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Part of the reason I travel is because I want to experience, see, taste, and do new things.

I’m a person that gets bored easily. I need entertainment, new surroundings, a way to never have the same routine. I want anything and everything under the sun in my life so I can suck up all the awesomeness it has.

So this is why I LOVE to travel. Everything is new! I love new.

India was very…interesting… I am happy and grateful for having the opportunity to go and  do something new.

New isn’t always good though.

At the end of the day, it’s another life experience, and yes, I’m happy for all of them!

Visiting India for the first time  – here is my experience :

So here are some things that happened to me or that I did, that I’ve never done before in my life… This was my first time in India. If I only knew

Some are cool, some are weird, and some are seriously fucking gross. Enjoy…


11. I wiped myself with my left hand.

Bum gun? Nope. Toilet paper? Lol!! Yeah, right. (and I’m so dumb for forgetting it!)

What’s left to do?

So gross, but that happened. I haven’t even done this in Southeast Asia! Wtf. Ew.


10. I ate food -twice- that was cooked by cow shit.

Yes, you read that correctly. The family we stayed with cooked food using cow shit as charcoal. Dinner time aromas were not pleasant! However, I’ll admit, the food did taste good. My boyfriend “mysteriously” got ill the next day…


If it’s you are visiting india for the first time , beware when you get off the beaten track that this might be how your dinner is cooked. Bon appetite!

visiting india for the first time

Choco cookies?! Oh! Macaroons?! Nope, just dried piles of cow shit.


9. I petted some cows.

Cows everywhere. Cuteness level- unbearable. I had to give a few a nice pet.
visiting india for the first time

This one came up to me!


8. I wore a lengha

Traditional India wear for a wedding is real business, man! I had so much material in my skirt I could have made several dresses out of it. I was lugging around this skirt like a damn lumber jack, trying not to trip and make a fool out of myself, and I was also bedazzled to the max!


7. I was blessed by a woman who was on a motorbike as I walked passed her. 

I was walking in the street and this woman riding on a motorbike that I was walking passed just touched my head and forehead and said a little blessing. I was taken back at first because it was chaotic, I couldn’t see where the hands were coming from at first and if I could trust it, but I later realized what she did. Thanks lady!



6. I took a taxi to a place 6 hours away.

6 hours on a taxi? Never! I take the cheapest option which is often a bus. But our friend organized it for us and told us it was the safer and faster option, and since Garrett was dying from his cow-poop-cooked food illness, it was the best choice and probably the best $40 spent for the sake of comfort.


5. I stayed in a hotel room for about 48 hours because I had no desire to leave.

New Delhi? No thank you. That psychotic mess of a place was not on my list of places to venture around. I just needed to use the airport there. We accidentally miscalculated our days and thought we had one day there when we actually had two. Nearly 48 hours of safe bliss in a nice room with room service. Worth it. We got lots of work done! (there were valid reasons for not wanting to leave the room, I’ll experience Delhi another day, this just wasn’t my time.)


4. I got blessed at a temple and given a necklace, bracelet, and bindi

It was a slight scam (unsurprisingly) but a cool experience. I’ve been blessed before at a temple but never adorned with goodies like this. I got a bindi, red string bracelet, and a wooden bead necklace as the gentleman mumbled and hummed a little prayer so I could get up to the 13th level of this cool temple, Tera Manzil, on the sacred Ganged River. Epic views and definitely a highlight to see in India.

india temple rishikesh - visiting india for the first time

3. I showered in the dark as well as out of a midget spigot.

Two different situations…
We stayed at a house with no light in the bathroom. I guess I peeed in the dark too but I’m sure I’ve had to do that elsewhere. Showering in the dark wasn’t so bad. I had my cell phone flashlight to assist. Thanks, Lifeproof case!
I’ve had bucket showers, but a shower out of a spigot? Nope, that hasn’t happened. Funny enough, there was a shower, it just didn’t work. Oh, yeah, and it was midget sized.
visiting india for the first time

That shower head didn’t work. I used the spigot behind it.


2. I literally got sick from the pollution.

This was the worst! It was my first time in India, and I definitely underestimated the pollution problem. I was sniffly, wait, no, that sounds on the verge of cute, I had a fucking waterfall of snot pouring out of my nose and sneezed and cough profusely my last few days. I’m still getting rid of the snot as I write this. It’s fucking gross.


1. I changed my flight home

 I’ve never changed my flight in my life. India was a place I very curious about but I got my taste and decided I would rather chill for my last two weeks in Asia elsewhere, like on a nice chill island. It was only $27 to change my ticket. I did it and I’m happy I did. I nearly wanted to kiss the streets of Bangkok.

Why exactly did I change my flight? I’m sorry to report, but it’s because it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like India, here’s why.


BONUS! This one is more of a thought than an occurrence but I literally “missed” the crazy streets of Thailand. Thailand is notorious for crazy drivers and road conditions, but seriously….India…I’ve never seen anything like it. The streets were even more of a mess compared to Southeast Asia and I wasn’t sure that was even possible. Also, the amount of honking was beyond obnoxious. Far beyond! I’m convinced they do it because they are bored or something!? If you see a lane of stopped cars-it’s called a traffic jam. Everyone wants to go. Honking will not make the traffic clear up any quicker. Shut. Up.


Holy shit, India is intense as fuck. However it was another experience in my life, and I’m always thankful for new experiences… Thanks…? India. Visiting India for the first time is challenging but you get to learn a lot in the process.


What weird stuff happened to you in India? What happen to you while visiting India for the first time ?

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visiting india for the first time



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