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You Know You Live in Thailand When…. Part ‘Song’ (2)

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Here’s a continuation of the  “You Know You Live in Thailand When….” list I have compiled. There are a few contributions from the comment section of the first list that I added at the bottom. Feel free to add even more in the comments if you got some more 🙂

You know you live in Thailand…

– When “pet nit not” is one of the first phrases you learned. (little spicy)

-When you know that ordering your food “pet nit not” will really bring you a tolerable spiced dish… if you’re lucky.

– When you can hear the electrical wires as you pass by them because they look like this:

–  When you can ride down the highways for kilometers on end and see several stands on the way all selling the.same.exact.thing. (pomellos, sugary floss in wrap- a Muslim dessert (Roti Sai Mai))

– When you can drop off your laundry at a random washing machine set on the side of the road.

– When you use one of those laundry machines and come back late, someone will nicely put your laundry in your bag for you. If you’re lucky, the washer didn’t munch on any of your clothes.

-When you have a fear of knocking something over in the market because they are sometimes set up like this…:

thailand market
omg… that would burn if it toppled on your legs.

-When bamboo scaffolding is used for multiple story construction.

– When construction workers in flips flops and welders with no eye protection are totally normal.

-When a walkway is also in fact an area for a store to display its products.

street in thailand
Uhm, excuse me… this is the walkway.

– When you can sit down in the middle of the street on plastic chairs with sweat dripping down your face, and the smoke from a wok wafting in your eyes, and still thoroughly enjoy your dining experience and food.

– When you eat with a spoon and fork only. Chopsticks too! Knife? What’s that?

fried rice thailand
fried rice – eaten with spoon and fork. Spoon in the right, fork in the left.

– When you get slightly excited for a real napkin so you don’t have to use 35 mini tissue papers or toilet paper.

– When you get excited to read the menu for the hilarious translation to English attempts.

– When you have been told the harsh truth to your face in the nicest and most innocent way possible. They tell you if you look tired, they tell you if you’re fat. Got bags under your eyes? They might say you look dead or like a panda……………but no offense is taken.

– When no offense is taken when they ask you for your age and how much you make within 5 minutes of meeting you.

– When you know what “555” means in a text.

– When you are used to blasting advertisement trucks passing by your street.

– When you pass a Big C and know Tesco Lotus is only another minute up the road.

– When you know lemons are really limes.

– When it’s completely normal to witness a full blown conversation between two people on their motorbikes as they drive down the road together.

– When you are amazed that they can carry boxes on their motorbike while texting or talking on their phone and still drive straight.

– When you see one person driving their motorbike with their foot pushing their friends motorbike who probably ran out of gas.

– When animals in restaurants are totally acceptable. Animals nearly anywhere for that matter… I had stray dogs and birds in and out of my classroom even!

– When a huge jar of sugar is at every table but you never ever use it. (They use it to cut the spice down a bit on their spicy dishes)

– When an ant or a hair in your food doesn’t even phase you.

– When it’s hard to distinguish if “it’s” a ladyboy or a woman.

– When some ladyboys are prettier than real woman.

– When this describes your eating habits:

Eat More Rice Bitch (gun to your head)
Eat More Rice Bitch (gun to your head)

– When you know safety is of the least of their concerns. Water in the boat? Mai ben lai. Seatbelt? Mai mee. Speed limit? Like… I should go faster? This is safe to climb? OK..!

– When there isn’t a trash can for what seems like miles and miles….(**Hopefully you’re not the D-bag who just throws it on the floor! If the Thai’s do- I don’t agree, but it’s their way, their country. If you come from the Western world and do it- SHAME ON YOU!)

– When you get so overly excited for finding good falang food… Falafel? Cheese? MEXICAN?! OMG!

-When you see a pharmacy nearly as often as a 711.

– When you don’t even flinch as they pick their nose in the middle of your conversation.

– When you see a business or a stall selling the most random things together. I have seen a market lady sell wallets and tomatoes, the Kodak shop selling hair accessories and barrettes, and a jewelry and gold store selling bananas just to name a few…

Here we have fish and clothes!
Here we have fish and clothes!

– When you have a secret hatred towards condensation. You almost prefer your drinks room temperature so you can avoid the epic flooding that will ensue as soon as the drink leaves the fridge.



“You know you live in Thailand when there is a Thai price and a falang price for almost everything!”Mai ben lai …

Adventurous Andrea:

“Ohhh, I miss cheese so! I was excited when I went to Bamboo Bee last night and saw they had an avocado-cheese sandwich. When I asked what kind of cheese, I was told, “plastic.” “


“When you wake up and that hot girl from last night has a morning beard.”

Kru David:

“When you get a toastie at 7-11 because you are craving “western food” hah.”

Wanda Lost:

When you can’t walk through a group of people without dipping your head…”

Side note: No, some of these things may not apply all the time, to all Thai’s, in all areas, everywhere..blah blah. This list is for fun!

Where will you go after Thailand?

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<3 Oh, Thailand <3

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  1. Never a dull moment.

    At least once a week I see something that never fails to amaze me but ultimately makes me appreciate Thailand more.

  2. I guess I know one thing’s for sure – I don’t live in Thailand. LOL what a great list but some of those things are just crazy. Gold store selling bananas? Clothes and fish? And the fish is just out right buy the clothing wont they start to have an order like the fish after awhile?

    My wife love spicy foods so she would really enjoy herself. Those powerlines are a little scary though if you ask me. And I guess you really better eat up when it comes to rice. May favorite is that some ladyboys are prettier than the women. That made me laugh.