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53 LEGIT Remote Work Websites So You Can Work and Travel!

Want to work from home? Or better yet, work from anywhere in the world while you travel?

I’m willing to bet the answer is yes—most people would much rather work anywhere but an office! And the new good news is, you can. And pretty easily, too.

There are plenty of remote job websites to kickstart your job hunt for anything that’s outside of the typical 9-5 office job! I’ve been working online for years and have used a handful of these sites—they kept me going while on the road and filled those empty travel pockets!



FlexJobs is one of the best sites for almost any remote job! They help filter all fluff and scams so you can find legit work online!

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Remote Work Websites

Here’s our list of a ton of great remote job sites to get yourself working online—the best type of travel job! Everything is separated by the typical type of work offered on the specific websites listed below. I hope you find this mega helpful! Don’t forget to read my tips at the bottom of the post before you start applying, too.

Remote work with Lola the dog
Me, working remotely in London!

There are many jobs here that can turn out to be full-time gigs or at the least, consistent work. On the other hand, the nature of many of these sites is for gigs or short term work. It all depends, and each remote job site has its own filters and such for you to file through the work you’re looking for.

Don’t worry if you have no experience with some of these jobs!

  1. There’s always room to learn something! You can try Skillshare for free for two months, stock up on knowledge, and hit the ground running within a few weeks!
  2. There are plenty of entry-level jobs on these sites.
  3. Work for a lower rate at first to build up your profile a bit, and then you can charge more.

Oh and a last PS – I have been working remotely for OVER A DECADE! I feel ancient, but yeah, I kinda started working online while it was becoming the next big thing. I’ve worked for many of the remote work websites listed here!

Remote Job Websites for Writing

1. iWriter

This remote job website is excellent for beginners, as it makes finding potential clients pretty easy. To sign up for iWriter, you have to fill out a few forms and complete some prompts; then, depending on your results, you can start selecting writing jobs. As you increase your skill and writing level, you can begin to earn more money for each project you complete for clients.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is a comprehensive hub for freelance writers to find high-paying jobs and make money writing online. You may be able to find jobs writing blog posts, web page content, press releases, product descriptions, email newsletters, whitepapers, and more. The user-friendly platform is easy to use, and you can start making money right away.

Freelancing is a great site to work from home if you're a writer!
Freelance Writing is a great remote job website if you’re a writer.

3. Contena

There is a huge collection of high-quality, well-paid writing freelance jobs available on Contena, from one-off to full-time. Unlike other remote job websites that take a percentage of what you earn, Contena is a flat-rate subscription platform where you can choose between two different subscription levels. It offers plenty of support and guidance along the way.

4. Constant Content

The writing work available on Constant Content is varied and ranges from corporate blogs, marketing materials, web-page info, product descriptions, white papers, and more. There are two ways you can make money through this remote work website—either by writing unsolicited content for the site and waiting for someone to buy it or by writing tailor-made content for specific clients.

5. Contently

Contently is very good at matching up freelancers with brands that are looking for content marketing expertise. This is for the more advanced writer, and you can expect to earn some pretty big bucks per article.

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Freelance journalists should check out As well as having permanent positions listed, there is a whole section on the site where you can offer your expertise as a freelancer, especially if your location is where they lack writers. There are often both one-off stories or ongoing work available. is a useful work from home website. not only has job opportunities but also has career advice and tips.

7. Writing Jobz

The name says it all with Writing Jobz. Every weekday the job board is updated with tons of new writing jobs for you to choose from, with a collection of clients ready to pay good money for your work. You can select a subject to work on depending on your knowledge, experience, or fields of interest, making it a great remote work website for writers.

8. ServiceScape

ServiceScape has a little bit of everything to offer freelancers, including jobs in writing, editing, translation, graphic design, and more. It is a great site to look at if you are interested in getting in with startup companies. You can apply for the jobs that you think work for you, and there is always something new on offer.

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Remote Work Websites for Tech

9. Ask Lorem

This is one of the most influential remote job websites to look for freelancing work that is related to designing and building websites. There is no fee to sign up to Ask Lorem, and you can earn quite a bit for just a one-off job. You’ll have to apply to become a freelancer, but as long as you know your website building stuff, you should be fine.

