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AloSIM Review—Is This Travel eSIM Worth It?

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Here’s my AloSIM review—I did the testing so you don’t have to!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself in a foreign land, staring at your phone and sweating through your t-shirt because you can’t get connected. (Me: Raising my hand)

Well, those days are over (phew!), thanks to the magic of eSIM technology. And when it comes to eSIMs, AloSIM is changing the game for travelers everywhere.


You’re in a rush, I got you! Here’s the quick lowdown:

  • Get data in over 170 countries.
  • Download app, purchase a plan, get online!

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What is AloSIM?

AloSIM is your travel buddy who gets you a data connection in over 170 countries straight off the plane!

It’s a digital SIM card that lives in your phone, ready to get you online in a snap, all without the hassle of physical SIM cards. And guess what?

AloSIM homescreen showing a Vietnam SIM installed.
AloSIM’s homescreen on the app with my Vietnam eSIM installed.

You manage everything through an app—no need to hunt down a physical store and attempt to talk about phone plans in a foreign language.

I had to do this back in the day—I feel old! But yeah, I’ve been traveling since 2011, so this technology was NOT around back then!

Getting Started with AloSIM

Setting up AloSIM is as easy as pie.

✅ Download the app.
✅ Pick your plan.
✅ Get connected.

Yes, that’s literally it!

AloSIM setup page.
AloSIM’s setup is too easy!

Coverage and Plans

Whether you’re exploring urban jungles or chilling on tropical islands, AloSIM’s got you covered.

And their plans? Flexible enough to suit any kind of traveler, from the weekend jet setter to the globetrotting digital nomad (hi, that’s me!).

They cover most of the world with single-country or regional plans and offer data packs for light and heavy users.

Single-country plans are easy enough; let’s say you’re going to Brazil for a week. You can get 3GB for $11.

Now if you’re hopping around on a Euro-trip, you wouldn’t want to buy just a single-country SIM, that would be annoying. With AloSIM, you can grab a 10GB plan that’ll cover you all across Europe for a month for just $37!

It really couldn’t get more convenient. They can cover you almost everywhere, and with plans that cover regions, well… you’re covered!

Search AloSIM Plans Now:

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Pricing and Value

AloSIM’s pricing is transparent. You know exactly what you’re paying for – no surprises. Compared to the highway robbery rates of traditional roaming, AloSIM is like finding a luxury hotel at hostel prices.

Pile of SIM cards.
I never want to see a pile of SIM cards ever again!

With that said, I know some of you might be wagging your finger at me from behind the screen because yes, no matter what, an eSIM is going to cost more than an “on the ground” traditional SIM.

It’s just a fact, and I know it. However, many of you, like me, are probably OK shelling out a few bucks extra for a few reasons:

  • Convenience. You get data as soon as the wheels of the plane touch the ground.
  • Topping up is easier. Just top up on the app. I used to have to go into 7-11s back in the day to get more data on my phone when living around SE Asia. No thanks!
  • Flexibility. Hopping borders is made easier when you don’t have to get a new SIM card every time.
  • Keeping your original SIM. This one is the big daddy of all reasons! I want to keep my home SIM card from the USA for multiple reasons, namely for security texts and keeping my number. When you get an eSIM, you can do exactly that!

My Personal AloSIM Review:

I’m currently writing this from Vietnam, and since signing up for AloSIM, I’ve been connected while out and about exploring the streets of Hanoi!

Garrett and I have been using it and are pleased with how easy and convenient the connection is.

AloSIM app on a phone on a street in Vietnam.
Me wandering the streets of Vietnam with AloSIM!

In fact, Garrett went on a motorcycle trip around the north of Vietnam, to remote territories and on off-the-path roads, and was able to stay connected with AloSIM.

We can both keep our SIMs and numbers from back home but use data here in Vietnam freely and easily!

Oh, and—I’m literally saving money on data…

Breakdown of Savings:

I like keeping my GoogleFi account since I want to keep my number back home and not have to find a SIM when I land back in the US for my visits.

However, I can’t use data abroad on GoogleFi for very long; they turn it off after a few months! They also charge more than most companies for data abroad. Who wants to pay more? Not me!

That’s why I chose to download AloSIM instead and get data abroad through them. I’m literally saving money.

So, wait, how is AloSIM saving me money?

Screenshot showing my AloSIM data being used -  1.3GB used so far.
AloSIM keeping me connected AND saving me a few bucks… I’ll take it!

Here’s my personal breakdown:

  • GoogleFi: $10 for 1GB of data
  • AloSIM: $13 for 5GB of data

Holy crap! 5GB vs 1GB for almost the same amount of money. There’s no comparison. I’m getting way more data for cheaper here in Vietnam by using AloSIM.

AloSIM Review: Pros and Cons


  • Super easy to set up and use.
  • Coverage in a bajillion places (OK, over 170 countries, but that’s like most of the world, so it feels like a bajillion!).
  • No more SIM card fiddling or scouring the airport for the SIM kiosk.
  • They offer a temporary phone number plan should you want a local number for calling and texting.


  • Your phone needs to be eSIM compatible (which most new smartphones are, so probably not a biggie).
  • If you’re globe-hopping, there’s no “around the world” plan, but really, it’s easy enough to sign up for the regional plans anyway.

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Final Thoughts

AloSIM is practical, reliable, and doesn’t come with unnecessary fluff. It’s just a plain easy way to get and stay connected abroad.

Whether you’re a casual traveler or a digital nomad, if you need to stay connected abroad, AloSIM can make that happen for you!

I hope my AloSIM review helped you decide if this is the right eSIM for you!

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