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How To Boost Your Travel Savings: The Best Side Jobs For Saving Money!

Who needs a few extra zeroes added to their travel savings account?

*cue everyone’s hands going up*

There isn’t a soul on Earth who wouldn’t want more money in the bank to travel the world more. 

The tricky part is figuring out exactly how to make more money.

You might have to put in more hours and work even harder than you do now. Totally lame, right? That’s just how life is when you want to travel the world more.

But don’t worry, I got your back! Instead of selling everything you own (although that is an option for spare change), pick up an extra hustle for side income. Here’s a badass list of the best side jobs that can provide a hefty source of income to include in your travel savings account.

Best Side Jobs

Let’s start with the side jobs that are proven to be a solid source of income and can quickly help you up that travel savings fund. Some of these side hustles can be done anywhere, while others require you to show up at a restaurant, bar, or some other physical location.

I’ve personally done several of these to boost my travel savings account, and I know how much they can benefit anyone hoping to travel the world more.

Wherever you live, you’ll surely find tons of job opportunities, and all it takes is hard work to get your travel savings fund off the ground.

1. Seasonal Jobs

Work your butt off during seasons that are booming with tourists. Do you live in a winter destination full of snow bunnies and shredders that flock to the powder to spend their time relishing the white haven? How about working at ski resorts for some extra travel savings? You could be a customer service associate who rents out gear or, if you’re actually skilled, an instructor at the resort.

On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, why not pick up a lifeguard gig or work at a local surf shop if you live in a popular beach or summer destination? Pick up lots of hours during the busy high season months.

Seasonal work is a great side income idea and a fun way to make more money for travel.
Seasonal work is a great side income idea and a fun way to make more money for travel.

There are tons of seasonal jobs out there to make a side income. 

The Christmas tree stand, nearly any store imaginable during the holiday/busy season, summer camps, resort jobs, and restaurants during the holidays always need more help.

Think outside the box! Seasonal work is great because it’s quick, easy cash to stockpile in your travel savings. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not too permanent. Many of the best side jobs let you earn an extra few thousand dollars for just a few extra months of work.

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2. Waiter

Hey, all my fellow service industry wait staff! I’ve been a waitress for about 10 years of my life, and I may be one again in the future because it’s SUCH a good side income job.

I wouldn’t be where I am today and perpetually traveling if it wasn’t for being a waitress.

Before I started traveling, I worked at a bar as a waitress to boost my travel savings while working at a 9-5. It was literally the only way I could save to travel! I ended up saving over $16,000 in two years from being a waitress. No joke!

And even better? I bartended and waitressed in Australia in 2016 on a working holiday visa and saved some serious bank. I was making money online, but I wanted a big and quick bump to my side income. And I went BIG! I stowed away over $17,000 USD in my travel savings account in 10 months!

And it gets better!

One of the best side jobs I've had is waitressing.
One of the best side jobs I’ve had is waitressing.

In summer 2017, I lived in Bend, Oregon, where my boyfriend is from, and I saved over $5,000 in 2.5 months waitressing at a brewery.

Yep, no joke. I can 100% attest to the money-saving potential of this incredible side job. Waitressing is how I can save money for travel. Again, I make my money online but the allure of putting away some quick cash is too great to resist.

3. Bartender

You can put away even more cash if you become a bartender since they often work longer hours and sometimes get tipped more. I bartended in Australia and made some serious moolah.

Bartending is a great side income idea.
You can save so much money in Australia by being a bartender.

Bartenders have flexible schedules, and the fact that the busiest shifts are nights and weekends make this one of the most popular side jobs. Plus, the earning potential is off the charts when you work somewhere that’s popular and you serve delicious drinks. It’s not uncommon to earn several hundred dollars on a busy night of work.

My boyfriend, while living and working in Australia, SAVED over $34,000 USD in 10 months while bartending.

These numbers don’t lie, people!

4. Online Work

So, you’re working, but you could be working more and without even putting pants on. No, I’m not joking! If you want even bigger travel savings:

Nab yourself some online work.

Not everyone can go down this path (at least not right away), but if you can, you’re golden.

