M’hamid and Merzouga are the two desert hubs of Morocco, leading curious, sand dune-seeking adventurers into a world they’ve only seen in pictures and movies.

Most people have no idea what a desert is really like. Barren, empty, and sandy come to mind but the desert is so much more. After I left, I found myself using the words dramatic, inspiring, stunning, and brutally beautiful instead.

My desert experience was nothing short of magical.

And if you go to Morocco, missing out on a desert experience would be a crime… against yourself.

So why was this Moroccan desert experience so incredible? How does one put together a desert trip in Morocco? Why did I choose to go to the less popular, Erg Chigaga? Let’s slide into this so you can get the most out of your trip.

An Erg Chigaga desert tour is the best thing to do in Morocco.

So close, yet so far—Erg Chigaga in the far back.

Morocco Desert Trip—Why Erg Chigaga?

Lets me first preface by saying I have not been to Merzouga which holds the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. They look wonderful, they are said to be stunning, and I’m sure a trip there would be one that you’d cherish forever.

However, with all my research (and trust me, I did a lot of it), speaking to people whom have done both, and chatting with my new friend Brahim, comparing the two, I can confidently say Mhamid and the Erg Chingaga sand dunes may have the upper hand when it comes to Moroccan desert trips for several reasons…

Camel ride on a Morocco desert tour.

No Morocco desert tour is complete without adorable camels.

1. They Keep it Small

The Morocco desert tours around Mhamid that venture out into the dunes of Erg Chigaga bring small groups. My tour didn’t feel like a tour at all and it was only Garrett and I most of the time. Our camel ride, sandboarding, drive out to the desert, and even our first few hours at the camp were just us!

Use this camp if you want to go on a Morocco desert tour.

A small desert campsite means more alone time to frolic as you please—and I enjoy frolicking… 🙂

At night, a few other people came to the camp after their activities and we all had dinner and a fire jam sesh together. It was a perfect balance of being on our own while still making some friends.

Erg Chigaga sand dunes are not too popular yet either. The camps here are fewer and some have even put limits. The camp we stayed at only allows 12 people unless you’ve booked it out entirely with your own group. This helps keep everyone happy while keeping the experience intimate.

2. Wilder Dunes

Erg Chebbi has some crazy cool looking dunes and they are quite massive as well!

Erg Chigaga has some the same although not as tall, however, they are much wilder. The desert around Erg Chigaga is far less explored, it takes more time to get to from Mhamid (over 60km and around two hours), and as mentioned, have far fewer people around making you feel like you’re on your own planet!

When visiting Mhamid, you need to take a Sahara Desert Morocco tour.

A tiny Garrett in the Sahara Desert of Morocco—which mine as well be Mars.

And trust me, when you look around, you don’t feel like you’re on Earth.

3. Because of Brahim and His Camp

This desert experience was also pretty much the best thing ever because of our new friend Brahim, his friends, and his camp. I stumbled upon his Airbnb and saw he also did desert tours. Long story short, I made the right decision booking with him.

His camp is quaint and small, has everything you need, staff with smiles plastered on their face, and the campsite itself is beautiful and comfortable. Our tent was better than some hotels I’ve stayed in!

(Let’s go ahead and put this disclosure here right now—this is NOT sponsored)

4. Even Just Staying Outside M’Hamid Is Cool AF

We booked one night at Brahim’s Airbnb in M’hamid and another with him at his camp in the desert.

His Airbnb is unlike any other Airbnb you’ve seen. When you open your door, you’re already right in front of the sand dunes! If you’re very low on time or money, you could simply stay at his Airbnb and still get a mini desert experience climbing dunes and getting lost (but hopefully not too lost) just outside his property!

About to go camping in the Sahara desert!

Wearing a traditional melhafa outside of my Airbnb on some sand dunes! (Literally, this is what you see when you open your door)

Like his campsite, his Airbnb is very quaint and close-knit as well. With only three “mud huts” sharing the spectacular sand dune views, you are already getting a very cool experience before you even embark on your Morocco desert tour.

5. It’s More Authentic and Challenging

With our badass Airbnb, the coolest desert trip in Morocco that I found, and the fact that this area was still wild and significantly less touched by tourism than its sister desert location, I felt this was the most authentic way to get out in the desert of Morocco.

Nothing felt cookie cutter, there were no big tours buses or massive groups. The dunes and the camp were literally hours away from civilization, and the location itself was native and untainted, which likely can’t all be said about the experience one would have in Merzouga (as I’ve read).

Mhamid morocco sahara desert tours are amazing!

Sand dunes for miles and miles!

The dunes here require more. 4×4 only, more time and effort, and more desert knowledge from the locals. The “survival” factor is a lot more prominent out on these dunes.

At the End of the Day, There Isn’t a “Best”

While I really think it was the best Morocco desert tour, I’ve only read and heard about Merzouga and it’s dunes but even if I did go, it comes down to your preference.

Erg Chigaga takes more effort and Erg Chebbi is much more accessible. With that comes many more tourists as well though. So it’s all up to you, but I can’t recommend Erg Chigaga’s dunes enough and it was the highlight of our Morocco road trip.

One thing is for sure: The sand dunes in Morocco are stunning and you NEED a desert camping experience in your life.

Morocco desert trips are definitely worth it.

I’m not sure if my life can get any more magical…

So How Does One Organize a Moroccan Desert Tour?

Well, the best part is, you kind of don’t. To get even close to the sand dunes of Erg Chigaga you need a 4×4 and some really good GPS directions, as well as knowledge of navigating a rough and sandy terrain. So, in other words, you’re going to want to pay someone to take you on your Sahara desert tour and deal with that.

