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31 BEST Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There are plenty of things to do in Puerto Vallarta. It’s far from your standard beach town.

Although it is known for its stunning beaches, Puerto Vallarta also has a buzzing nightlife, cultural and historical attractions, a quaint downtown, tons of food, and amazing day trips.

There are so many things to do in Puerto Vallarta, but in my opinion, after spending over a month in PV, here are the best!

1. Stroll the Malecon (Best Intro to Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta!)

The best way to get a feeling for the town of Puerto Vallarta is to stroll along the Malecon, the town’s beating heart and where it all happens.

The boardwalk runs for 1km, yet there is so much packed into a relatively small space you could easily spend the whole afternoon here.

Tourists sitting beside the ocean at sunset along Puerto Vallarta malecon.
The perfect route for a sunset walk!

Just a simple stroll along this coastal sidewalk unveils countless eateries, bars, entertainments, museums and art galleries, as well as free public art.

Shop from local artists, take a photo with the colorful Puerto Vallarta sign or arches, or grab a quick snack from a street vendor!

2. Head Out On a Food Tour

Some of the best food in the world can be found in Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places to sample some delicacies.

While you can certainly “take your own food tour” just by walking around, there is a three-hour tour that allows you to sample authentic local cuisine and be toured around a range of establishments by a knowledgeable guide.

Nina sprinkling lime juice over a plate of tacos from Pepes Tacos.
Juicy tacos de pollo from Pepe’s Tacos.

It’s a great first step to understanding the food better and asking questions so you know what to look for for the rest of your stay here! You’ll visit seven spots carefully chosen to highlight regional flavors.

Ensure you come hungry, as you’ll be tucking into enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, soups, refreshing local drinks, and even a tortilla straight off the conveyor belt at a tortilla factory!


3. Wander the Old Town

Known for its shops, restaurants and buzzy atmosphere, it’s all happening in Zona Romantic, the old town, and visiting here is one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

The quaint, cobblestone streets are a delight to wander through, and you could easily spend a day popping into shops, sampling local delicacies, and experiencing modern and traditional Mexican culture.

Vehicles driving down the cobblestone street in Puerto Vallarta old town with colorful bunting overhead.
Take a stroll around the historic old town!

Basilio Badillo, also known as Restaurant Row, is where you can go to enjoy some food, no matter the time of day. The famed Los Muertos Pier is also located here.

TIP: The Old Town is lovely and well worth a wander, but I must warn you, this is one of the busiest and most touristy areas of PV. The restaurants will also be more expensive and less authentic.

4. Enjoy the Rhythm of the Night

If you are looking forward really special experience on your visit to Puerto Vallarta, then book yourself in for Rhythm of the Night, an evening you won’t forget in a hurry.

Start with a sunset cruise from town to Las Caletas, which is magical in itself, but it isn’t until you disembark that the magic really starts.

Seat yourself in the outdoor dining area and enjoy a tantalizing meal before heading to an amphitheater in the jungle and enjoying the show.

Using music, dance, acrobatics, and special light effects, the performers tell a story inspired by ancient legends. It is one of a kind.


5. Go on a Free Art Walk

Puerto Vallarta is home to tons of free public art of all shapes and sizes, and because of this, they run free art walks. On the walk, you’ll visit some of the best galleries, including The Loft, Galeria Pacifico, and Colectika.

The inside of an art gallery with paintings on the walls and small sculptures on a pedestal.
Visit one of the many art galleries.

The galleries are home to a huge number of works from both national and international artists, with paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and fine art all on show. On the walk, you’ll be able to find out more about the galleries and the work inside, all for free.

6. Go Diving

Check out life beneath the waves and spend the day having a dive, one of the most incredible things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Although diving is less popular here than on the Caribbean side of the country, there are still some incredible opportunities to spot wildlife in Banderas Bay.

A turtle swimming above an ocean reef.
Turtles are a staple.

When on your dive, keep an eye out for dolphins and giant mantas, and you could get lucky and glimpse the majestic whale shark, eagle ray or sale fish.