If you do any graphic design, virtual assistant type work, writing, data entry, social media management, etc., you can work online, quit your day job, and make money without putting your pants on. There are tons of possibilities for online work.

There are so many side jobs online that you can find!
How fun does working online sound?!

I have been working online and traveling for years, but you can work your 9-5 back home and start working online to earn some extra travel money. Best of all, you can continue working online while you travel to take your savings even further. Once you find your niche, online side jobs are among the easiest ways to save money or begin to travel the world longer.

Whether you build your own blog and attract thousands of followers, or you’re a whiz computer programmer, you’ll be ahead of the game my friend.


5. Promos

I also did promos before I started traveling. It’s random and easy to say yes, especially when they pay you $25 an hour. That’s what I got paid to promote a certain beer at bars in my area.

Find promo gigs in your area to become a “promo girl or guy” and make some easy side cash for your travels.

You can look on Craigslist, ask the promo people you see at the bar if they have a connection, or do a Google search for your area. Don’t be surprised to find job boards, brand ambassador positions, and independent agencies looking for promo models to show a variety of products.

6. Personal Training

For you fitness enthusiasts, share your love of health with your community by teaching them the basics of proper exercise. You don’t need much equipment, and you can meet with clients in a variety of settings (their home, a gym, the park, etc.).

Training is all about building a personal relationship with each client, and retaining more long-term clients will earn trust from members of the community. If you want to stand out in your personal training side hustle, acquiring a certification will go a long way.

Being a personal trainer is rewarding and a great side job online.
Being a personal trainer is rewarding and a great online job.

As you build a solid client base around your 9-5, you could even begin virtually training clients. Promote your services on social media and video chat with clients on platforms like Skype to whip them into shape.

7. Local Tour Guide

How about a fun side job that lets you meet other travelers excited to explore your hometown? If you live in a big city or popular tourist area, consider being a tour guide to give them the grand tour of what’s so special about your area. Since you have a passion for travel, this is a wonderful opportunity to earn extra cash while helping others enjoy their adventures.

Thousands of cities around the world offer free walking tours and guides usually make the bulk of their income on tips from recipients of each tour. Although your wages could vary greatly, being a tour guide is a flexible side job to earn extra pocket change while saving up for your next travel trip.

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8. Uber/Lyft

Got a decent car? Uber or Lyft in your free time, dude. It’s extra cash, and all you have to do is drive some people around. Who knows what kind of interesting people you’ll meet.

Ridesharing is booming with the world’s increased interest in saving the planet by having fewer vehicles on the road to limit carbon dioxide emissions. If you live in a metropolis like New York City or Los Angeles, this is a golden side job opportunity if you have a car.

Due to increased costs of owning and maintaining a car and easy access to services, millions of people around the world utilize ridesharing services.

It’s not a bad gig and it’s extra money for travel, so can you complain? All you have to do is drive!


9. Airbnb

Got an extra room? Say goodbye to your solo living situation and rent out that golden nugget of a room. Did you know some people rent out their room for a few months of the year and pay their rent for the entire year with the profits?

Think about how much money could be sitting in your travel fund!

If you don’t have an extra room but have some amazing parents that don’t drive you up a wall or a generous friend, maybe you can rent out your whole place and crash at theirs?

A great side income idea is renting your home on Airbnb.
A great side income idea is renting your home on Airbnb.

Just make sure you read your lease and brush up on the laws of your area to make sure you’re allowed to sublet the extra space. If you’re unsure, ask your landlord or contact the appropriate person in the community.

If your area is popular, maybe you can rent out your space for a few weeks out of the year. Although it might not be the ideal situation, you’ll gain a pretty penny for your travel savings. Think holidays, big sports occasions, festivals, and events. It doesn’t need to be 24/7 every day of the week.

Sign up to be a host for free and see what you need to do to get it done!

10. Babysitting

Have experience taking care of younger siblings? Do you have a spotless reputation in the neighborhood, and all the parents trust you with their kids?

Anyone with good parental instincts can make a nice chunk of change taking care of the youngsters who live nearby. The easiest way to start babysitting in your area is by word of mouth from others who personally know you. However, you can market your babysitting services on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, you can make a profile on babysitting sites like or UrbanSitter

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11. Dog Walking

Love puppies? I do too! How about walking adorable pups here and there for some easy side cash?