AskLorem is can be competitive, but it's an excellent work from home website.
AskLorem can be competitive, but it’s an excellent remote job website.

10. Elevate

Elevate is for the IT contractor crowd, placing you with the best clients in a few steps. Simply upload your CV onto the platform and automatically start to receive job matches.

11. Toptal

Standing for Top Talent, Toptal is a remote job website that is more geared towards the elite and experienced freelancers. The vetting process is a lot more involved and requires a more extensive experience check and an interview. They claim that clients can pick from the top 3% of freelancers, so if you think you are up there, it is worth giving it a go.

12. Gigster

If you have a specialty in software design, web design, or app development, then there are likely plenty of jobs for you on Gigster. Before you can become a freelancer with them, you have to go through a screening process, so it is best if you have a little experience. The coolest thing is that once you have been accepted, the platform uses AI to match you with clients.

13. Guru

Millions of talented freelancers use Guru regularly to find their freelance work. Whether you are a web developer, a designer, or even a lawyer, there is likely to be a job option for you. Browse through the extensive listings, and when you find one that feels like a good fit, apply for it and start making money!

14. People-Per-Hour

People per Hour is a UK based company and is essentially the same model as Upwork. You can either bid for one-off fixed-price projects, look for ongoing work, or work by the hour. There are all sorts of jobs available, but the handy filtering system makes it easy to search and work out what you want to bid for.

Remote Job Websites for Teaching Languages Online

Many remote job sites that involve teaching English often want you to have a TEFL certificate. Make sure to read up on which certificate is best for you and don’t get screwed over like I almost did!

Here’s an easy and cheap online TEFL course I recommend, and I have a discount code here for you too!

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15. Verbling

Verbing is one of the most popular language teaching remote job websites out there. You can apply to be a language teacher teaching a range of different languages to pupils over a video call. You are free to set your budget and teach when you have the time, making it a flexible option.

Verbling is an awesome from home website for those wanting to teach a language online.
Verbling is an excellent remote job website for those wanting to teach a language online.

16. Lingoda

Use your language teaching skills to teach a group of language learners on Lingoda. Your classes will usually consist of around five learners, and you have the choice of teaching English, German, French, or Spanish to people from all over the globe. You can set your hours and make use of the in-house learning materials.

17. EF (Education First)

This was the main company I taught with circa 2012-2015, so you know it’s legit! EF allows you to teach English from anywhere, anytime to international adult students. This is a great remote work site for anyone who prefers teaching adults rather than kiddos, and the flexible scheduling is another huge bonus.

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If you live in Canada or the United States, VIPKID is a good remote job website to use if you are looking to teach English as a foreign language online. The platform offers maximum flexibility, as you can choose as many 25-minute slots as you want throughout the week. As well as a base salary, there are other incentives and bonus opportunities to make use of.

VIPKID is an excellent work from home website if you're interested in teaching English.
VIPKID is a resourceful remote job website if you’re interested in teaching English.

19. italki

italki is a colossal language teaching and learning platform, with 10,000 teachers and 5,000,000 pupils using it all over the globe. You can choose to teach a range of languages through the platform through a series of one-on-one sessions, and this remote job website is packed full of useful resources on how to teach and how to find students.

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20. Vivaling

Vivaling is the world’s first online language academy for kids. You can teach them English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, and German, although you do need to have a little bit of experience in the industry before you can get started. You can choose to work either Asian or European hours and are given the curriculum and materials to work with, making it one of the best language-based remote job websites out there.

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Remote Work Websites for Translation

21. Gengo

Gengo is one of the most popular translation job sites. The number of translation jobs will vary depending on the language you want to translate—for example, there is a steady flow for certain languages, so if you can translate from one of these, then you are unlikely to be without work for long. You will have to be quick to snap up a job in other languages, though. Rather than bidding for a job, it is generally given to the first person who claims it.

Gengo is an excellent work from home website for translation jobs.
Gengo is an excellent remote job website for translation work.

22. Smartling

Smartling is often used by software companies, so you should be aware of this before you sign up, as it will affect the kind of content that you will be translating. It helps if you are also a bit techie.

