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GigSky Review: Is This eSIM Worth It?

Here’s my GigSky review after using it on my most recent trip—motorcycling in northern Vietnam!

If you’re unsure about eSIMs, need some extra coverage options, or just want a quick trial to see if you want one, GigSky may be the answer.

Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know!

GigSky Review: Quick Rundown

Pros 🤩

  • Convenient
  • FREE data when you sign up
  • Coverage in over 190 countries.
  • Better network service than others.
  • No contracts.
  • Plans for cruises and air travel

Cons 😔

  • The pricer option in some cases
  • No local phone number

Wait, What is GigSky? What’s an eSIM?

GigSky offers global mobile data services through eSIMs. In 2010, GigSky created a solution for travelers who need reliable internet access without the hassle of swapping physical SIM cards!

But what exactly is an eSIM?

A person putting a SIM card into a phone
Let’s say bye bye to SIM cards and hello to eSIMs!

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from a carrier without using a physical SIM card.

This technology is super convenient for frequent travelers because you can switch between different carriers and data plans without needing to hunt down a local SIM card every time you land in a new country.

Coverage and Plans

GigSky offers data plans in over 190 countries, so point to a place on the map and you’re probably good to go! Even if you land on a spot in the ocean… (wait for it…)

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, exploring Asia, or road-tripping across the Americas, GigSky has you covered.

You can choose from regional plans, which cover specific areas like Europe or Asia Pacific, or global plans that provide coverage in multiple regions.

Vietnam and Asia price plans for Gigsky.
Price plans for Vietnam

They also offer plans specifically for cruises and flights, ensuring you stay connected even at sea or in the air!

Compared to traditional SIM cards, GigSky offers the advantage of convenience and flexibility. You don’t need to find a local SIM card at each destination, and you can manage everything through the app.

Do I Actually Need an eSIM?

In short: Most likely, YES.

If you’re traveling short-term, you have a few options:

  1. Stay with your phone’s current provider, but ask how much international data is first! It might be reasonably priced enough.
  2. Get a physical local SIM when you land. But this means having to find one right off the plane and many times you’ll still need to have a phone that accepts physical SIM cards (TIP: Most new iPhones don’t!)
  3. Get an eSIM and skip the hassle altogether. You can do this in 5 minutes while waiting to board your flight to your destination.
Person on their phone.
Staying connected with an eSIM is so easy!

If you’re traveling long term, hopping around to different countries, are a digital nomad, like me, or similar:

  1. You can get a local SIM. This can often be cheaper than eSIMs, but usually only a bit. You may not always find eSIMs on offer, so you’ll need a phone with a SIM port. You also need to find the store, bring your passport, and potentially something else annoying… For every country you go to.
  2. OR… Just get an eSIM! Everything is done digitally with apps; no need to find a store, hand over a passport, sign up for a plan in 10 stores across the world… blah blah!

Something to note with local SIMs:

If you get a physical local SIM, don’t forget that unless you have dual ports, you’ll have to take your current SIM out.

Which means no texting or phone calls with your real number. Including two-factor authentication text. (Which used to be the bane of my existence before eSIMs)


Performance and Network—Is It Actually Good?

GigSky is a network operator and partners with over 400 cellular networks worldwide.

Essentially, with other eSIMs, you’re kind of tied into one network, but with GigSky, when one network experiences issues, Gigsky can automatically switch users to another network.

This is a pretty big deal since most other eSIMs are just resellers and have no control at all. But this isn’t the only cool thing about Gigsky’s network…

person riding on a plane looking through the window
Data (that actually works) on those loooong flights would be great.

They don’t only offer extensive coverage on land but also at sea and in the air!

Their service spans over 190 cruise ships and offers service in offshore areas like the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. For air travelers, GigSky provides inflight connectivity on over 20 different airlines.

Pretty sure nobody else can say they have reliable connections while out at sea or in the air!

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How to Set Up GigSky

After making sure you have an eSIM-compatible phone, setting everything up is easy!

  1. Download the App
  2. Create a Free Account
  3. Choose a Plan
  4. Activate eSIM
  5. Connect to Data
How GigSky works, download, install SIM, get connected.

The setup process is user-friendly, and the app guides you through each step. It takes just a few minutes to get everything up and running. Plus, if you run into any issues, GigSky offers customer support to help you out.

GigSky Review: My Personal Experience

I must say I chose a bit of a challenge for GigSky for my “test” on their coverage.

I took my eSIM straight out of Hanoi, Vietnam, and motorcycled around the north in the mountains!

The Ha Giang Loop in northern Vietnam was stunning but boy would we have missed some important turns and experiences if we didn’t have a connection.

Nina on her phone using GigSky with a mountain in the back,
Uhm… we got lost!

Several times, I actually had service when Garrett did not, as he was using an eSIM with another provider.

We wove in and out of small villages, between towering peaks, and even went chasing waterfalls.

I was without service only a few short times during the trip (truly in the middle of nowhere), and after asking Garrett if he had service—he didn’t—it seemed like nobody would have service in those spots anyway.

It kept me well-connected during my trip through the mountains and back to the big city!

Is It Worth It?

It really depends on your travel needs and habits. If you’re a frequent traveler who visits multiple countries in a single trip, GigSky’s convenience and extensive coverage are hard to beat.

Not to mention the added perks of staying connected while in the air and at sea, which is usually not an option for most providers.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a long stay in a single country, you might find that a local SIM card offers better value in the long run.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Don’t forget you can…

I hope this GigSky review helped you figure out if it’s right for your next trip!

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