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5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Like India

5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Like India

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Whoa, India has some attractive reasons to visit! A super rich vibrant culture, AMAZING food that I absolutely love, nice people, tons of places to go, mountains to beaches to deserts, and a wealth of other perks. Unfortunately, I decided I didn’t like India.

My boyfriend and I decided to go after getting invited to a wedding- Hell yeah!

While we had some lovely experiences, India proved to not be for me. I’ve been traveling for nearly five years and many of these occurrences below happened to me many times before, but I found everything to be amplified in India by 10, and for that, I wasn’t impressed and I didn’t enjoy my time there.

WARNING: You are about the read the opinion of a single human being. This person went to India with an open mind, and formulated an opinion after a few weeks. This is not to turn anyone away from India. This is not meant to generalize the entire country (India is freakin huge.) This is an opinion and experience piece. Perhaps India had an off two weeks? Perhaps the wrong impressions were made? Who knows?

This is someone’s opinion after their experience in India, so take it as that, and that only.

Overly sensitive people and those who can’t handle reading an opinion of another person that’s not the same as theirs can stop reading now.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t like India. Maybe I’ll try it again another day, long down the road…Maybe.

I just felt so incredibly uncomfortable the majority of my time there. It was unfortunate.

Here are just a few of my unfortunate experiences, and why I doubt I’ll want to travel to India again…

The Nice Lie

Being super friendly and making you feel comfortable and then lying to you.

The problem: you don’t realize it’s a lie until too late.

The top two occurrences of this unfortunate situation…

The Friendly Taxi

Our Indian friend got us a taxi, he called this taxi his friend. He picked us up to go grab my dress and Garrett’s suit for the wedding.

He brought us to a rental shop, we got the suit, picked up my dress, went to the ATM (mistake), and then he all of a sudden needed gas (he didn’t). He requested 500R ($8) stating he was our taxi for the day, the evening and probably tomorrow too (another event for the wedding).

We didn’t want to be rude to our friend’s friend and he had been so nice! Since he was driving us around all day and such, we handed it over thinking, why not? He’s driving us, he deserved a few bucks (our friend told us we didn’t owe him anything, but we figured he deserved some money). There are plenty more details that made this scam so much more apparent (afterwards) and the pieces fit perfectly, he did a very good job. Needless to say, after the initial drop off we never saw him again. He wasn’t really a friend.

The kicker: As if stealing 500R wasn’t enough, this dude had the gall to order a large bottled water and tea and put it on our tab at the hotel he picked us up from without asking. We didn’t notice until we checked out the next day.

The Computer Dude

The second scam was in Rishikesh when my MacBook charger crapped out on me.

Not having a computer is not an option for me. I needed one and a trusted electrician I found online with three great reviews seemed to be the best and only solution.

He was so nice!! Making a long story short, I was promised a brand new original Apple charger and he gave me a bunk one. It was obvious to us it wasn’t a real Apple. I was insulted he thought I was that dumb.

The problem was, I was desperate for one so I bought it, but I didn’t give him the 5500R ($85) he wanted and only gave him 3000R. Still a lot of money ($46) for a non original. If he would have given me a real one-I would have given him his asking price, but he lied.

Apparently lying is a very a common thing. Even between locals. We saw the lying day in and day out with our experiences and even the locals around us. Deceiving others seems to be common practice. I wasn’t down with that.

Burning Holes Into My Soul

A slight exaggeration? Perhaps, but well justified.

If they stared any harder, I’m sure my soul would have permanent scarring from the laser beams that streamed out of their eyeballs that seemed to come from every direction.

I never ever had the desire to travel India alone, mostly for the unwanted attention such as gawking stares, but I was with my boyfriend and still got gawked at on the regular.

Gawked is actually too nice of a word, I need a more intense word to describe this. It was so bad, I FELT violated. I have been stared at plenty over the last few years of travel, but this…this was unprecedented. I have no further words.

Privacy = Nonexistent

So along with the staring… If that wasn’t bad enough, it was often done in close proximity.

The idea of privacy or personal space is nonexistent. I knew this coming to India, but the extent of it I wasn’t prepared for.