23. OneHourTranslation

OneHourTranslation has been around for years, and remains one of the most successful translation sites out there; however, its age is starting to show a little now. The more you work on the site, the higher your wages will get, so it is worth putting a little time and effort into, as you’ll be financially rewarded.

24. TextMaster

Only 25% of applicants get accepted onto TextMaster, which may be good or bad depending on where you are in your freelancing and translation career. It means that the quality of your translations has to be pretty high, but if you are accepted, it is a good remote work website to work for.

TextMaster is also competitive in terms of who they accept, but it's a great work from home website.
TextMaster is competitive in terms of who they accept, but it’s a great remote job website.

25. Translator Cafe

Perfect for the linguists out there, TranslatorCafe is a thriving job board for all sorts of translation-focused and linguistic jobs that can be achieved remotely. As soon as you register, you will have immediate access to all sorts of jobs, including transcription, translation, interpretation, subtitling, and even voice-over jobs.

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Remote Job Websites for Design and Creatives

26. Dribbble

If you have a passion for creative work, then Dribbble might be for you. It is the perfect hub for web designers, graphic designers, and illustrators to share their work. Clients can then scroll through portfolios to find their next hire, be it for full-time gigs or one-off freelancing projects.

27. 99designs

Rather than just listing jobs, 99designs has a rather unique way for remote designers to get jobs. The community works through a series of design contests. The potential client will submit a job in the form of a contest, and you can place your bid by submitting your design. If they like your design best, then you will be chosen for the job.

99designs is a helpful work from home website for designers and creatives.
99designs is a trusted remote work website for designers and creatives.

28. DesignCrowd

If you specialize in logo and web design, then DesignCrowd is the site for you. It has a similar concept to 99designs, where to win a job, you have to first submit your design to the client for approval.

Remote Work Websites for Video Editing

29. Behance

Behance is an excellent remote job website for video editors to find some good online work. Not only does it regularly post jobs that you can apply for, but it also offers freelancers the chance to make a portfolio directly on the site. This means that you have a good chance of clients coming to you, taking out the hard work of actually having to look for jobs.

If you're looking for video editing work, Behance is a great work from home website.
If you’re looking for remote video editing work, be sure to check out Behance.

30. Mandy

Mandy is a very popular remote work website, which can be both good and bad. It is good because you can rest assured that the majority of the jobs posted will be legit and pay well, but bad because it may seem like every video editor out there is using the site and looking for work. It is dedicated solely to TV and film production work, which helps to make it even more popular. Just make sure you have a good portfolio together, and you may be in with a chance.

31. Stage 32

Stage 32 is half a networking site for video editors and half a job board where you can land yourself some seriously cool online video editing jobs. Word of mouth gets you pretty far in the video editing world, so it may be worth signing up even if you are looking elsewhere for jobs at the same time.

Remote Work Websites for Virtual Assistants

32. Belay

The great thing about a virtual assistant job is you don’t have to have a particular skill set to be able to work remotely. Being a virtual assistant means you could be doing bookkeeping one day, and then data entry and answering emails the next. Belay offers purely remote virtual assistant jobs regularly, so it is always worth checking to see if they have any availability.

Belay is a fantastic work from home website for those interested in being a VA.
Belay is a fantastic remote job website for those interested in being a VA.

33. Virtual Vocations

There are plenty of remote work websites out there that offer remote telecommuting jobs, but Virtual Vocations is one of the best. It regularly posts lots of different customer support freelance jobs, both full-time and part-time, in over 50 career categories.

34. Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you need a job quickly and don’t mind starting on a lower wage, then Amazon Mechanical Turk might be the right platform for you. From logging on to the site, you will likely be able to start working within an hour, so you won’t have all the faff of setting up a massive profile and searching through endless jobs. There are always a lot of virtual assistant type jobs posted, so you can afford to be a little selective about which is worth your time.

35. Liveops

Liveops refers to itself as ‘the modern call center that isn’t a call center,’ so you can sort of guess the type of work that it offers. You can be employed as an independent call center agent, working remotely from the comfort of your own home. It provides agents for all sorts of industries, including tech, finance, travel, hospitality, insurance, and more, and you can choose to work either full-time or part-time.

