The Philippines  is moving on  up  on the places  to  visit  in  Southeast  Asia,  but  trust me, it’s not  there  yet.  It’s still  a  bit  under  the  radar compared  to  its neighbors. Fortunately,  this  means  it’s  a  great time to visit. The Philippines is definitely on my favorites list, and on my repeat list. I  spent  a month  here  and  it  wasn’t nearly enough,  I think  a  year wouldn’t  be  enough! But a two-week itinerary for the Philippines is better than no weeks!

A Two-Week itinerary for the philippines


I know most  have  short holidays, so if you’re planning on  coming  here  for  a couple  of weeks and don’t  want  to be  spending  it on  busses,  boats,  and planes  the  entire time, try  focusing on these two areas.

I would spend  one week at each. It  gives you a good look at  the mountain life and island  life.  

Both  have  different  feels, and  it would be cool  to see both sides of the  country with your limited time. Here’s what I think a good two-week itinerary for the Philippines would be like…

snorkeling el nido palawan philippines two-week itinerary for the Philippines


This is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago, and for good reason. It just so happens to be one of the most beautiful islands on earth! When you  visit Palawan, you might  want to remain here for your entire holiday, but  if you want  to see its highlights…

snorkeling honda bay philippines palawan two-week itinerary for the Philippines

The  Subterranean River: This is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. A magnificent cave is carved into the ancient limestone forming  a huge underground waterway that runs for 24 kilometers. You can take a boat tour through the water here and admire some of the cave structures.

Honda Bay: A beautiful day, set on the sea, popping  around to a few different islands for a spectacular look at some pieces of paradise would sound like a lovely day to anyone. Starfish Island was the highlight in my opinion  with  starfish covering the floor. Tropical fish whizzing by and clear blue water for miles makes this spot a wonderful choice for  a day trip

Here’s my experience and more information on both of these destinations.

nina at el nido palawan philippines two-week itinerary for the Philippines

El Nido:  The best for  last!  El Nido is a tropical  slice of heaven. The  scenery  here  is unprecedented and  the islands  are simply incredible. The  water is every shade of blue you can think of, clear, teeming  with  marine  life,  and the surrounding  areas are studded  with majestic limestone rocks jetting out  of  the water all around  you.

Oops! I spent a whole week just in El Nido! Here’s more on that trip.

el nido palawan philippines two-week itinerary for the Philippines



North  Luzon  –   Cordillera Region

Get ready for a bit of cold weather, and a very different feel than Palawan, up in North Luzon. This will be a good way to switch up the vibes on your two-week itinerary  for the Philippines.

Banaue: This  is  a  charming  town that is simply gorgeous. You are surrounded by lush greenery and the rice terraces are already in view the moment you arrive. The  people  are  sweet, and  it’s a great spot  to  chill for  a night or two. It’s a sleepy town, so don’t expect much at night. The viewpoints are certainly worth a look at.

rice terraces banaue philippines two-week itinerary for the Philippines

Batad: This  is where the  UNESCO World Heritage  rice  terraces are located that the Ifugao have kept alive for centuries far before colonial times. The terraces are a  legacy  that have been passed down as  a way of farming rice and it’s still used today. It, of course, also makes for an incredible view. They are truly breathtaking, and getting  to wander around them is humbling. Meander the  skinny pathways through  the terraces and  make your  way to Tappiya  Waterfall  in the middle of the  area. Take an invigorating  dip in  the  water  in preparation for your long  hike back.

Here is what I did and more information on this beautiful region.

waterfall batad philippines two-week itinerary for the Philippines


rice terraces batad philippines two-week itinerary for the Philippines

Sagada: A super  chill and  laid back town, this is a  place  where you  can  get  lost  for  a while.  The  weather is still cool,  the  town is  adorable, and  the  scenery  is beautiful. There  are  waterfalls  to explore, mountains  to hike,  and  viewpoints to  enjoy. The  famous  hanging  coffins  are here on  display, a creepy, yet intriguing  site  to see after  a brief walk through a forested valley. The cave system  is spectacular  as well,  and  adventuring through the  long  cave connection with  a  guide is totally worth  it. You will  be  climbing through  rock  holes, swimming  in  cave  lakes, and  making  your  way through  stalactites and  stalagmites as you  are guided  with  only  a  gas lamp in  your guide’s hand.

My time here was blissful and I wish I could have stayed longer. Here’s more information on Sagada.

Transport info: To maximize your time, you’ll need to take a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa and then back again. More information regarding transport can be found in the links mentioned above.

Honestly, with over 7,000 islands, it’s hard to go wrong. But if I had to recommend a two-week itinerary for the Philippines, this would be it! It’s giving you a taste of two sides of the Philippines, and again, you won’t be rushing around like a maniac. If you’re looking to splash out a bit more and want to party, Boracay is the hot spot in the Philippines for that.

I seriously fell in love with the country. I want to go back, it’s #1 on my repeat list, and I can’t wait! This isn’t all I saw here though! I explored Bohol and went off grid on Panglao, I hunted for witches on Siquijor, I danced my ass off at the Neverland EDM concert in Manila, and I nearly got deported. I’ve hooked you up with some tips on the Philippines too. Sooo…Have you booked  flight yet? You probably should.

What do you think of this two-week itinerary for the Philippines?

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A Two-Week itinerary for the philippines


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