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Simple Travel Home Office Accessories You Need to Work Comfortably

Simple Travel Home Office Accessories You Need to Work Comfortably

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Working from home can be a DREAM for some people, OK fine, most people, but it’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and puppies. It comes with its hurdles and learning curves. It takes a particular person and the right environment to get it right. Add in the travel aspect, and WOW, it gets even harder to gather all the right home office accessories and find the right space to actually get sh*t done.

Hopefully, my travel-friendly home office set up here can help you create the best home office without having to spend much or waste space.

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Simple Home Office Setup

Laptop StandMore Info
Bluetooth KeyboardBluetooth KeyboardMore Info – Standard
More Info – Apple Keyboard
Bluetooth MouseBluetooth MouseMore Info
Wrist GuardWrist PadsMore Info – Single wrist
More Info – Double wrist
HeadsetHeadsetMore Info
Keyboard cover skinKeyboard Cover SkinMore Info

Travel Home Office Accessories

Laptop Stand

I love this thing; it saves my neck every day. You will never notice just how much you look down while on a laptop until you get this thing. Once you prop up your laptop and start staring at your computer from a normal height, that’s in line with your neck being upright, your life will be changed.

It’s no secret that people that work from the laptop will be severely apt to getting “tech neck,” so let’s lessen that a bit and grab a tiny stand that folds up for travel, no? This home office accessory is perfect for travelers or those who work with small spaces.

Check Price Here

My keyboard and stand are an essential travel home office accessory

My Bluetooth keyboard and laptop stand – essential!

Bluetooth Keyboard

You can’t grab a laptop stand without grabbing a Bluetooth keyboard. It just doesn’t work! No worries though, this home office accessory is crazy convenient, easy to travel with, and 100% necessary. No matter where you are you can bust out your stand and Bluetooth keyboard and continue with your work

Neither take up too much space and, of course, helps avoid neck tension.

Now, you can get a cheap one or get a more high-tech one like the official Apple keyboard. I have the cheap one, and it’s OK, definitely good enough, but Garrett’s Apple keyboard is a step up. There is a difference with typing accuracy, the Apple on is better! But my cheap one isn’t half bad either.

Check Prices:  This one and this one are like mine

Check Price for the Apple keyboard

Bluetooth Mouse (The Most Important Travel Home Office Accessory)

Don’t you DARE use that trackpad while working from home! Even from your travel home office, you should be using a mouse instead of the trackpad on your laptop. Also, you need one if you’re using a laptop stand.

Let’s go back in time to when I was working online during my early years, sometime around 2013. I was having SERIOUS issues. It was terrible because it felt like I was getting carpal tunnel. Guess what? I WAS GETTING IT because it was using my trackpad.

Try using your trackpad right now and notice what your hand does. Your wrist is arched oddly, either way up or way down, all while your fingers are strained upward. It’s a very awkward position to leave your hands in, and your wrist is in nearly constant “spasm” mode. Uhm, no, STOP.

As soon as I started using a mouse, it was like magic. All my wrist pains melted away very quickly, and as soon as I do a quick work sesh on my trackpad nowadays, I notice tension and some onset pains coming right on back.

Step away from the trackpad, get yourself a mouse. Any mouse. Out of all the home office accessories, this is the one MUST.

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My mouse and wrist pads are two top travel home office accessories

My mouse and wrist pads are a must.

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Wrist Pads

Speaking of awkward hand positions and wrist pains, let me tell you about another magical home office accessory that I can’t live or travel without anymore. My little bubble wrist pads.

Every time I post my home office set up on my Instagram stories, and people notice my blue wrist pads; I always get a message about them.

What is that!? What are those blue things?!

Wrist pads, people. God damn wrist-saving pads that are easy enough to travel with, take up zero space and will relieve your hand, wrist, and arm pains within days.

TRUST ME. I was there. Just get them.

You can get a longer wrist pad or two single ones to move around as I use. Garrett likes the longer one, I like the two separate ones.

Check Price Here (you’ll need two of these!) | Check Price Here (one long one)


Well, DUH, Nina.

Some of you may be rolling your eyes, but some people don’t understand the benefit of a headset for working… You go into your little world.

Even if I can still hear what’s around me, just a bit more muffled it HELPS. Massively.

I listen to music, but since I write, I don’t listen to songs with lyrics. It just doesn’t jive with me. Reading or writing and then listening to music with words? Ah!

Of course, my boyfriend listens to rap, heavy metal, and other crazy music because he’s a video editor and can do that.

Me? I listen to focus music or chill vibe tracks. Those links are some of my Spotify lists I like working to.

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digital nomad work

DON’T work like this. It’s bad for your wrists and upper body. Only do it if you’re taking a picture 🙂 all my travel home office accessories got busted out two seconds after this pic.

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Keyboard Cover Skin

Listen, regardless if you’re using your laptop with or without the above, let me recommend a skin. It’s a bit weird when you first start typing, but this home office accessory will save your laptop in case of a coffee or wine spilling emergency, and it will help keep those potato chips crumbs out of your keyboard!

TRUST, when I say, working from home, will create a mess for your laptop—it will. Greasy fingers, crumbs, and spills, are like 99% more likely (this is a super official number). So save your laptop and put a cheap skin on it!

Speaking of cover, it wouldn’t hurt to get a protective cover for the entire laptop, especially because you’re a traveler, so… Yeah, you may want to consider that! I know my laptop would look bust AF without my cover.

Check Price Here

So, Nina, do you actually travel with all these items? Yep. Sure do! If you’re working from home, you NEED to be comfortable. So these items go with me everywhere, because everywhere is home. And they honestly don’t take up that much room. They help me stay comfortable when working long days and help me not be in pain.

I got worried there for a minute when I started getting so many pains, and I was able to get over that pain immediately by using the home office accessories I mentioned above. Hopefully, this helped anyone who just started out traveling and working or someone with a new home office (but not a lot of space!). 🙂

What do you use for your home office? Do you travel with it tool? Let us know in the comments.

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Best Home Office Accessories

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Monday 10th of August 2020

What? No comments here yet? I would have guessed this to be one of the most popular posts for this crazy year 2020... Just wanted to THANK YOU for sharing those tips, we now have a laptop stand since 3 months and it has really made such a huge difference for working from home! I would never have guessed that such a "rickety" and slim thing works so well! It fits two very differently sized laptops and makes switching really easy. Part of the other stuff was already in use, but that one was a true eye-opener. Thanks for a great blog & greetings from Germany!

Nina Ragusa

Monday 10th of August 2020

Thanks so much, Maria! So glad it helped you. I felt the same when I first saw it and I also thought I'd break it in one week traveling but it's pretty sturdy! All the best to you! :)