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A Two-Week Itinerary for the Philippines

el nido palawan philippines

  The Philippines  is moving on  up  on the places  to  visit  in  Southeast  Asia,  but  trust me, it’s not  there  yet.  It’s still  a  bit  under  the  radar compared  to  its neighbors. Fortunately,  this  means  it’s  a  great time Continue Reading →

This is How I REALLY Afford to Live Abroad and Travel

mui ne beach vietnam rocks

“How do you travel so much?” “How do you afford to live abroad and travel?” “How can I live like you do?” So I get asked these questions a lot… I think anyone doing something unconventional, like living abroad and traveling for Continue Reading →

How to Shop and Bargain in Southeast Asia Without Being a D-bag

kanchanaburi thailand river view

So you’re about ready to go shopping in Southeast Asia and it’s a bit different from back home. What do you do? Well, one thing is for sure, don’t be a damn d-bag about it. It’s really easy to cross that line and Continue Reading →

How Much Money Do I Need to Travel SE Asia


Ah… The infamous question: “How much money do I need to travel SE Asia?”   I know that everyone hopes and prays for an exact answer, but I hope you don’t actually think you will get one. Sorry! Don’t stop reading… Continue Reading →

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Thailand and Other FAQ

sunset in pai

Is Thailand a place you see yourself living in one day? Do you want to come over to work? Travel long-term? Maybe you’re just going to be a here for a month but are curious on costs and have a few questions. Well, Continue Reading →

7 Bizarre (but Beautiful) Places I’ve Been to in Southeast Asia

fairy stream mui ne vietnam 2

Yay for beauty and weirdness! It’s probably one of my favorite things in the whole world. Seeing something that is so weird and doesn’t make sense, but is still gorgeous. Here’s my list so far. I definitely plan on seeing Continue Reading →

Transportation Info and Tips for Thailand

Longtail Boat on Tonsai

So you’re going to Thailand and you need to know what’s up with the transportation system over there. Well here is the basic run down of all the different forms of transport available and what you might expect. I’ve been Continue Reading →