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25 Restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico—Where to Eat and Drink!

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I’m honestly not one to make a whole write-up on restaurants in a place I lived, but Sayulita has some great spots to eat, and I had to share!

From my favorite Mexican breakfast ever to delicious churros to where to get mimosas… I hope this helps you find some cool restaurants in Sayulita to visit during your time here.

Restaurants in Sayulita

PS – I lived here for a total of about nine months, so I did a pretty good job of testing out most places in town for you!

Google maps with pin points of restaurants in Sayulita.
Click the image to view a clickable map of restaurants in Sayulita.

Breakfast Restaurants in Sayulita

This is where I would eat my brekkies. They all have some sort of lunch option as well and are perfect for brunches if you’ve had a rough start to your day.

1. Anchor Cafe

Bagel sandwiches are my thing here! They also have delicious smoothie bowls and chia bowls. I loved how they are just off the main drag but still in the mix of being in the center of town.

2. Yah Yahs Cafe

Another vote for their brekkie bagels! English muffins, regular western breakfasts, etc. are on order here, and I LOVE their Dirty Chai.

If you have a sweet tooth, you NEED to order their cinnamon buns.

3. Alquimista

This spot was the closest to my house and one of the first places I tried.

It became my favorite restaurant in Sayulita for breakfast! The only issue is their chilaquiles are so good I can’t get myself to order anything else.

So chilaquiles and an agua fresca is my regular order here, and it’s the best in town if you were to ask me. I also need coffee when I get up, and I liked theirs a lot, so I got my bags of coffee from here to bring home.

The owner was handed down his father’s organic coffee farm. I even smuggled some coffee bags back to the US with me I liked it so much!

4. Tierra Viva

The fish ceviche and guac are good here, and the calamari is tasty, but I can’t lie, I like Tierra Viva for brunch.

Outside looking in Tierra Viva restaurant during brunch.
Tierra Viva is a great brunch spot! Mimosa please.

They have a yummy shrimp benedict for brekkie and mimosas, and that’s sometimes all I want! They also offer a coworking space on their second floor.

5. Miscelanea

You’ll miss this spot if you don’t look out for it; it’s down a small alley and set in a cute courtyard.

A beautifully arranged plate of sourdough toast, spinach salad and two perfectly poached eggs on top at the restaurant Miscelanea.
Missing some sourdough and perfectly poached eggs? Look no further than Miscelanea.

They have excellent breakfast options like avo on toast, shakshuka, and other favorites. Great coffee and chai, too! They are definitely a bit pricier than some of the other spots, though.

6. Organi-K

Healthy foods, sandwiches, and super yummy shakes! And they have a very cute dining area.

Restaurants in Sayulita

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Lunch and Dinner Restaurants in Sayulita

7. Naty’s Tacos

If you want a quick, authentic, flavorful taco, Naty’s will be a good choice! This a great lunch spot with meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

Their prices are cheap (like $1.25 for a taco), and the service is quick and good. They have some tables out on the street and down a little alley.

8. Gaby’s Tacos

You might not notice this taco stand because it’s almost quite literally a hole in the wall, but their fish tacos are some of the best in town.

Gaby waving the peace sign at her side street taco stand.
Gaby’s Fish Tacos.

You can order them and sit on the plastic stools on the sidewalk or take them across the street to sit on some concrete benches.

Three fish tacos close up with a beer in the background to wash it all down at gaby's tacos restaurant.
Inexpensive for what you get and extremely satisfying.

The fish is perfectly battered, and she has some toppings for you to add, like spicy onions and sauces. It’s anything but fancy, but it’s SO good, don’t miss this spot!

9. Pizza Venezia

Honestly, their sign that says “Best Pizza in Mexico!” might actually be true! It’s definitely the best pizza in town.

Large personal pizza at Pizza Venezia restaurant in Sayulita.
So big I had trouble finishing it myself!

Your pizzas are cooked in a brick oven, and they let you put any toppings you want on it for $5. Not bad! The staff are nice, and no matter how busy they get, they quickly put out food.

I also rarely ever order pasta at restaurants, but there’s next-level pasta here if you have a craving for it!

10. La Rustica

Pizza and pasta again, but slightly more upscale. Their mushroom truffle pizza was very good. But while I enjoy the food here, I honestly still kind of like Pizza Venezia a bit better!