Again, this doesn’t take too much brainpower or time. Grab a few pups a week through Rover, take them for a walk, and rake in a few extra bucks for the sake of travel.

If you love dogs, a great side income idea is walking dogs.
Cute puppies can earn you some dough.

Big city slickers have another tremendous opportunity here, especially in places that love their canine friends and have insane work schedules. If you know how to market yourself, you can walk multiple pooches per hour and make even more money doing this easy side job. And you’ll make tons of new furry friends along the way.

What do you think?

12. Tutor

Are you a major nerd in math? Maybe you’re a genius in science or literature.

Spread your knowledge and get paid for it!

There are two ways to go about this convenient side job. You could advertise at schools, universities, or the tutoring center within your local community.

The alternative is to see if your skills are needed online! You can tutor people via the internet because, duh, the internet is everything these days.

Tutoring is becoming a popular side job online.
Tutoring is becoming a popular side job online.

I think the internet will take a bit more time to establish since you likely have closer ties within your community. You could get the word out sooner and make some travel money quicker.

Similarly, you could even teach another language online without being a legit language teacher. I used to teach English online for years! Also, this is a good travel-friendly job you can take with you once you hit the road. Score!

Resources for teaching English online:

13. Personal Shopper

Ever thought about going to the store and doing someone else’s shopping? If you live in a densely populated area, there may be lots of people who need someone to deliver all their necessities.

The elderly population is continuing to increase, and they need their daily groceries, medicines, and household items just like anyone. It may be more difficult for senior citizens or someone who’s injured to get out of the house to get all their daily needs.

That’s where you can come in and save the day for someone who needs a helping hand to do their shopping. Sites like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack are excellent places to promote yourself as someone’s personal shopper in your area.

14. Overtime

It's not really your typical side income idea, but working overtime can earn you extra money.
It’s not really your typical side income idea, but working overtime can earn you extra money.

Can’t find the time to get another job right now? Ask your boss if there’s an opportunity for overtime at your current job. See if you can take an extra shift for extra money or ask if there’s something else in another department that may work out for you.

Whenever life’s schedule is too hectic to look for a different job, or you need something a bit more stable, earning extra money at your current job may be the best temporary solution. Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss about doing more for the company or committing to more hours for a bigger paycheck.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Unconventional Side Jobs

OK, let’s get weird. If you’re up for some unconventional or downright bizarre ways to make money and travel more, then keep on reading.

Warning, some of these can be super lucrative but you’ll be doing some annoying, gross, undesirable, and even some crazy ass shit.

15. The Weird World of Craigslist

Craigslist is weird AF. Sure, there’s some legit stuff on there, but the jobs are more often very odd, crazy, and potentially off-putting to some people. Maybe you’re up for it?

Of course, exercise caution and street smarts when applying for any job on Craigslist. Never put yourself in danger for the sake of cash.

With that being said, there’s definitely money to be made with the weird jobs on Craigslist. There have been jobs for a beard mentor, jogging partner, pretend girlfriend, and even a Jedi. Craigslist is weird, but hey, it’s money.

An alternative to Craigslist is Simplyhired, and you can find legitimate side jobs that are needed right now.

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16. Odd Jobs That Pay

Mow lawns, rake leaves, wash cars, shovel snow, clean houses, handyman work, and any other hustle you can think of to make that side income. 

Nothing is glorious or gratifying about these jobs, but it pads your travel savings. 

These are all viable side jobs to build your travel savings without having to sell your soul (unless you found the Craigslist ad for that and went along with it).

A not-so-fun side job is raking leaves and moving lawns, but it will help you boost your travel savings.
Raking leaves, mowing lawns… Not the most exciting work, but it’s a boost for your travel savings.

Don’t think you’re too good for any of these hard-working side jobs. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some extra side cash to do something you really want. If travel is what you want, grab your rake or your sponge, and get to work.

17. Sell Your Hair

This side job will likely benefit girls more than guys unless you’re a guy who likes to grow his hair out. If you’re willing to grow your hair out, there’s a number of places willing to buy it for good money.

