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Attention Americans: I’m Not Lucky, I Just Work For What I Want In Life

Attention Americans: I’m Not Lucky, I Just Work For What I Want In Life

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We’ve probably all been told at some point in our lives that we’re lucky.

Many tell me that I’m lucky to live the life I live.

People say I’m lucky that I get to work and live abroad, that I make my own schedule, I’m pretty much my own boss, and that I get to vacation in my backyard at nearly any given moment.

If I had a dollar for every person who told me I was lucky, I would be one rich bitch.

But when you live your life how you want, that doesn’t mean that you don’t face problems or roadblocks along the way.  I questioned what really made me lucky and how did I get where I am now. What really is luck?

>>> By definition, “luck” is: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Good fortune as a result of chance.

When you think about luck, it’s normal to correlate that connection with chance.  But when you work day in and day out to be where you want to be in your life, how the hell can one’s life be summed up as just happening, “by chance?”

The jobs I’ve worked towards in no way shape or form could be obtained by chance.  I went through the same process as everyone else, I searched, applied, got denied many times, spent countless hours tweaking my application for 500th time to make sure it was perfect for a specific job I was applying for; I still do this to this day! This is not luck.

So what can someone do to make “lucky” things happen in their life? What does one do to make what they desire manifest?

You need to learn to take the plunge and just go for what you want. That’s really what it comes down to.

When you want something so bad in your life, you can’t rely on the abstract idea of luck to get you to your final destination. Because at the end of the day, your life will not be a factor of luck or chance.

Are you manifesting what you want in life or are you just idling waiting and hoping for it to fall in your lap? That’s what you need to ask yourself.

It’s up to you to make sure the elements you strive for, happen.

When you pull yourself together and stop waiting around for something to happen and instead realize you yourself need to make it happen, then you start discerning how many things you can achieve.

Take travel, for example, many people think it’s expensive, a long distance dream, only for vacations…  But I knock down all those negative barriers by showing people I actually spend less traveling, you can earn money while you travel, and that traveling opens up many doors.

But that’s another story and I’ve spoken about that in detail in many other posts regarding living and working abroad.

The point is: Finding all that information and making it my life (because that’s what I wanted) wasn’t by chance, it was through determination, trial and error, research, and making it my life goals. I MADE it happen. Not one ounce of it was luck.

To everyone out there who ignores the obstacles others have had to overcome, by summing up their accomplishments to luck or chance, you’re wrong. 

Are the people who perform in the Olympics lucky? Or did they work tirelessly training for the skills needed to participate?

Are certain actors (excuse my lack of pop culture knowledge) lucky to now be making millions per movie? Or did they practically live on the street and apply for any gigs that came along for years until they finally broke the big screen?

You’ll get what you want in life by working hard.  The routes in order to get to those goals will likely be confusing, hard, and frustrating to reach. If it was easy, everyone would be doing what they wanted every day.

There are hard obstacles in every individual’s journey. But if you’re doing what you really want in life, wouldn’t life be better? Would it be more worth living?

What do you really want in life?

Everyone spends countless hours each day working on the tasks laid out in front of them. Jobs they don’t enjoy, things they are obligated to do.  It can make people feel stuck to be in the same mundane routine each day.

This is a waste of time in many ways.  While it does serve a purpose in the “now”, what will it do for you in the future? How will this routine get you closer to your goals?

Of course, you do it to put food on the table and a roof over your head, but where is there a rule about having to hate what you do just in order to live?

It’s time to wake up and come to the realization that if you want something in your life that you currently don’t have – You need to reach for it now.

It won’t be an easy transition, it won’t be overnight, it may be years before you see any substantial reward and the overall journey might suck, but the ending will always be the same if you stick with it:

Totally fucking awesome. 

Why? Because you actually want this. If you really want something, the ending can only be positive.

The point? Make your own “luck.”

Don’t leave it to chance that your dream job will fall into your lap, one day you will get that promotion, one day you will travel… “One day, one day, one day….” When will that day be if you don’t work for it?

We only live once.

You need to do what you want, no matter how impossible it seems, because this is the only way you will actually get anything out of life that you actually want.

Don’t think I’m an ungrateful little biotch though… Trust me, I have A LOT of luck too, and I know it! There’s a massive difference in what I actually am lucky for and what I’ve worked for. Don’t get these two confused.

That’s actually why this post is mostly aimed at Americans. We have similar “lucky” aspects of our lives that others would die for. I’m nobody special. I had the same life, the same luck, the same opportunities, the same education, etc as most Americans… And if you’re American, I bet you can do way more than what you give yourself credit for.

Let me know your thoughts on luck, do you feel like it plays a role in your life, or do you create your own? 

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