Outdoor dining at la rustica restaurant.
Beautiful setting for dining at La Rustica.

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11. Miranda Pizza

As if we didn’t have enough pizza options, I feel obligated to say we liked this pizza spot too. What makes them unique is their sesame-sprinkled crust and delicious red sauce. They also serve some excellent passion fruit margaritas

Their new location just outside of town was also close to us, which helped.

12. Mary’s Restaurant in Sayulita

Located on a bustling street, Mary’s Tacos is a good option for a sit-down Mexican restaurant in Sayulita. Big portions, good meat, vegetarian options, and great prices. Boom.

Colorful street side seating at Mary's restaurant.
Mary’s restaurant is colorful and delicious.

13. Bichos Tacos

Bichos Tacos restaurant in Sayulita is set in a cute garden, and they serve up some quick and good Mexican food.

Three tacos with a side of beans.

They have a huge bar full of toppings you can pile on top as well. It’s super casual and not too far from the beach.

14. Casa de Chile Relleno

I like this location because it’s also on one of the hectic streets, but you can sit down and enjoy the action on the street from above because they have a second floor.

Close up of their special chile rellenos smothered in red sauce at Casa De Chile Relleno restaurant.
Yes, it tastes better than it looks.

They have a good mix plate with Chile Rellenos, of course. And their nachos are bigger than your face and are served with tons of good salsa.

Their waitstaff was always kind, attentive, and willing to chat and make a joke.

15. Public House

Go here if you have a craving for burgers and fries. They are SO good, and for all my vegetarians out there, they have a veggie burger and the Impossible Burger!

Burger, fries and a beer at Public House with a view of the main plaza of Sayulita.
Burger, fries and a Victoria at Public House!

I also love their location because they have a great second-floor balcony for people watching over the square.

16. Tacos Tal Ivan

It might not look like much, but just on the street in the main square, you can’t help but notice Tacos Tal Ivan.

There’s a huge slab of al pastor being shaved here every day, and Garrett (My Mexican partner) says the al pastor tacos are delicioso!

A rotisserie of Al Pastor meat being shaved with a machete by the cook at Tal Ivan restaurant at the main square of Sayulita.
Tacos Tal Ivan in Sayulita.

For my veggos, they have mushroom and cheese tacos. They are cheap, easy and open late. They also have two locations in case one is too busy.

17. La Fogonera

Offers the best chorizo tacos in Sayulita, according to Garrett, featuring homemade chorizo.

A set of 3 Chorizo tacos with a background of the funky lit restaurant called La Fogonera.
The funkiest jungle spot to eat the best chorizo tacos of your life.

The vegetarian tacos with hibiscus flowers are a unique treat. Enjoy a variety of spicy to mild sauces, friendly service, and a cool, funky jungle-cave ambiance with intriguing lighting.

18. Casa Paraíso Restaurante Bar & Hotel

Enjoy their specialty, Paloma cocktails, with great views from the top deck bar. Don’t miss the tuna guacamole starter!

Rooftop view while sitting on lounge chairs with cocktails at Casa Paraiso restaurant.
Stunning views and great happy hour cocktails.

The venue offers a great dining experience, and if you’re a guest, there’s a really cool pool here.

19. El Italiano Sayulita

Small quaint restaurant with a pizza funghi to die for. The pizza-making process is a show in itself since the chef literally gets elbow-deep in the dough!

Waiting for the master pizzador to finalize our Funghi pizza pie.

Enjoy hand-stretched perfect dough with the perfect ratio of ingredients made by an Italian right here in Sayulita.

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Places To Eat in Sayulita for Dessert

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but here’s where I went when I got the craving…

20. Churros

No name little spot just over the bridge. They set up and serve churros starting around 4-5 pm! I’ve marked it on the map because there’s really no other way to explain where it is!

21. Chocobanana

They serve regular food as well, but they are quite famous for their chocobananas. It sounds exactly like what it is—a banana covered in chocolate. It’s perfect and not too sweet, which I love.

They are right in the central square, have great service, and a full menu for breakfast and dinner, too, but are popular for their choco-banana treats. If you want to take it a step further, order the choco-banana coffee! YUM!