Wigs and hair extensions are made from real hair, and they have to get that hair from somebody, right? Whenever you’re eagerly trying to put extra funds in your travel savings, why not sell that full head of hair? I’m certainly not suggesting to chop off all your hair if you’re uncomfortable doing so, but this is a viable option to make fast cash.

Who knew that selling your hair would be a viable side income idea?
Who knew that you could make money from your hair?!

As long as your hair is healthy and not dyed, bleached, or damaged in any other way, it can potentially be worth hundreds of dollars. That’s enough to buy a one-way plane ticket, depending on your destination!

If you’re seriously considering cutting and selling your hair, make sure to take care of it the best you can.

18. Online Jury Duty

Being stuck with actual jury duty can really suck, but what about participating in an online trial for the basis of research? Sometimes, lawyers want to know how jurors will respond to a case, and they seek out volunteers to give their opinions on the case given to them. Instead of sitting through a trial away from home, you can decide from the comfort of your computer. 

After you review the case, you submit feedback and get paid once you’re finished with the task. You can choose which case interests you, and there’s no long-term commitment to participate. Who wouldn’t want to do this side job all the time though?

You can read the case and tell them what you think while sitting by the computer in your underwear. What’s not to love about it? Check out sites like OnlineVerdict and Jurytalk to find out more about this interesting way to make a side income and save money for your travels.

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19. Sell Your…Uh, Bodily Fluids and Stuff

OK, the weirdest of the weird. You can actually make good money selling your sperm, eggs, or plasma. In fact, you can even sell your bone marrow. It sounds gross because it is, but it’s a legitimate way to make money.

TRUE STORY: I was so close to selling my eggs. Ladies, you can make a lot of money from selling your eggs! If you don’t have issues with the ethics of it (I didn’t because I was helping someone have a baby who couldn’t), you really earn it. Trust me! I couldn’t bare with the fact that I had to inject myself in the belly, and some other weird stuff, so I found other ways to make money. But hey, you may be able to make around $8000+ if you can deal with all that for the sake of your travel savings!

I know that none of these jobs are super glamorous by any means whatsoever, but they’re all side jobs that will top up that travel savings account. You’ll be laughing your way to an airport in no time!

Get to Work!

I know you’re itching to find the best side job for you and what will help you start traveling the world longer. Remember, you’ll likely face some bumps along the way, and you may strike out on a few side jobs before finding the right one. Never give up, and I’m sure you’ll score the side job that takes your travels far and wide.

As long as you're dedicated to finding side jobs online and working hard to save, you'll be able to make your travels happen.
If you want more money to travel, you have to earn it!

Also, some of these jobs can “travel with you.” You can do what I did and go live and work in Australia as a bartender or waitress and save even more money. Alternatively, tutoring or any of your online work can be done anytime and anywhere to replenish your travel fund. 

Getting your travel savings started isn’t that hard, but yes, it does take some work!

The BEST thing about these side-income ideas is they are all somewhat disposable. You can easily quit without feeling bad, and they come and go depending on how much you want. There’s no long-term contract tying you to the job. 

Working extra jobs is how I had enough money in my travel savings account to start my journey. If I can do it, I’m confident you can do it too!

You can work to travel. Go get it!

Once you have enough saved, you can work abroad continuing to boost your travel funds. Don’t worry, you DON’T need any experience to work abroad. Most side jobs are simple and easy to learn.

Would you do any of these jobs to travel more? Have you done a job on this list? What was it like? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips and I love your honesty.

    I worked in a call center for two years located in a country I had never visit before. It gave me the opportunity to discover all parts of beautiful Greece, beaches, history, culture, relegion and even a bit of the language!

    Call centers are located all over the world, international brands outsource their customer service to countries with low wages. This means customer support for all languages are located in these countries.

    You can start like me, working one year in a call center, making trips during the weekend and your holidays (which is much cheaper when you are already on the right location) en at the end travel one month through this country.

    Then you can go to your next country. In Europe this can be Portugal, Bulgaria or Poland for example. Outside Europe I know call centers are located in Suriname, Columbia and the Philippines.

    Not my dream job, but absolutely my dream life.