Pufferfish, octopus, whales and turtles are also found under the water in Puerto Vallarta, with reefs, shipwrecks, caves and even underwater mountain ranges all waiting to be explored. With lots of dive centers to choose from, it is easy to book your trip.

TIP: May-August are usually the best months to dive.

7. Take a Tequila and Tacos Tour

Eat and drink your way through town on this fun-filled tour, which includes seeing the sights, sampling delicious tacos, and sipping tequila!

Accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide, you’ll get an insider’s view of local life and learn about the food and drink you enjoy.

Shot glasses of tequila and lime with tacos in the background.
Did anybody say tequila?

Other drinks you’ll be trying include Mezcal, Racilla, and local craft beer mixed by a master Mexican Mixologist, so make sure no one is driving.

You’ll head to some obscure spot that you may not have otherwise discovered on your own and get fuelled for your tour with a taste of a range of tacos, including steak tacos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos, tacos al pastor, and beef cheek tacos.


8. Learn about the Town on a Free Walking Tour

One of the best ways to get to know a town is to take a free walking tour. Led by a certified guide, you know you’ll be getting the best information as you stroll through the historic downtown.

An information sign depicting free walking tours and their schedules in Puerto Vallarta.
Walking tours are the best way to get to know a new place!

Learn about the architecture, culture, history, the famous people who have called the town their home, and so much more.

Another option is to take the sculpture walking tour along the Malecon. You’ll learn about each artist as you come to the different sculptures, and with about 15 sculptures along this iconic walk, you have a lot to get through.

9. Visit the Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

One of the town’s most recognizable symbols is the Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, located in the main square across from City Hall.

Dominating the skyline, it is a very impressive church. The highlight is the crown on the church tower, lifted high by angels.

Nina walking between palm trees and buildings heading towards the Church of our Lady Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta.
Walking towards the church!

It is a stunning example of local architecture with a unique combination of styles and is well worth a look. Inside, the sunlight puts a rainbow through the stained glass windows, and every hour, the clanging of the church bells fills the air.

10. Make your Own Chocolate

Umm chocolate-making workshop? Yes, please!

In this workshop, you’ll get to make truffles using traditional local methods, learn the process of tempering chocolate, and prepare a mouthwatering ganache filling, and the great thing is, you can take everything you make home with you.

The cocoa pods inside a cut-in-half cocoa bean on a wooden table.
Nothing beats a good cocoa bean!

This is the perfect mix of culture and cooking class, as you’ll also learn the history of cocoa via a short guided tour of the museum. It’s very hands-on, with the option to decorate your truffles with a topping of your choice.


11. Shop at Local Markets

Get a real feel for the colors, flavors, sights, and smells of Mexico by heading to a local market. The markets are a trove of hidden treasures and are great fun to explore. Here are some of the best.

Tourists walking down the main walkway of Cuale Island Flea Market underneath trees.
Cuale Island Flea Market.
  • Cuale Island Flea Market is a huge indoor flea market that covers a whole block and two storeys, with vendors supplying pretty much anything you could want.
  • Farmer’s Market Emiliano Zapata is located in Zona Romantic, this is a farmers market not to miss and is a great way to offer you a taste of local life. Find a huge range of fresh produce, meats, and seafood caught that very day.
  • For an incredible market where you are sure to find some hidden gems, try Olas Altas Saturday Market. It is located in the neighborhood of Olas Altas and is bustling with visitors and locals, with a huge range of products on offer.
  • Every Thursday, the night market at the marina is a wonderful way to spend the evening. Around 200 exhibitors offer home decor, homemade items, wines, spirits, and tasty food.

12. Party Into The Night

Explore by day and spend the night partying or chilling in cool cocktail bars. The fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down in Puerto Vallarta.

All along the Malecon, the bars and restaurants have come to life, as well as in the Romantic Zone and all over town.

A club in Puerto Vallarta lit up in neon pink and a man in front taking a photo.
One of the many clubs in Puerto Vallarta!