36. Assistant Match

The name says it all with Assistant Match. If you don’t want to sit there wasting time looking through hundreds of job postings, then Assistant Match is for you. It makes all the connections for you, depending on what skill sets you have and will connect you with potential clients that need your skills. If you are just starting in the industry, they also offer training, which can be helpful.

Assistant Match is another work from home website.
Assistant Match is another resource for those interested in being a VA.

37. Zirtual

Zirtual is your go-to if you are looking for full-time remote, online work. All job postings on the site are for full-time positions, so it is worth checking out their board to see if they have anything of interest.

38. Worldwide 101

If you have a little experience in the virtual assistant world, then you could try offering your services at Worldwide 101. Special skills like speaking a foreign language is also beneficial if you are looking to use this site. The clients tend to be a little higher end, therefore naturally, the pay tends to be a little higher than other virtual assistant platforms.

Remote Job Websites for Photography

43. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the longest-running and most popular places for people to buy stock photos online. As a photographer, you can make some money by signing up to become a site contributor. Every time one of your images sells, you’ll earn between 20% and 30%.

Shutterstock is a work from home website for people who want to sell their photographs.
You can sell your images on Shutterstock and earn an income doing so.

44. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the very first online marketplace on which you can sell your photos. Once you have uploaded your images, they will also be available in other Adobe applications, extending your potential reach further. You’ll make anywhere between 20-60%, and you don’t have to give them exclusive selling rights, unlike other photo-selling sites.

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Remote Work Job Boards

39. Nodesk

Nodesk is a lot more than just a remote job site. It has a vast collection of other resources for those who want to work from home. There are thousands of articles that will help you with your remote working journey, and there is also an extensive collection of entry-level jobs to help you get started, making it one of the best remote job websites out there.

40. We Work Remotely

The name of this job board says it all. We Work Remotely offers an easy way to look for remote jobs, with listings organized into categories such as business management, customer support, copywriting, etc. It was one of the first remote job boards out there and is very easy to use.

41. Working Nomads

It is entirely free to sign up for Working Nomads, and when you do, you’ll be sent a list of remote jobs sent regularly to you via email. You are also able to search the website directly for jobs. There is always something new, from design to legal, although the majority of the jobs are for development.

42. FlexJobs

FlexJobs features everything from entry-level jobs to executive positions, with the key feature being that they all have flexible working arrangements. This includes working from home (within your own country), working remotely, or hybrid working. You do need to pay for a membership if you want full access and apply for jobs, but for your money, you get the reassurance that all positions have been screened to weed out scams.

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More General Remote Job Sites

Both of these sites have almost every job you can think of on them!

45. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular remote job websites out there. Although most people think the gigs are relatively low ($5), this is not the case! You can choose what you charge and on Fiverr the freelancer can post listing as well as the client.

Fiverr is a popular work from home website that you've probably already heard of.
Fiverr is a popular remote work website that you’ve probably already heard of.

46. Freelancer

Freelancer allows you to bid for projects if you think you are the right fit for them. There are plenty of jobs on offer, but most people use it for writing work for both small businesses and larger corporations. If you are lucky, you might even be able to scoop up some long term work that lasts for months.

47. Upwork

This is one of the most popular work from home websites for freelancers in general. In addition to writing jobs, it also offers postings for graphic designers, content marketing experts, and more. Bid on jobs you feel are right for you and build up a reputation.

You can work an hourly rate using the handy time tracker tool built on the site, or offer fixed-price contracts. When submitting a bit, be aware that the website will take a percentage of your pay. Some huge companies like Zendesk and Airbnb use Upwork to find remote freelancers, so it is great if you want to bag some major clients without leaving the house.

Upwork is a great work from home website.
Upwork is a great remote job website.

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48. Contra

Contra distinguishes itself from other general remote job sites as it takes ZERO commission from freelancers. You can search for jobs, create a portfolio, and submit your own projects for potential clients to buy – all for free and no fees! There are categories for writing, engineering, video and animation and more.

Remote Job Facebook Groups

49. VEO

The VEO (Virtual Employment Opportunities) Facebook group is a good group with more legit offers, often from big companies like Amazon. Many jobs here pay OK and are usually tech support or customer call service-related.

Facebook groups are a great resource for finding jobs in addition to work from home websites.
VEO is a useful resource for those wanting to work remotely.

