Thai Food For Vegetarians (And Non!) That You’ll Want in Your Mouth

green curry
FOOD! Food is such a big part of traveling. Many people think being a vegetarian will hinder this experience, and to be perfectly honest, it does a bit. When I lived in South Africa for a bit, having a braai (barbecue) with friends and family is a huge thing. I ate all the side dishes while people dug into their slabs of meat. There are cultural ways of enjoying a meal and trad...
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A Two-Week Itinerary for the Philippines

el nido palawan philippines
  The Philippines  is moving on  up  on the places  to  visit  in  Southeast  Asia,  but  trust me, it's not  there  yet.  It’s still  a  bit  under  the  radar compared  to  its neighbors. Fortunately,  this  means  it’s  a  great time to visit. The Philippines is definitely on my favorites list, and on my repeat list. I  spent  a month  here  and  it  wasn’t n...
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One Night in Shanghai

layover in shanghai, china from plane
Why just one night? Because I only have a 21 hour layover in Shanghai. That's right, "only." If there was a longer one I would have chosen it. Long layovers are becoming a new favorite thing. I had my long layover in Seoul, and it was a blast. This year, on the way back to the US for a visit, I found a long layover in Shanghai while searching for flights. It actually happen...
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7 Beautiful and Bizarre Places in Southeast Asia

7 Beautiful and Bizarre Places in Southeast Asia
Yay for beauty and weirdness! It's probably one of my favorite things in the whole world. Seeing something that is so weird and doesn't make sense, but is still gorgeous. Here's my list so far. I definitely plan on seeing more bizarre and beautiful places in the future. If you want more information (and pictures) on the place I mention, click on the place, they are all link...
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Photo Blog: Doi Inthanon, a Day Trip from Chiang Mai

doi inthanon flower
Doi Inthanon is a great day activity from Chiang Mai! Get out of the city and up into the mountains. My friend Julia was still in town. We just finished up a lovely few days in Pai. Actually, we spent a bit longer than we thought, which is a common "mistake" of visitors here. We woke up super early and took our private songteuw through the mountains to get here. Scroll down ...
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Acknowledging My Luck and Things I’m Grateful For

tup keak, krabi, thailand
    Time to stop and reflect on a few things. I'm so over the moon about life, I mean… I wanted to travel for a living… And while I'm not actually getting paid to travel, I'm living a life that allows me to travel. I mean, that's pretty freaking sweet. I am so lucky to live this life in many aspects. I wrote a blog  a few months ago that focused on...
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A Mini Guide to Krabi Town and Its Surroundings

mini guide to krabi town and surroundings
  OK, I've been in Krabi Town on and off, and lately, very very much on. As in…I've been here over a year now! Holy cow… It's the most I've stayed put in my nearly four years on the road. I love this spot so much! Many say it's touristy, and they aren't wrong. But hello, duh.. There's a good reason why! Plus, it's not ALL touristy all the time… I feel like I c...
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My Backyard Beauties: Railay and Tonsai, Krabi

Railay west at sunset
  Since I've been chillin in Krabi long-term, Railay and Tonsai have become my backyard playgrounds. After a simple and cheap boat ride and less than an hour of my time, and I'm on a small slice of heaven. I've been to these spots many times before, but they never stop calling my name. Are these places off the path? Nope. Not really. You will certainly see more t...
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Hi, I’m a Traveler and I Hate Flying

flight Kuala Lumpur to Cebu
An oxymoron, for sure, but it's true. I freaking hate flying. I hate it, I hate it, and I wish I never had to take a flight eveerrrr again. *insert extreme pouty face and foot stomping the floor* There's just one problem… I'm addicting to traveling (duh) and it's pretty much an inevitable experience if you want to travel (duh again). It hasn't always been like this. I act...
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Where I Eat in Krabi Town

market food thailand
I love food. Like, seriously… I must have been a baby hippo in my past life. I.can.EAT. Oh, and if I'm really hungry, get outta my way… I get hangry! Anyway, point is I freaking like food and this blog is about where I eat in Krabi Town, k? (I might have been working all day and might be currently hangry…I better publish this quick…) I have been accidentally "stuck" in Krabi...
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LeafCanoe Travel App Review

kawah ijen java indonesia tree
So I've been asked to review a cool new travel app! Yay for new travel apps. Obviously as a traveler and a Gen Y baby, I gotta have my gizmos and gadgets to help me along my travels. I have my trusty 'ol MacBook Air, a halfway working iPhone (working on getting a new one...), and of course a host of other things that make the traveling life easier, or at least way more cool. ...
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You Know You Live in Thailand When…. Part ‘Song’ (2)

When you can go to places that look like this… (Tonsai beach)
    Here's a continuation of the  "You Know You Live in Thailand When…." list I have compiled. There are a few contributions from the comment section of the first list that I added at the bottom. Feel free to add even more in the comments if you got some more :) You know you live in Thailand… - When "pet nit not" is one of the first phrases you lea...
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Where in the World is Nina? 2014 in a Nutshell

A slice of paradise in El Nido
I have been on the road for three and a half years…Holy cow! Since 2014 was the "real" year I actually kept a blog, I'm going to do a little nutshell blog here to recount all the awesomeness 2014 had in store for me. While I still did quite a bit of traveling, I must say, 2014 has been my "calmest" year yet. I actually stayed in one spot and had an apartment for the whole ye...
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DJakarta Warehouse Party – EDM Fest Jakarta

jakarta, java, indonesia DJakarta warehouse party
OK, my third EDM festival in another Asian capital for 2014. Hey, I think I did pretty darn well this year for festivals. First was Future Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then it was Neverland Manila in Manila, Philippines, and now number three is DJakarta Warehouse Party in Jakarta, Indonesia. Woo! Jakarta is nothing really. This is actually my second time to Jaka...
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Kawah Ijen: Smothering Sulphur Smoke, Blue Fire, and an Acid Lake

kawah ijen java indonesia zen mode
The memory of the time I voluntarily hiked into a dangerous crater full of sulphur smoke that stank of rotten eggs x10 to see some blue fire and a toxic green acid lake will be etched in my brain forever.   No, I was not tripping on mushrooms, people, while that might not be a bad guess, I was in fact totally sober and not imagining things at all. Let's start from...
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Volcano Exploring at Mount Bromo and How to See it for Free

mount bromo, java, indonesia view point 2
Mount Bromo, quite possibly the most famous and iconic place on Java. My initial “plan” (because you should know I literally don't plan…it happens to work out most of the time, like this time) was to work my way west towards Jakarta, because the concert was about 6 days away now. It didn't make sense for me to do anything else...except there isn't as much to see between Jog...
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