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Why Visiting Vietnam Is A Must For Americans

Wouldn’t you love to visit a foreign country that holds a great deal of American history? There are many excellent options out there, but Americans definitely need to travel to Vietnam at least once in their lifetime.

Vietnam offers a wealth of historical attractions as well as plenty of adventure too! Here’s why visiting Vietnam is a MUST…

Beautiful Scenery

It is undoubtedly true that most Americans look at the country with doom and gloom. They just can’t seem to get past the atrocity of the war. And while this is an important piece of history and you should educate yourself while you’re here, it’s not the only thing you should do during your visit.

You will quickly find that our Vietnam is actually very beautiful. In fact, when you travel to Vietnam, you’re going to see landscapes that you’ve never seen before. The experience will definitely open your eyes and change your opinion about the country in general.

Friendly Faces

You wouldn’t think it, but Vietnam residents are actually very friendly. They’ll even be kind towards American tourists. When you visit a foreign country, you want to make sure that you’re going to be welcomed in with open arms. In some areas, you’re going to be shunned. In Vietnam, the locals will not be standoffish. They’ll invite you in and make you feel like a part of the family.

Great Cuisine

When traveling away from home, you’ll definitely want to spend some time testing out the local cuisine. This is something that Americans will absolutely love about Vietnam. The country is well known for its delicious food. You’re also going to love the fact that everything is going to be much more affordable in Vietnam. You can potentially eat two meals for the price of one.

Amazing Thai Food from the local streets

The Shopping Experience

Vietnam has some fine shopping establishments. You’ll find plenty of malls and stores. Of course, this isn’t the best experience that you’ll get. If you really want to experience Vietnam, you’ll want to shop with the local vendors. When you do, you’ll be given the opportunity to negotiate and barter with the locals. That is going to be a fun and totally unique experience. Just make sure that you do not get taken!

The History

As mentioned above, Vietnam has a lot of American history. After all, it was home to one of the worst American wars of all time. When visiting the country, we’ll be able to walk along the battlefields and relive the history for yourself. Sign up for a Vietnam tour and you’ll learn a great deal about the war and its toll on Vietnam and the United States.

Life Changing Experience

Finally, you should know that a trip to Vietnam can be a real-life changing experience. Traveling through the United States is great, but stepping outside of your comfort zone will be even better. Once you’ve seen the way people live in Vietnam, your eyes will open and you’ll cherish your life even more.

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  1. I love scenery and human in Vietnam. Next month, I will go to Da Nang with my wife. Hopefully, we have the fantastic experience there.