50. Real Work From Home Jobs

There are plenty of jobs on this the Real Work From Home Jobs Facebook page, and thousands of members, many of which are offering legitimate remote work opportunities. There is a long list of rules and plenty of admins that will help to keep shady jobs and people out.

51. Legit Work From Home Jobs

Legit Work From Home Jobs is more than just a place where people go to find work but is also a community where people assist each other in finding positions, discuss jobs, and share resources. Jobs are posted on Mondays.

52. Remote Jobseekers

You’ll find everything from editing to pet sitting on Remote Jobseekers (OK fine, it’s mostly remote work!) It is a great place to find real remote positions with thousands of members.

In addition to work from home websites, Facebook groups are a good way to find jobs.
Remote Jobseekers is a good Facebook group for finding online jobs and networking.

53. Earning at Home

There are plenty of great jobs posted on the Earning at Home Facebook page to help you earn some money online. You will get a lot of support on the page, as well as inspiration on other ways you can make money without even having to leave the house.

Things to Know Before Applying

  • Full-time applying – Applying for jobs on these remote job websites can be a full-time job. Trust me; I’ve been there. You’ll have to find a true balance on how to best spend your time because, remember, you’re not getting paid to sit around and apply! It can be frustrating at times, but once the ball gets rolling and you find a groove, you’ll be golden.
  • Stretch, but don’t jump – If you want to stretch your experience a bit and are confident you can still deliver – I’ll encourage you to do so! Go for it. BUT –  don’t jump all in. Don’t apply for jobs that are far beyond your realm; you’ll hurt your rating, and it’s hard to come back. Also, again, you don’t want to waste time applying for jobs you’re never going to get!
  • Ratings – Speaking of ratings, many of these job sites have a review system in place where you review the employer, and they review you. DON’T apply and not deliver, don’t overstep your experience, don’t flake. Again, it’s tough to come back from negative reviews!
  • Sniff out the scam – Scams are RIFE in the remote work world, holy crap. You can get taken advantage of very easily. Here are a few hard and fast rules to live by before applying on any remote work website:
    • If it’s too good to be true – WALK AWAY.
    • Never do work for free – even tests should be paid, or at the least, don’t take more than 20 minutes of your time.
    • Never do work off the platform or communicate off the platform (at least not until you’ve built up a trust)
    • NEVER pay them for equipment, training, resources or anything to start a job.
    • If it smells fishy, if you feel something in your gut, or if they are giving you the runaround if you’ve put A LOT of time in already and they still haven’t started a contract or anything – Just cut the ties now.
Get paid work abroad easily if you get a job online.
Will you be using more than one remote job website to build up your cash flow?

Tips for Getting the Most Out of These Remote Jobs

  • More than one – You’ll likely want to be on more than one, or even two, of these platforms to spread yourself over and have the chance at more jobs. Find your favorites and apply often!
  • Don’t blindly apply – When I put out jobs, I can always tell when someone didn’t thoroughly read my job posting. Make sure to answer every question the employer poses in your pitch!
  • Get set up – I’ve been working online for around eight years; trust me when I say, you need a decent setup. Here’s my small and travel-friendly home office set up. Feel free to copy it. It’s fantastic, takes up no space, can travel, and is cheap! I was on the verge of getting carpal tunnel, don’t be like me, get your set up now.
  • Working off the platform – It’s a no-no to work off the platforms such as Upwork or Fivver, but after a month or two, or after everyone feels comfortable, this can be done so that there are no more platform fees being taken out. Remember, it’s against the rules to work off the platform (you can get kicked off!), but after a month, if you happen to have each other’s emails and all of a sudden start getting paid via Paypal or something and end the contract on the platform… I mean… 🙂
  • GO TRAVEL! – Hey, these sites are for working remotely, so if you only need a laptop and a wifi connection, why not take off and go travel? You’re not a tree. 🙂 These all make for great digital nomad job options. Not to mention, if you’re starting out low, you could live in a place with a cheaper cost of living, making life a bit easier while you get the ball rolling. This is exactly what I did when I started working online. Check out these countries that offer Digital Nomad Visas.

I hope this post about work from home websites was useful for you and that you know where to go now for finding remote jobs!

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