Figuring out what to wear in Morocco isn’t too hard.

It’s actually easy and no, you don’t need to completely cover up. Just dress modestly and appropriately.

What to Wear in Morocco: Essentials for Your Morocco Packing List

As long as you’re not frolicking around town in booty shorts or prancing through a market in a spaghetti strap mini-dress, you’ll be fine! And no, you don’t need to buy special items that are only appropriate to wear in Morocco.

Everything here is not only an item that makes the perfect outfit to wear in Morocco but it can be used again for your next destination.

Since I literally live out of a suitcase, there’s no way I can afford the space to bring very specific clothing. I need my clothing to be versatile and something I can wear anytime and anywhere. So this packing list for Morocco is actually perfect for anywhere, but we’re just going to mix and match items a bit differently.

Oh, and let’s just go ahead and get this out there as well: I’m NOT a fashionista. I know nothing about fashion. I dress at the very fine border of “decent enough” and “semi-cute” — AT BEST. I’m not trying to act like I’m the next hottest IG model (*insert eye roll*).

So yeah, anyway, since this was the most popular question I received while traveling in Morocco, here’s what’s in my bag… (literally, because I’m addicted to Amazon, so yes, almost every one of these items is literally what I have. Prime got me like—click, click, buuuyy)

What to Wear in Morocco: Essentials for Your Morocco Packing List

1. Dresses—ANY Length!

Dresses are a go-to for any occasion, and in a moderate Muslim country they can be super stylish, allow for ease of movement, and meet the basic requirements of covering shoulders and knees.

Of all the clothes to wear in Morocco, long dresses must be at the top of the list for a woman. Also, no need to match two pieces, so for lazy less-fashionable women like me—we win!

If you’re like me and live out of a suitcase, your shorter dresses are still fine! Just pair them with some leggings underneath and you’re good to go.

A black dress is the perfect thing to wear in Morocco.

This black dress was perfect. I was in the car most of the day on this particular day during our road trip—but I’d wear leggings with this dress often. Its super light and comfortable. Loose but not flowy! (To be candid, I wouldn’t walk around town without leggings under this dress.)

2. Black Dress

So… I don’t really have to explain this one, right? What woman travels without an LBD. However, because you are in Muslim country, make sure it’s not too little. A more conservative culture requests you do not wear skin tight clothes.

A semi-loose nice cap-sleeve that hits around the knees would be ideal for the area and probably the minimum exposure you’ll want to be flaunting.

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3. Plain T’s

You’ll want some short sleeve and some long sleeve t-shirts to go with everything. You can throw a tee on with a skirt, linen pants, jeans, leggings, you name it. These are must-haves for any wardrobe period, so of course, they’ve gotta be on your Morocco packing list.

What to wear in Morocco is really easy, you just need to pair it differently.

My light t-shirt with this chambray was perfect on this slightly chilly day driving through a mountainous area.

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4. Kimono

No, not the full-on Geisha style kimono, just a cute kimono top that can spice up your plain t-shirt or add a conservative respect to a strapless dress. It’ll cover your shoulders and bring life and color to an otherwise monotone outfit.

I wear a kimono almost every day because they are so light and easy to wear, takes up almost no space, and almost literally “make” my outfits. The orange one you see here is what I’m wearing in the first picture of this post! I travel with three kimonos (#overkill…?).

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5. Chambray

You can throw this denim button up over a tank with leggings or tie it at the waist over a long dress. It’s a lifesaver on those chilly nights when it can act as a light jacket.

If you have a fav tank top or two that you want to sport, just throw this over to make it more appropriate for wearing for Morocco.

This one here is my fav, and I almost literally lived in it during my trip. And I’ll wear it for trips to come.

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6. Light Long Sleeve Shirt

A light long sleeve shirt will help you cover up your shoulders while also keeping you cool under the sun. This paired with leggings is also super comfortable for those sometimes chilly bus rides or long days on your road trip.