Many of the bars have live music that spills out onto the street, creating a buzzing atmosphere, something you can’t miss when it comes to things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

There are trendy spots serving the latest cocktails and laid back spots favored by the locals. El Solar is a fun beach bar open both day and night, with live music and a chill vibe, whereas Monzon is where to go if you are looking for tasty craft beers.

Nina's hand holding a pint of craft beer in front of a giant beer mural inside Monzon Brewery.
Cheers to Monzon brewery!

When it comes to clubs, you will also be spoilt for choice. Co-de has aerial acrobatics and a light show going on, and Mandala, Rakata, La Vaquita, and Zoo, located along the Malecon, leaves guests partying until the early hours.

Uhm, you might not want a hotel near these places FYI!

13. Eat All of The Seafood

The seafood scene is seriously good in Puerto Vallarta. Fishing is one of the major occupations, and its location on the coast is hardly surprising.

A plate full of BBQ fish with rice and roasted vegetables.
Nothing beats BBQ fish!

There are so many seafood restaurants to choose from, all serving some of the freshest catches. Whether you are looking for a quick seafood snack or a more fine diving experience, you won’t struggle to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat.

The town serves up its own take on delicious ceviche, fresh oysters, perfectly cooked octopus, and tasty fish cooked in tons of different ways, all delicious!

14. Beach Bum

With golden beaches, crystal waters, soft sand, swaying palms, and epic sunsets, it’s hard to pick the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta, but we have given it our best shot!

Tourists walking along the palm tree lined Camarones Beach at sunset.
Camerones Beach.
  • Boasting the Blue Flag International Certification, Camerones Beach is popular for a reason. The sands are soft and golden, while the waves are gentle, making it the ideal spot for a refreshing swim.
  • Los Muertos is likely the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta, largely because of its location in Zona Romantica. Bars and restaurants line the shore, there are opportunities for a range of watersports and it is also home to the Los Muertos Pier.
  • Conchas Chinas Beach is where to head for tide pools and views. You have a stunning vantage point over to the bay, and the shore is lined with small pools teeming with marine life.
  • Las Glorias is a popular beach with soft golden sand and an easy-to-reach location. There are tons of water sports to take part in, and depending on the time of year, you may even see whales out to sea. Located by the North Hotel Zone, you are also minutes away from shops, restaurants and cafes.

15. Enjoy a Bike and Food Tour

A fun way to see the sights and try some tasty food simultaneously is to join a Bikes and Bites tour. You’ll cover much more ground than a traditional walking tour, and you’ll have the added benefit of stopping off at authentic restaurants and street food stands.

People biking on path past palm trees in Puerto Vallarta on a sunny day.
Go bike riding in Puerto Vallarta with a tummy full of tacos!

You’ll head along the boardwalk, through the old towns, and past some of the town’s most iconic sites. To make things even better, the tour ends with a beer on the beach!


16. Spend Some Time at Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals

Spend some time doing something truly good on your visit to the town and volunteer to spend time with the creatures at Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals.

The pups and cats here are well looked after by kind volunteers until they can find their forever home. There are lots of opportunities to help out too.

A tabby cat laying on a railing in Puerto Vallarta.

Whether that’s volunteering to play with the dogs and cuddle the cats, getting a bit more hands-on and assisting with adoption events or walking and grooming the animals.

How involved you get is up to you, but it will all be appreciated.

17. View the City from Above

Start this fun hike heading through the cobbled streets of town, passing the locals going about their daily business.

Before long, you will hit a series of steps that will take you up, up, up to the top of Cerro de la Cruz, one of the best viewpoints in Puerto Vallarta, which gets its name from the large cross that sits atop the hill. 

A view over Puerto Vallarta's buildings and seafront as seen from Mirador La Cruz.
The view is immaculate!

Once you reach the top, you will have incredible 360-degree views out over the town and sea, a suitable reward for tackling this climb. If you are looking for views, this is one of the things to do in Puerto Vallarta that can’t be missed.

18. Look Out for Whales (One of The Coolest Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta!)

If you are in Puerto Vallarta between December and March, it’s the right time to experience one of the most magical sightings on earth, the humpback whale.

