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I couldn’t unglue my face from the window of my plane. I was staring down in awe… Montenegro looked magical!

Greenery sprawling over little hills that perpetually popped off the surfaced of the earth in every direction that I looked and a beautiful lake sat there as serene as could be just glistening in the sun… Whoa! THIS is Montenegro!?

The plane plopped down on the runway and I waited for my bags, more ready than ever to get out and explore…


My trip to Montenegro was quite memorable and impressed me more than I thought it would. Before coming, I asked my readers on Facebook and on Instagram where I should go in Europe for a few weeks and Montenegro was mentioned quite a few times along side Croatia (which I visited next!).

So off to Montenegro I went! With very little knowledge of what it would offer, look like, or be like. I like to keep it spontaneous! Needless to say, I fell in love with its wild beauty…

Here’s a picture preview of what I saw. Stay tuned for a proper blog post but please enjoy this teaser of 21 incredible pictures from Montenegro… I promise they will make you want to visit!

UPDATE: Here’s my awesome one-week Montenegro itinerary!

Lake Skadar

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Lake Skadar is a total show off. There’s not one bad angle and it goes on for miles and miles. It even spills over into Albania!


There are hilltop fortresses and abandoned villages to explore that all provide a great view of the lake and the surroundings.


This horseshoe-shaped turn is the most epic view of Lake Skadar and you can pretty much have it all to yourself since not that many people even visit it.


There’s even chance of meeting some cute sheep friends for the day while they roam and munch around an old fortress.


The views are hard to beat from the million viewpoints that are sprinkled around its rim. There are villages to stop at and enjoy as well. If you notice, there’s a small island in the left center. It’s an abandoned prison island!


Even as you turn around to leave and drive all the way back down the hills, the beauty of the lake just doesn’t stop following you.

Tara River Canyon

Enjoying the Tara River on a mini beach at Camp Grab, one of the eco-villages set in this magical place.


I literally saw butterflies in the making!


Running down rapids and enjoying the refreshing cold water! You can drink the water straight from the river, it’s that clean and clear!


I found some waterfalls along the river and had to stop for a quick pic and a dip!


Bosnia on one side and Montenegro on the other. Tara River Canyon is a splendid example of Mother Nature at her best.

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Bay of Kotor

This is Our Lady of the Rock. It’s told that a picture of the Madonna and child painted by Lovro Dobricevic was found on a rock here. After apparently healing the founder of a long-term illness, people started throwing rocks in the area to build a church. This mini island off the coast of Perast has now been standing for centuries.


Sailing or boating is definitely one of the cool things to do. Especially if you’d like to visit Perast from Kotor.


The water is incredibly beautiful and clear and the scenery is surreal with its whitewashed structures against the rugged mountains.


Climbing the Kotor Fortress is an absolute must. No matter how many stairs you have to walk up, it’s so worth it. This is only about half way up and the most iconic shot of the fortress. Here’s a guide to Kotor so you don’t miss a beat!


It won’t be too hard to enjoy these views and impossible to regret that hike up! I enjoy this spot for hours. Don’t be scared to wander the area as there are plenty of hidden views points and ruins to discover.


There’s plenty to do in Ulcinj and the views just don’t stop giving and giving. The hotel I stayed at was just across from those cluster of islands!


incredible photos of montenegro what to do in montenegro 1111

While mini semi-private beaches make a great place for beach bumming…


You could get adventurous and try one of Ulcinj’s popular nudist beaches. There are a few mixed and one ladies only one! (Appropriately named Ladies Beach and where this pic was taken. Oh la la!) Scarf on for the pic, of course!


incredible photos of montenegro what to do in montenegro 1111

Just know beautiful views, refreshing and magnificent water, and plenty of rocky coves to lay in await you. Ulcinj has been one of my favorite coastal European towns so far!


So who just added Montenegro to their long list of places to go?

Read this amazing one-week Montenegro itinerary so you can see all these incredible spots!

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