WHOAAAA 2015 is done. Finito. Over. Fin.

It’s crazy how much can happen in year. So let’s see what I did in 2015…

Well, my year started out a bit like my last year. I went with good friends to enjoy New Year’s Eve on Koh Lanta and continued living it up in the Krabi region. I also had formed my own little hoop group somehow, which made me incredibly happy! Hooping is so much fun, getting others into hooping? Even more fun!


I was an extra in a German movie. That was an awesome experience! I literally got paid to chill on the beach, my fav one no less (Tonsai), and I made some new friends (and subsequently got them hooping too!)

I was potentially in two scenes… I need to figure out how to get my hands on, “Fack Ju Göhte 2.” Any Germans want to tell me if I’m in it? lol

I went back home to Florida and visited for a month, but on my way there I made a little stop over for the night in Shanghai. I loooove long layovers that allow me to see another place, even if it’s just for a few hours. I’ll take it! So I had 22 hours in Shanghai with my friend Kristen and we had an awesome time. Eating, drinking, dancing… Then back on a flight with no sleep!


During my month home I saw friends and family and then said goodbye again. I love visiting home and seeing all my loved ones, but I can’t help but feel I just don’t belong there. Everyone is also spread out and scattered, it’s very difficult to spend quality time with everyone. I’m thankful for the time I do get to have with them though.


After returning to Thailand, I decided to switch things up, move away from Krabi and move back to Pai. A place I’ve always loved and had lived in before. I made some new friends, as usual, chilled out, worked, and played at the circus school. I explored nature trails, waterfalls, and ate my favorite food ever, Khao Soi…a lot.

I also fell in love! Whoa! I know right?! His name is Garrett.

Super weird because if you know me, you’d know I’m not  a boy crazy kinda girl or a chick who HAS to be with someone…etc. I also knew my lifestyle, traveling and living life on the road, wasn’t very conducive to starting a relationship. However this guy was different, because he was on my exact same page in life. We couldn’t be any more like-minded and we even had the same rough plans for the next few years. To be honest, it’s on the verge of creepy.


Soooo, yeah, we love each other and things are all cute and mushy and we have been living and traveling together every since. Yay for finding a crazy travel boy! (Only took 4.5 years…)

Oh and we’re even more alike because we both want travel to be our career. He’s a super cute and funny vlogger and you should probably go check him out for yourself at The TravelHuman. (totally not biased or anything)


So now the rest of my 2015 story will have a lot of “we” in it as we have been inseparable since meeting. We spent another two months living and traveling together around Pai, northern Thailand, and North Laos.

We chilled out in Chiang Mai and then took a motorbike trip around the northern part of the Mae Hong Son Loop. We saw gorgeous vistas, waterfalls, had an incredible experience meeting the leader of Thailand’s tourism, and even meeting a head monk at a temple.

We explored Chiang Rai and its surrounding together including the famous White Temple, the Black House, a few off the track place, and even a “beach!”


We wandered over to northern Laos as Garrett had never been and we needed to hop over for visa reasons. We explored a lesser known area and fell in love with the charm that Luang Namtha and Muang Sing offered. We hardly saw tourists while we were there.

Next up! INDIA. Holy moly…India. Is there anyone on earth really prepared to go to India? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that could have truly prepped me for India. We went so far off the beaten track for a friends wedding and while those experiences are usually lovely and rewarding, it wasn’t the best experience. I unfortunately wasn’t a fan of India, but I did have a lot of firsts during my visit.


Went went back to Thailand for a couple of weeks and chilled out on Koh Chang until it was time to move on…


It was time for Garrett to return home to visit his family. He didn’t want to leave me and he brought me along (awwww, I know!). So off off and away we went to Oregon. In November. I kinda wanted to kill him a little bit… I’m from Florida, we don’t really do cold weather. BUT… It was pretty cool because I got to see snow! For the first time  ever!!! YES, I saw snow for the first time! And at a beautiful location none the less… Crater Lake is pretty spectacular.

Oh, and my first time on the west coast! Whoooaa!

We meandered around Bend, where he spent about eight years, and drank LOTS of beer, stayed with his parents in Portland, and then… took a vacation to Mexico!

Yes, vacation. A well deserved one. I literally have worked online everyday for the last three and half or so years. No joke. So an eight whole days without a computer in Playa del Carmen? Sweet! (Thanks again babe!!!)


Despite freezing my ass the entire time (minus Mexico) and literally having to wear his mother’s jackets and other warm items of clothing that I didn’t know existed and even having to buy myself another jacket… I had the best time!


This year I also started my I&I series, or Inform and Inspire Series. Here you can find loads of inspiring individuals who are traveling in their own special way. They share their story AND inform you on how they make the travel lifestyle work for them. There’s no right or wrong way to travel and everyone is different, so that’s the purpose of collecting all of these stories.

And… Last by certainly not least, my biggest travel move (literally) for 2015… I moved to Australia!

This is a HUGE new step for my life, my travels, and my blog… I’m so stoked! I just moved here in December and I will be here working and completing my working holiday visa for the whole year. I’m residing in Melbourne.

So! A whole new EVERYTHING starting in 2016. Trust me… After living and traveling solo in SE Asia for over four years… Having a serious boyfriend and living in Australia is a bit change for me.

*****STAY TUNED!!!*****

I couldn’t be any happier and I want to thank everyone for following along on my journey.

Cheers to an incredible 2016 for everyone! <3

How was your 2015?! What did you get up to? What’s up in 2016?

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