The town is one of the best in Mexico for whale watching, and there are plenty of companies ready to give you a tour. As one of the most incredible things to do in Puerto Vallarta, it shouldn’t be missed.

A whale tail emerging from the ocean as seen from a boat on an overcast day.
How magical!

Every year whales flock to the bay to give birth to their young, meaning you may even be able to spot the odd baby whale or two. Some tours allow you to go out with a marine biologist, so you know you are in good hands.


19. Swim With Dolphins

Swim with wild dolphins on this incredible excursion from Puerto Vallarta. Head aboard a boat alongside a special biologist guide, who will use a hydrophone to track down these amazing sea creatures.

A pod of dolphins out in the ocean on a sunny day.
A magical moment in nature…

You’ll have a chance to join them in the water and observe them in their natural habitat. There is also a good chance of spotting other sea creatures, such as turtles and rays!


20. Snorkel Los Arcos

Check out life beneath the waves during this snorkeling tour to Los Arcos National Marine Park. You’ll be picked up directly from town, at Center Los Muertos Pier, and be taken by private boat to your snorkeling spot at Banderas Bay.

A view through Los Arcos from a snorkel boat near Puerto Vallarta on a sunny day.
The famous Los Arcos!

All the snorkeling gear is included in the cost of the tour, so all that is left for you to worry about is the colorful marine life you are going to see! You’ll also spend some time at the secluded Las Animas beach for some lunch and time to soak up the Mexican sun.


21. Go on a Pirate Ship

If you have ever wanted to party on a pirate boat, well now is your chance. Leaving directly from town, you embark on a one-of-a-kind sailing trip on a spectacular pirate ship.

A wooden pirate ship cruising through a bay in Mexico on a sunny day.
One of the most unique experiences in Mexico!

You’ll start your voyage with a tour of the beautiful bay, followed by tons of live entertainment and games. There is music, dinner, dancing, and even fireworks to end the night with a bang. The open bar doesn’t hurt either!


22. Walk the Los Muertos Pier

If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta, it’s hard to avoid the huge pier that juts out from the beach. This scenic pier is a bit of a town icon and is known for its great food scene, spectacular sunset, and boardwalk that takes you out to sea.

A sail looking structure at the end of Los Muertos Pier beside beach umbrellas on a sunny day.
The pier has such a unique design.

The pier is also used to board boats if you are heading out on tours, going to Yelapa, or needing a water taxi to nearby beaches. With its colored lights and distinctive sail shape cutting into the seascape, it is hard to miss.

23. View the Arcos on Malecon 

The Arcos on Malecon, or the Malecon Arches, are one of the most iconic landmarks in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

The original arches were dragged away to sea in 2002 during a storm, but artists have cleverly made an exact replica, and today you would never know the difference.

People walking past the Los Arcos Monument beside the ocean with a banner in front of it and Puerto Vallarta in the distance.
A must-see monument.

Sitting at the southern end of the Malecon, they form the backdrop to the open-air theatre, where locals and tourists enjoy free shows and performances throughout the year.

24. Check out The Papantla Flyers

If you are walking along the Malecon and you happen to see men flying through the air, you have stumbled upon the Papantla Flyers, one of the town’s most unique attractions.

Four people suspended from a tall white pole by rope while swinging around above a beach at sunset.
Flying under the sunset.

Every day, this unique ritual takes place, and it is considered one of the oldest in Mexico. The dancers all climb the high pole, dressed in a traditional ensemble embroidered with flowers and other symbols, and prepare to take flight.

With music playing, they jump and begin to twirl, flying around the huge pole for 13 spins before being lowered to the ground.

Four Papantla Flyers attached to a giant white pole on a beach.
Such an amazing ritual…

The ritual takes place multiple times a day and is full of meaning, history, and tradition, so put it on your list of things to do in Puerto Vallarta. You can check their current schedule here.

25. Experience Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

The Day of the Dead festival is one of the biggest events in the town calendar, so if you are here while the festival is taking place (end of Oct- beginning of Nov), you are in for a treat!

Day of the Dead themed sculptures underneath palm trees along Puerto Vallarta Malecon.
Day of the Dead vibes!