Strangers looked over my shoulder when I was checking my work email on my phone. Are you f-ing kidding me?

At our local friend’s house, everyone was so lovely, but at the same time, it got a bit annoying and creepy. People and children would just sit there with us and stare. For hours upon hours. I’m not exaggerating.

If we got up to do anything (sometimes even to just walk to the bathroom) we would get followed. I felt like I was in a circus and I was the freak show everyone wanted to see.

My boyfriend and I went outside to get some “fresh” air (fresh is a joke, this area was so polluted), but the reason being, all we wanted was just to be alone for maybe ten seconds… Nope. About 10 people followed- to do nothing more but stare. It just got to be too much.

To state that I was uncomfortable would be the understatement of the year.

rishikesh ganges river 5 reasons why i didn't like india


Selfies and Pics

Why would you want a picture with a random stranger?

I still don’t have the answer to this question but lots of people there apparently want it. Yes, I know it’s likely just for the “novelty (?)” factor of seeing a foreigner but…really??? Random strangers would come up to us and ask to take a selfie.

It was again, very uncomfortable, but that’s not even the worst part. At least these people asked, so I entertained them and said yes. Some people would just shove their phone in our face and take a pic. What.the.fuck. !? That- Just no… NO!

The most annoying occurrence, and I’m not sure if this should go here or under my lack of privacy category, was when I was asked for a picture while I was mid chew.

The background: This individual saw me a total of three days and got a picture before. I had not eaten in 10 hours. I was eating dinner, and, this, to him, was the perfect time to ask me to take a picture……….?!

Side note-I was hangry AF. Fuck off with your photo! Give me food!!!!

Pictures might seem a bit petty to be annoyed with, but after a few days with people constantly doing it to you… – no. At least celebrities get paid millions a year to deal with it.

Any Idea When or What?

I get the concept of time. I get that some cultures don’t get the concept of time/ just don’t care about it.

After all, I’ve spent the last 4.5 years living on Thai time. I like Thai time! I’ve adopted it. I’m cool with it. I get it.

India takes it to the next level, a level that seems next to impossible.

We were never told what time (or round about time) of when things would start or what they wanted or expected of us. It was as if we needed to read minds. Or maybe blindly follow along like puppets?

We ordered a taxi and asked for the time he would get there. We never got the time and when we walked out of our hotel that morning to grab food, he had been waiting for us. We had to pay extra for his wait time.

Were we supposed to be ready and waiting all day with our thumbs up our ass?

On the wedding day, we had no idea what was going on the entire time, and without divulging all the details for the sake of not offending anyone, we were quite unprepared for an event that was to last around 15 hours…15 hours+!!!!!!

Lastly, my own money was spent without my knowledge. Again, I’ll leave out specifics, but I was told my wedding outfit would be cheap. Cheap, as in let’s go to the market and pick out something nice but cheap for you- something very viable here.

Instead I was stuck paying $35 for a rental. If you haven’t traveled in this region, that might sound cheap, but in reality $35 for a rental of a garment is astronomical. I probably could have bought at least three awesome and wedding appropriate outfits to keep with that money. And again- it was spent without consulting me! My money! (My boyfriend was stuck with the same situation.)

For the record:

– Yes, I did my research but nothing could have prepared me for actually being here.

– Yes, I was careful with what I wore. Shoulders and knees covered. Still looked at as if I was a naked clown juggling puppies.

– Yes, we went further off grid than many people and I think this was a big problem for us. It’s unfortunate, as these experiences are meant to be more authentic, but instead, it was just downright the most uncomfortable position I’ve ever been in. In my entire life.

– Yes, the occurrences at the more tourist friendly Rishikesh weren’t as bad, but definitely still happened.

– Yes, we met some amazing people and saw some phenomenal places! This is not to generalize the entire country!

– Yes, I know I only spent two weeks and saw a small amount of the country, but I had enough of an introduction to the culture and people to understand that I don’t think I belong there. Yes, I’ve heard Goa is amazing and different. I’ll think about returning after I check off about 45 other countries off my list.

– Yes, I know this is just another culture and the way things are, but this is my opinion and my explanation of why I probably wouldn’t want to go back, and why I’m sorry I’m not sorry, but I didn’t like India.