22. Wakika Ice Cream Shop

Good fruit bars to cool you off on a hot summer Sayulita day. Period.

Holding a pinapple basil popsicle with mexican festive flags hanging above on the main street of Sayulita.
Good complimenting treat for a walk around Sayulita.

23. Mexicolate

A haven for vegans and chocolate lovers alike, offering delicious no-bake vegan brownies, a variety of unique chocolates, and a rich, frothy chocolate drink mix that’s surprisingly dairy-free.

Mexicolate storefront dimly lit with jungle vibes and tables along the street.
If you’re craving some of the best chocolate Sayulita has to offer this is the spot.

A perfect spot for satisfying your sweet tooth. We bought treats to bring home… they did not last long.

24. Luna’s

This is a fresh find in Sayulita for me. I love their fantastic happy hour with two-for-one mojitos and margaritas featuring quality liquor and fresh fruit mixers.

Cocktails are a highlight here at Luna’s.

The service is friendly, and the food is delicious. Highlights include the chile relleno and pastor quesadilla, both well-known dishes here. Don’t miss out on their homemade chips and guac!

25. Hamsa

Possibly the best pita falafel spot around… OK, fine, it’s the only one in town.

Me holding a delicious falafel sandwich at Hamsa restaurant.
Garrett and his delicious falafel sandwich at Hamsa.

This place is run by genuinely nice people, and despite its small size, the food, including perfectly moist falafel and freshly dressed pita, leaves you surprisingly full and satisfied. The cozy setting with a few tiny tables adds to its charm.

Where to Grab a Drink

Feeling a bit parched? While literally everywhere will have, at the least, cervezas being served up, here’s a quick run down on where I love to grab a drink…

Enjoying a cocktail at Escondido Bar in the central plaza area of Sayulita.
At Escondido Bar!
  • YamBak – Your go-to spot for awesome craft beer and hanging out late.
  • Bar Le Zouave – Super chill spot mixing Moroccan and Mexican vibes, super cool place to be.
  • Tierra Viva – Did someone say mimosas and brunch?! Woo!
  • Las Sireanas – Amazing beach bar for a drink, especially in the quieter parts of the beach.
  • Goat Beach Club – Awesome bar with swings instead of chairs, right on the beach!
  • Sayulita Public House – Perfect for grabbing a beer and people-watching from the second floor.
  • Escondido Bar – The top spot for some really amazing cocktails (just a heads up, it’s a bit pricey).
  • Barrilito Sayulita – Love watching people here while enjoying a beer, right by the main square.
  • Lucid – Great for Happy Hour deals and super close to the beach. Also a fun place to hang out at night. But, staying in a hotel nearby? Maybe think twice.
  • Cava – This small bar is all about mezcal, offering around 50 different kinds!
  • Luna’s – It’s a regular restaurant, but their Happy Hour rocks with 2-for-1 margs or mojitos at just 100 pesos!

Where to Go Food Shopping in Sayulita

Since I lived here for around nine months in total, for anyone visiting for the long term, I wanted to give a quick summary on where to go food shopping.

Storefront at Paninos Express with all the delicious bread in the display window.
The best cinnamon rolls and bread can be found here at Paninos.
  • Paninos Express Sayulita – Are you a coffee and fresh bread snob like us? Great, this is where to go to get your coffee to brew at home and some delicious baked bread!
  • Alas Blancas Store – This is where you should go to the ATM and find a few needed goods like a beer for the beach, a bottle of soy sauce, or some quick snacks on the go. We like how they ring everything up with a computer screen for you to see the price. There’s no shady sh*t happening here.
  • Groceries/Produce – There are a few spots we like going to; our two favorites are on the main highway here and here. The latter has a nicer staff but has a smaller selection. For in-town groceries, we go here.
  • Fresh Fish – You can go here or around here (there is no pin on Google) for fresh fish and seafood. The latter is harder to find and literally seems like someone’s house because it kind of is; there’s no sign or anything. You’ll be able to smell the fish from the outside, though. That one is our favorite of the two because it’s a bit cheaper.
  • Foreigner groceries – You can go here for some nice but expensive organic stuff or here to find some more “specialty” stuff you might find back home.

I hope you found some great restaurants in Sayulita to visit during your stay!

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