Huge sugar skulls decorate the Malecon, and throughout the festive period, there is a plethora of cultural activities to get involved with.

There is live Mariachi music, vendors selling fresh cempasúchil (Marigold) flowers and Mexican antojitos. The events take place all over town, so even if you are not looking, you are sure to stumble upon some.

A view over the tallest Catrina statue in all of Mexico in between the buildings of Puerto Vallarta beside the ocean.
The tallest Calavera Catrina in the world!

The highlight is often the unveiling of the huge Catrina statue, the largest in Mexico and holds the Guinness World Record for being the “Tallest Calavera Catrina in the World.” This lively tradition also involves themed parades and colorful altars of the dead.

We were so lucky to be here when this was all going down!

26. Learn About Sea Turtles

Learn all about sea turtles and their conservation at Boca de Tomates.

A baby turtle running towards the ocean across sand at sunset.
Hatched sea turtle crawl on sand to the sea at sunrise.

A visit to the camp will educate you about the incredible work the team is doing to help these incredible creatures. Entry is free, but they are always grateful for any donations that you can spare.

If you are up for making a difference, why not join one of the organized beach cleans, or enquire about turtle release days? Just reach out via Facebook.

27. Spend the Day at an All-Inclusive Adults Only Pool

Adventure is one thing, but sometimes you just need a day of ultimate relaxation, and that’s where Tau Beach Club comes in.

Nina sitting side a pool which overlooks the ocean while holding a coconut which reads "Tau Beach Club" on an overcast day.
A beach club + coconut – children = peace.

You can’t get much more chill than this all-inclusive, adults-only beach club, complete with a pool and front-row seats to Banderas Bay.

Included in the price of your visit are all the snacks, cocktails and other beverages you could want, so you can really indulge in the good life.

Nina relaxing in the pool of Tau Beach Club while overlooking the neighboring beach and ocean.
A great spot to spend the day!

There are comfy lounge chairs with sun umbrellas, Balinese beds, poolside concierge service, lockers, showers, and parking, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything other than which cocktail to choose next.

We had a blissful day and even dinner here!

28. Day Trip to the Marietas Islands

Laying just offshore from Puerto Vallarta you’ll find the beautiful Marietas Islands, protected as part of the Islas Marietas National Park.

The islands are home to some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Mexico, while the waters and skies teem with wildlife.

Nina sitting on a rock overlooking Hidden Beach on the Marietas Islands.
What a cool spot!

Check out this tour that takes you out to the islands, just about an hour away by boat. It’s one of the most popular things to do in Puerto Vallarta and one of my favorite places in the area.

Nina walking on beach in an open crater at Marietas Islands, Hidden Beach near Puerto Vallarta.
Me at Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands!

You’ll get to go snorkeling and visit the beautiful bays and beaches, such as the Bay of Banderas, where dolphins and whales are not uncommon sightings.


READ MORE: Marietas Islands: Hidden Beach Near Puerto Vallarta!

29. Take a Day trip to Yelapa

The small town of Yelapa is a popular day trip from Puerto Vallarta. It’s the ideal place to head if you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a completely laid-back atmosphere.

Chill on the golden sands and have a drink or snack from one of the numerous beachside palapa seafood restaurants and cafes.

Nina smiling while stroking a dog in the streets of Yelapa while posing in front of stairs with a heart shaped pattern.
Find some friends in Yelapa!

There are scenic hikes that will take you to overlooks above the cove, as well as a short hike to a couple of waterfalls!

WARNING: This is a cute town, you could come out for the day or you could spend a night or two as well!

Yelapa From Puerto Vallarta: 4 Ways to Go
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30. Go Surfing (One of The Best Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta!)

Yes, you can go surfing just outside of Puerto Vallarta, and I hope you make the time for it! La Lancha is a great surf break less than 30 minutes of the town. You can rent boards from WildMex right off the highway.

Person on a yellow surfboard riding a wave with beach in background at La Lancha.
Me surfing at La Lancha!