Scarf, chambray, and dresses are some of the best items for your Morocco packing list.

This chambray is helping cover my shoulders as this is a sleeveless dress. I also use my scarves as a headpiece to spice up my outfits.

7. Leggings

Who travels without leggings? You can walk all day in them, sightseeing from Marrakech to Chefchaouen. They can go under a long dress for warmth, under a short dress for respect, or paired with a tee for a chill look.

Just a note, wearing leggings as pants is pretty much a no-no everywhere and anywhere, at least in my book. But if you sport this fashion faux pas, just remember when thinking about what to wear in Morocco, that tight fitting especially around your butt, may be a bad idea! #CoverUpDatAss

I have both fleece lined stockings for warmth and regular ones for every day.

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8. Long Skirts

Long skirts serve the same purpose as long dresses, comfortability, and cuteness, but they give you more style options because you can mix and match with different T-shirts and accessories. Also, they can maybe create some Instagram magic in some places.

Make sure a skirt is in your bag for your Morocco outfits.

This yellow skirt is a real winner for me. It’s SOO cute, flowy, comfy, and makes a statement without being obnoxious.

My yellow skirt is EVERYTHING and I’ve worn it around the world. It’s the same as you see here below.

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9. Flowy or Linen Pants

Back to breathable. A nice flowing fabric or a pair of linen pants will give you the same feel as leggings with a little extra breeze for super hot days. As an added bonus, you’ll fit in with the locals in more relaxed clothing.

Shop here:

10. Jacket

A jacket was an absolute must-have on my Morocco packing list when I went from February to April. It gets cold! Remember, even a hot day in the high 70s can drop super low at night.

The mountains still have snow, the desert is chilly at night, and at the least, the buses can get cold too! The coastline is also known for its windy weather which brings in a chill too.

So the main point? Check the weather, but it’s likely you’ll need something to keep you warm.

I have this jacket and I LOVE it. It’s two jackets in one, a down jacket and a wind/rain jacket. It gets me through traveling around the world and in almost all weather conditions—Iceland to Morocco!

Use this guide to figure out what to wear in Morocco.

Simple dress, leggings, comfy flats, and a scarf. The epitome of what to wear in Morocco is this.

11.  Scarves

Speaking of hot and cold, pack some scarves when planning what to wear in Morocco. You can use these to stay warm, to protect your head from the sun, a hair scarf, or to cover your shoulders if you have them bared in a tank.

Lastly, my scarf saved me when there was a mini sandstorm in the desert!

Take note of the scarf WITH A POCKET. It’s one of my favorite travel items. You can fit cash, your passport, and even your phone. It’s a great place to hide your things when walking around town and I also love wearing it on my travel days so my passport and tickets are easily accessible.

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12. Comfy Closed Toe Shoes

Put a low heel ankle boot and a flat on your Morocco packing list. You want a dressy shoe for dinner out or a fancier outing and a basic walking shoe that can be cute with a dress or leggings but still be super casual and worn every day. Both will keep your feet warm enough on cooler days and nights.

13. Flip Flops and Sandals

Have at least one of each; out of all the things on my Morocco packing list, flip-flops are a life essential. You probably already have a few pairs but I live and die by my Rainbow flip-flops. The price tag is a little scary for flip flops but since they last for years, it’s worth every dime. I don’t need to worry about them busting on me in the middle of my travels!

They are cute, comfy, and perfect in the heat. Then to dress up any outfit, have a pair of sandals on hand. You’ll fit right in.

Shop here:

Just remember these three things: nothing too tight, cover the shoulders and don’t wear anything short. That’s really all you need to follow!

What’s your favorite item on this Morocco packing list? Let me know if you have any more questions on what to wear in Morocco in the comments!

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What to Wear in Morocco: Essentials for Your Morocco Packing ListWhat to Wear in Morocco: Essentials for Your Morocco Packing List















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