If you want to know exactly how I did this trip so you can do the same, here’s what you do…

Morocco Desert Tour to Erg Chigaga: Camping in the Sahara Desert

I’m so a desert nomad, guys.

We rented a car, which is honestly, the absolute best way to see the country. I wouldn’t recommend anything else! We drove to Mhamid and already had our Airbnb with Brahim booked.

He will meet you in Mhamid and then you’ll follow him back to his place. There’s no finding this place yourself, he’s already a bit into the desert, but no worries, it’s still OK for regular vehicles to drive.

We stayed one night at the Airbnb and then he took care of us the rest of the way.

>>> If you haven’t booked through Airbnb before, click here to get a discount code and then you can book this same Airbnb here.

A man on the sanddunes on our Morocco desert tour.

A Berbere guide on the dunes at sunset.

What’s This Morocco Desert Tour Like?

Pretty epic, if you haven’t gathered that yet.

You start your day by making the bumpy, yet entertaining ride through the desert and to the dunes in a 4×4.

Try spotting a mirage (we did!), take 4859207 photos of the herds of camels, pass by an oasis, and spot real desert nomad tents, ya know, just regular desert stuff.

When you make it to the camp, which is beautiful, you’ll have some time to chill, wander, and take in the ever-changing colors of the dunes that surround you in every direction.

You Sahara desert camp tour hopefully include sandboarding, it's fun!

Sandboarding… or riding an imaginary bike.

Try your hand at sandboarding, just chill, or explore around and take photos.

Later, when the sun is a bit less intense, you’ll put your ass to the test and ride a camel—what’s a Morocco desert trip without a camel right? (PS-They are well cared for!) Slowly and steadily you’ll make your way to the base of Erg Chigaga so you can climb it for sunset. Don’t underestimate the trek up to the dune. You sink and slide a lot so it takes a bit of time to reach the top!

After a hard day of desert life, you’ll relax to the tunes of the local Berbere men while the campfire dances.

After a good night’s sleep, you can choose to catch the sunrise, which I would highly recommend. The sun paints the dunes all sorts of colors ranging from a misty pink to yellow, to hot orange. It’s certainly worth the early wake-up call not only for the sunrise, but to get your last few glimpses of the gorgeous dunes before heading off.

If I were to do this trip all over again, I’d stay two nights! It’s my only regret.

This are the sunrise colors of the sahara desert Morocco

Morocco desert tour = incredible sunrises. Look at the colors!

Morocco Desert Tour Tips and Things to Keep in Mind

  • Bring sunnies and a scarf. Besides sun protection, you need WIND protection!
  • Bring layers just in case. While the desert at this time of year (April) doesn’t get super cold, it gets chilly and you will want a sweater.
  • A shower was available but it’s cold and they have a limited water supply. Wash your face off and then use biodegradable wipes if you want an alternative. Some camps don’t have showers at all. (or just be dirty like me and do nothing until the next day)
  • Flip flops. You don’t need any other shoes for this trip unless you go when it’s freezing.
  • Leggings or some pants are recommended for the camel ride. I actually lived in my leggings the entire time as it was the perfect thing to wear.
  • Sunscreen! Don’t forget it!
  • While this camp had electricity via solar panels, it would be smart to charge everything before you go just in case. I also always carry my solar powered external battery which is one of my favorite items!
  • A flashlight could help. Of course, if your iPhone is juiced enough or you have my badass solar external battery charger which has one, your all set on that.
  • Hand sanitizer! Bring it. Everywhere in Morocco.

    The sanddunes go on for days and days in the desert in Morocco!

    Garrett on the dunes at sunrise.

  • If you use camera gear like we do, just know—sand everywhere—may happen. Bring an air blower, multiple lens cloths, and maybe even your crappier lens just in case. My lens still has a small crunch on manual focus and Garrett messed up his lens shutters on his G7X! Not cool but the pictures were totally worth it.
  • Don’t forget a tripod and intervalometer if you’re going to try some night photography.

    A night shot of our Morocco desert tour campsite.

    Moroccan desert campsite night shot by Garrett.

  • Your tour will be a bit cheaper and shorter in summer as it’s low season for desert trips at that time for obvious reasons. It’s hot AF and it’s not possible to spend all day frolicking around the dunes like we did so I’d advise you to go around April or a bit earlier like we did as this is towards the middle/end of high season.


Book ahead! First, it’s one less thing to worry about when you get here but second, the desert tour people can be a little intense in town.

When we arrived, at night (oops) we were simply meeting Brahim. We had 3 people trying to bring us into their shop FROM OUR CAR (not even walking around), and one person wouldn’t leave us alone when we were parked outside a store waiting for Brahim. We ignored him but he kept trying to get our attention and knocking on our window.

You don’t want to be pressured into a tour but if you don’t book ahead, just know, you’re going to have vultures swooping down on you.

Erg Chigaga sunrise colors on my sahara desert campsite.

Our campsite in Morocco’s Sahara Desert.

If you want to book this same Airbnb and this tour, just talk to Brahim. You can contact him through Airbnb here, and don’t forget your first-time discount code here. PLEASE! Tell Brahim, Nina says hello when you book!

(Again, I just truly had a great time, this was not sponsored.)


 Are you up for taking this Morocco desert tour? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Sign up to my newsletter and get my ridiculously detailed travel advice, probably some sass and sarcasm, and the best unicorn sparkles and "hells ya" vibes I can virtually send you. It's going to be awesome. Pinky promise.
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