It’s a few minutes walk through managroves to get to the beach, but once you’re there, you’ll be surrounded by rusty cliffside and a sweet swell to ride! If you’re willing to go a bit further, there’s some surf in Sayulita as well but the line up is a bit busy.

Speaking of…

31. Spend a Day in Sayulita and or San Pancho

Just an hour or so north of Puerto Vallarta, are the cute hippy surf towns of Sayulita and San Pancho. Both have great surf although San Pancho is a bit more advanced.

Aside from surfing you’ll certainly find solace on the beaches of Sayulita as they range from party to deserted, in other words, there’s a beach for you here!

Nina sitting on a fresh whole coconut while sitting on a sunbed on a beach in Mexico.
Nothing beats a cold coconut!

It’s a cute walkable town, as is San Pancho, which is only 15 minutes north of Sayulita. I lived in Sayulita for around nine months, and if you can make it over, it’s well worth the trip!

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Where to Eat in Puerto Vallarta

There’s SUCH good food. Here’s a quick low down on all the spots I loved during my time in Puerto Vallarta.

Green and bright interior of Cafe Colibri with coffee on the table and plans everywhere.
Cafe Calibri.

Yummy and cute cafes:

  • Cafe Calibri – Good brekkie and coffee!
  • Cafe Por Favor PV – Cool streetside coffee shop with an excellent brew.
  • La Tostaderia – Chilequiles were good, and it’s on a cute umbrella street.
Deliciously made tacos pastor with onion and coriander on a white place in Tequitos Alcapulco.
Tacos from Tequitos Acapulco-Vallarta!

Lunch and dinner spots:

  • Burrito Beach – Always a busy spot with really good burritos… I would hope with a name like that!
  • Pellizcadas – I had never had this dish before; it’s like sopas but thicker. Whatever the heck it was it was soo good and fresh, I saw my raw dough get cooked on the spot.
  • Taquitos Acapulco-Vallarta – Good local taco spot.
  • El Campanario – Possibly our fav spot in town with some of the most authentic and yummiest Mexican dishes I’ve had!
  • Los Muertos Brewing – Decent enough beer (sorry, we’re picky!) but good value and really good pizza!
A stuffed burrito laying on a pink and white patchwork sheet in Burrito Beach restaurant.
The burritos from Burrito Beach are STUFFED!

How to Get to Puerto Vallarta and Getting Around

This is one of the nicer airports I’ve been to in Mexico! So after flying into PVR, walk left outside of the building and then left again to cross over the pedestrian bridge. From here you can order an Uber into town.

Otherwise, just before crossing the pedestrian bridge, you’ll find a bus stop if you want to take the cheaper but longer and less convenient way into town.

Getting around is really easy, we just order Ubers or walked! It’s a very walkable town.

A view over a side street of Puerto Vallarta leading up a hill beside the choco museum.
Puerto Vallarta is very walkable!

Something to note, everything along the two main streets running up and down in PV is pretty darn decent, flat and mostly has sidewalks (oh wow!). However, just “up” from here and away from the coast, you’re going to be walking uphill.

Keep this in mind when you’re booking a place to stay in PV, you could be staying and walking up a steep hill!

A view up a steep hill between buildings and palm trees in Puerto Vallarta.
One of many steep hills…

Where to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

This is a good question, but first, you need to pick your vibe. Make sure to choose your area wisely, but also know that you can easily visit the other areas by walking or Ubering.

Read my guide to where to stay in Puerto Vallarta for more!

  • Zona Romantica – This is the tourist hot spot and the liveliest of areas.
  • Marina Vallarta – Good for families looking for a beach resort, it’s also close to the airport.
  • Zona Hotelera/Las Glorias Central with a good selection of hotels, but as the name suggests, that’s mostly about it for this area.
  • Centro / 5 de Diciembre – Mix of tourists and locals, and my personal preferred area to stay in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Conchas Chinas – Removed from Puerto Vallarta, quite south from the rest, quiet and peaceful. Good for romantic getaways.

Read more of my guides for around Puerto Vallarta:

I hope this helped you plan your trip to Puerto Vallarta!

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