I have the right to my opinion, just like a country has the right to keep in their own ways. It doesn’t mean I have to like it. Not everyone will enjoy every single place they go.

AGAIN- This is not meant to offend or generalize. I’m not ignorant- I understand this is their culture and the way things are. This is my opinion, and you should go to India to form your own.

I wouldn’t want to spend my precious time and money on a place that makes me feel so incredibly uncomfortable, and at the same time- Not give the country the appreciation that it deserves- because India is a fabulous country… All countries are in their own way.

This one just wasn’t for me…

I aim to travel the world and experience as much as I can, but the reality is, not all experiences and places are going to be entirely positive and magical.

So I (we) didn’t like India to the point where my boyfriend and I changed our flight to escape a week earlier. I know many enjoy India and I can see the positives of it. I even had many firsts in India. For me, the taste I got just wasn’t pleasant enough for me to stay or have a desire to return anytime soon.

I’m sorry, but from my experience, I didn’t like India.

Thank you, but no thank you, India.

What was your experience there? How did you like India?

Try pinning me for later. Promise it feels good to share!

Why I didnt like india


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Tuesday 12th of February 2019

After reading your blog and most of the comments, I have to say its full with comments and exaggerations meant to offend the sentiments of people from a country, you deemed as a third world country from the very beginning of this blog if choice of words for title is anything to go by. (Why I didn't like India not why I didn't like so and so Indian cities ). You made opinions about whole Indian diaspora of 1.3 billion people based on brief stay of two weeks at some poorly selected locations for travelling. Wow!

You traveled to India to attend a wedding ceremony without having any prior knowledge of the whole rituals and rites of Indian wedding and ended up blaming: it went on and on for 15 hours. What were you thinking: it would be like let's say, 'I do', pop a bottle of champagne and go to your merry way. Even that type of wedding go on for full day or weeks if you include all functions. Go and search on google, there are so many foreigners who come to India round the year to attend Indian weddings through portals like JoinMyWedding and many more. You attended your friend's wedding, a friend you knew enough about to attend her wedding even then you had trouble in finding a friendly face.

Visiting Delhi was worst decision you have made especially when you had taken no precaution against pollution. Knock, knock! Delhi is most polluted cities in the world. If you were searching for a ecofriendly state you should have visited Kerela, its called tourists paradise for reason. Delhi is national capital and industrial zone of India, inviting millions for aspiring students and job seekers from every corner of India, so you can't find the privacy at place where everybody fighting for space.

Staring and clicking photos, sorry but I visited places both in Rishikesh and Delhi teeming with foreigners greeting cheerfully, 'Namaste' at every turn without any purpose. I didn't see any Indian enthusiastic about taking selfie unless a foreigner ask for it. In fact its common habit found among foreigners to take photos of everyting, they find unusual. A women is bathing on Ganga ghat, take selfie. A women dressed in traditional wear, take selfie. A vendor is selling bhel puri, take selfie. Its like we are nothing but baboons about to be extinct in few years and most humiliating part we can't object because they are nothing but innocent researchers capturing picture of poor and hungry people in India to show true reality of India. Some of them even ask their travel agents to take them strictly to the places where they can find only slums because India is nothing but a BIG slum in their opinion. Research or not, its violating someone's privacy, who don't even understand such terms exist. So, I think it goes both ways but you already know that.

You whining about about being cheated when you knew from the very beginning that the guy was a fraud and your sentiment contradicts your statement. If you were that smart to recognize a fake charger then I think you were smart enough to google Apple service center in Delhi. There are not too many since Apple is not popular and affordable brand here so you wouldn't have problem in locating authorized center. Same goes for the taxi driver incident, for someone who boast of being a travel expert and expat with experience of 4.5 years. You don't even know the basic do's and don't of traveling. Never trust a stranger who thinks you are a stranger. If you have this naive attitude of trusting friends of friends, you end up being broke whether in US or Jamaica.

