rent kayaks, and go out past the large rocks on the left. There’s a small beach to rest at there with views of Railay and Tonsai in the distance.

– Make a visit to Ao Luk and visit some waterfalls and caves.

huey toh waterfall - guide to krabi town

Huay Toh waterfall

– Pranom Bencha National Park has a few waterfalls, Huay Toh Watefall is pretty nice! There’s a view-point hike up here too. The hike is longer than the sign says, please plan accordingly. Everyone I have spoken to never made it to the top because they expected it to be a shorter hike and they ran out of time, me included!

– Walking around Krabi Town and along the river is nice. There’s a cave to visit along the river and you can choose to walk amongst the mangroves you see across the way. Look out for the mangrove walking area past the Black Crab. Thara Park is to the right of the river if you’re looking at it.

– There are two hot springs, a natural and a salt spring one. I quite like the salt spring pools. I wish these spots weren’t so far out of town. These spots are really only nice on a cool day (which are rare) or really early in the morning. The Emerald Pool is nice, but often crowded.

rock climbing on Tonsai Beach

rock climbing on Tonsai Beach


– Climbing. This is like one of the best spots to climb in the world, people…Get your gear on…Here’s a guide to rock climbing Railay and Tonsai.


Mainland Beaches around Krabi Town:

tup keak beach krabi - guide to krabi town

Tup Keak beach


Ao Nang is the main beach in the area. Going more north or south along the coast from here will bring you to many other beaches. Tup Keak and Klong Muang beaches are quieter and it goes all the way down to Shell Fossil Beach (eh..). Ao Nang can get busy, Noppratthara Beach is nearby and not as busy. There’s some other beaches you can stumble upon if you drive or ask around.

Thailand Transport: The songthaew goes to some of these spots, otherwise you need to rent a motorbike or a taxi.



Railay and Tonsai:

guide to krabi town


These two get their own little category. I love these spots! Like really LOVE them.

I have a run down of my favs, the attractions, and tons of pics. I’ve been to both these spots 100 times, here’s a guide to Tonsai and Railay.


Island hopping:

Yay islands! Jeez Krabi has a million of them… I can’t go to all of them. As much as I would like to, it’s just not feasible. Here’s some info on some of the Krabi islands I have hopped around. Here are older posts on Phi Phi, Phuket, and Koh Lanta.

chicken island krabi - guide to krabi town

Options: Either book with a tour, or walk up to a boat dude and strike a deal for your group for a more private island tour.


Nightlife – Guide to Krabi town’s happening places:

Krabi Town nightlife is quite tame. Chaofa Road hosts the bars in town.

Chilling Bar- Sport pub type place. Want to watch a game on TV? They will likely be showing it.

Fu Bar and Joy Bar- These are my usual hangouts, especially Fu Bar. These are the rasta reggae bars in town. Beers, bud, and buddies all around. Can’t ask for much more. They often have live music too.

fu bar krabi town - guide to krabi town

Fu Bar

Playground is for the younger backpacker crowd, but sometimes my grandma ass can be found there. Cozy Bar is a newer bar in town, live music and drinks (This one is on Uttarikt Rd). There’s also another cowboy/reggae -ish bar near the night markets called AOD Bar. The dudes there are nice, sometimes there’s live music. Very chill and small little spot that’s essentially out in the road.

If you want more of a night out or a club scene, the best you can probably do is head to Ao Nang. Center Point is “the” spot for all the bars and “clubs.” Chang Bar is the most popular and can get pretty busy. There’re a few other spots near Chang Bar, don’t recall the names despite being there a ton of times. Upstairs has awkward girly type bars. I don’t dabble with anything up there really. Ao Nang has its fair share of other reggae bars and such as well.

If you want even more of a party scene, then you’ll need to head to Koh Phi Phi or Phuket.

**I  would suggest NOT driving between Ao Nang and Krabi Town at night on your motorbike.


I have a whole post on that for different areas of the Krabi province. Here’s where to stay in Krabi.


OK, guaranteed I forgot something, or didn’t elaborate enough or whatever, so this is where you come in…

What did YOU love about Krabi Town and its surroundings?

In case you missed it…

Here’s a guide to Railay and Tonsai.

And here’s a post if you’re into rock climbing Tonsai and Railay.

Any questions about transportation in Thailand is answered here.

And if you’re not sure where to stay in Krabi, I have you covered!

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guide to krabi town

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