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Best Cities for Students in Australia

Best Cities for Students in Australia

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The following guide is authored by Marie Nieves.

Limited with tight budgets, stressed about myriads of exams and motivated by an insatiable thirst for adventure, students are often faced with difficult decisions.

In the process of resolving the clash between personal aspirations and everyday obligations, it’s not uncommon for students to have to sacrifice what they want for what is necessary. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a change and that change awaits you in Australia.

It is totally possible to travel and study. With some of the most liveable cities in the world, an abundance of natural beauties and many student amenities, Australia is the country where you can have it all.

Best Cities for Students in Australia


Being Australia’s largest city, Sydney abounds in attractive options, from beautiful beaches to a vibrant, cosmopolitan city lifestyle.

Although Sydney is on the expensive side, it makes up for it by providing students with authentic student experiences filled with thrills and excitement this city brings.

If you’re planning to study in Sydney, you will have the opportunity to choose between some of the most respected universities in Australia which enjoy considerable prestige among employers. As for a shorter student visit, you can cut on the expenses by sharing accommodation with a roommate and use the money to explore the most popular attractions in Sydney.


Although Perth is considered one of the most isolated cities in the world, it’s also called the Education City of Australia offering the best education in the country.

Perth is a great choice for students who have a tight budget, but still want to experience the cosmopolitan vibe of Australian cities.

You shouldn’t worry about travelling to other parts of the country since Perth is well connected for air travel. Before opting for one out of the five Perth’s universities, take some time to explore them in order to find the one that meets your educational needs.


Another popular choice among students is Adelaide, Australia’s fifth largest city located on the south coast and world’s fifth most livable city. Adelaide is home to three respected universities and a large student population.

The cost of living in Adelaide is among the lowest in the country, which makes it a perfect destination for students.

Whether you’re planning to stay there permanently or temporarily, you won’t spend much on accommodation or transport, since it’s an easy city to get around. With its diverse culture, numerous festivals and perfect location between Perth and Sydney, Adelaide will provide you with memorable student years.

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Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is among the affordable cities in the country that will provide any student with a high-quality inclusive education.

Even if you’re not planning to stay in Brisbane, don’t miss its Orientation Day: The Brisbane Welcomes International Students Festival – you might even change your mind.

Owing to its inclusive character, the city radiates with a positive and homey atmosphere you’ll simply love. Since Brisbane doesn’t lack in interesting attractions, travel opportunities, and beautiful weather, you will be able to meet both your educational and personal needs.


Not only is Melbourne the most liveable city for students, but it’s also the most liveable city in the world.

Melbourne education enjoys worldwide prestige owing to its high-quality student services and qualified and experienced faculty.

What is particularly important for students is the fact that Melbourne universities maximise their students’ opportunities for employment by establishing connections with employers from around the world. As for the opportunities for student accommodation in Melbourne City, you can share accommodation with other students and enjoy the perks of a convenient location, high-tech study spaces, and trendy social areas.

Additionally, you will never be bored in Melbourne, since the city has a diverse culture and a rich music scene, and with various student discounts, you’ll be able to explore Melbourne in its entirety.

By opting for one of these Australian cities, you’ll be able to fill your student days with excitement and adventure. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet your educational needs, while simultaneously having a rich social life. 

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From living and working in Australia to just simply traveling around, I’ve got you covered. Australia is a gorgeous country and I know you’re going to love your adventures there regardless of what you choose to do.

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