People were staring at you, might be because they where wondering 'why this gal is looking like death warmed over her or she is hiding a loaded gun'. Its something happens to everybody when they land in foreign territory with dumbstruck expression on their face. At least they were not thinking that you were a terrorist and think of calling to 911. That would have been most freaking thing to do but Indian were treated like that all time in your country. Perhaps, if you had stopped wearing expression of distate at every turn like you sniffed something awful and made sincere efforts in integrating with masses, it would have been a more exciting opportunity to learn the richness of a culture that has been passionate curiosity of many historians and explorers since medieval age but I hardly think doing a comprehensive blog based on established facts and extensive research was ever your agenda otherwise this article wouldn't wrapped up in just five reasons for not liking India after visiting only few cities in narrow time period of 2 weeks. The title of the blog itself spoke volumes for your racist attitude towards Indian culture and Indian people in general. You wouldn't be the first nor the last. But I think your travel experience will be less painful and more soul warming if you scribble out your nitpicking blindfold from your list of must have things when you visit a third world country. Don't forget this third world country is world fastest developing country. That wouldn't be possible if Indians were lazy ass with no value for time and money.

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam!


Friday 8th of February 2019

Hi, I am a foreign expat trailing spouse living in Gurgaon for 2 years now. Locals ask me, Do you like India? I can't comment right away. What I liked about my life here... nice jewelry, dress, authentic curry, peacock and monkey and cow I encounter on a daily basis... But so many things I find I didn't like about my life here (*_*;. I thank you for your blog. Now I know I'm not the only one. I hope I can come back here to feel different when I have a chance to visit as a tourist. For now, I'm glad that my days here is almost over.


Wednesday 30th of January 2019

As a Indian staying in USA, I feel the same like you folks feel in India. American attitude and way they treat people of minority is completely ridiculous! Let alone the locals even the government acts like we are a burden on them when in reality we are way more qualified and better employed than them. I hate the fact that I cannot drive my car in a hoodie without cops thinking I’m a thug and arresting me ( I would never have to think about this in India). The women in USA act like h*es who only hang around with wealthy guys and once theirs no fun anymore they abundant them, as compared to Indian women who stick around no matter what happens. I feel India is the safest and the best country in the world. I really want to return to India and live my life without any worries


Tuesday 5th of February 2019

Then return to India. We don't need uncultured baboons like you here.


Sunday 27th of January 2019

Hi! I'm not a reader of your blog and found it by googling "why do I have such a bad time in India" : / Apparently I'm not alone!

Me and my girlfriend were invited to a wedding of my colleague. Long story short, 2 days after landing and even before attending the wedding, we were looking for an early tickets to save ourselves and getting out of there! that never happened though because of my friend and we stayed two weeks. The worst two weeks of holidays I've ever experienced!

Everything that you mentioned happened to us! EVERYTHING!

They stare at you like the way you killed their entire village! It's not even staring... It's something else! It's like they hate you... They stare with some weird mad face which gives you a very ugly vibes...

Lying, stealing,cheating, chaos, being ripped off. dirt, Zero understanding of privacy. I couldn't relax at all.

Tried Qutub Minar and Golden triangle... a security guard took my phone to take pictures of me and my girlfriend and then asked for money. Had to pay to get my phone back.

I thought Uber is safe, "I don't have change" is the most common thing you'll hear if your credit cards are blocked for security reasons and have to pay in cash. When ever I contacted Uber that a driver didn't give me back the change, They immediately refund me, it's like it's a very common thing happening to tourists in India.

Wassup with everyone taking photos with us? Some without even asking! Some just trying to put us in their background! why do you even need a photo with a stranger that you just meet on street? They are obsessed with taking photos!

India? Never again...

Jeet Kaila

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

My husband and I (over 60) of Indian origin but born in Kenya now live in UK. Husband hadn’t been to India since 1974 and I had been twice before to visit family in Punjab. After retirement We were really looking forward to our trip - Agra, Rajasthan, Amritsar, Goa, roughly a month. We faced scams, lies on a daily basis. The noise, filth and lack of personal space. We thought we are going home and it was the most unfriendliest place. People in shops and taxis were out to get you. All the shoving and pushing with no regard or respect.

We saw some very interesting historical sights but everywhere there was an incident that made us feel very uncomfortable.

We were counting our days when we would get home. Never going to that god forsaken place again.

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