I have been on the road for three and a half years…Holy cow! Since 2014 was the “real” year I actually kept a blog, I’m going to do a little nutshell blog here to recount all the awesomeness 2014 had in store for me.

While I still did quite a bit of traveling, I must say, 2014 has been my “calmest” year yet. I actually stayed in one spot and had an apartment for the whole year! This is the most I’ve “stayed put” in 3.5 years! But again… I still did do quite a bit! 🙂


Mount Bromo – Indonesia

The year started out pretty chill. I spent my New Years on Koh Lanta and rang in 2014 with new friends on the beach downing buckets. I focused on work and got lots done, including this blog. Lots of things needed to be done…And still do!

There were plenty of trips to beaches around Krabi and nights spent just chilling in town at the local reggae bars. There were quite a few nights out in Ao Nang so we could actually dance a bit, but the places at Center Point are by no means a real club. We had to deal with it. The nights here were mostly my friend Sima’s doing!

There were a few island hopping trips, and of course Railay and Tonsai days and nights aplenty! They are in my backyard… As I write this, I am realizing I haven’t written much about them recently, but I have been there hundreds of times now. There were many many weekends just chilling on the beaches during the day in Railay and then walking over to Tonsai and enjoying the most laid back little beach bars at night. Sadly those bars have been mauled down to make way for a resorts, but that’s another story.


Island snorkeling

Here is a post from when I visited Railay for the first time. I’m making note of yet another blog I need to make…probably 136346348 on the list. uuhh!!! So much to write, so little time. It’s always those places that are so close that you forget about.

My friend came to visit me in May! Julia is my second friend to actually come visit! I was so excited. I took her from the north to the south… Pai– of course! We roamed around temples in Chiang Mai, went shopping and ate a lot of Khao Soi. We frolicked around Sukhothai’s temples, partied in Bangkok, clamored up Erawan falls, and then ended with island hopping around Krabi.

I went to Malaysia a few times, but they were mostly for a border run/transit. Nothing exciting enough to chat about. I spent Halloween there which was fun, but not really Halloween, more like just another night out. I also hiked the national park again in Penang and met some cool people one weekend.

Erawan Waterfall


There were a few random trips like my trip to Ao Luk which was really pretty, and the random road trip to Phanagna. My ass hurts just thinking about that motorbike drive up there.

I also finally went rock climbing in Krabi! It’s one of the top destinations in the world to go rock climbing… I have been twice on Railay beach and I’ve bouldered a few times on Tonsai.



Made it to the top! An amazing view and rewarding climb. Tonsai and Railay beaches are in the distance

My bigger trips this year were towards the end… I had the great pleasure of spending a whole month in the Philippines, but I’m pretty sure a whole year wouldn’t have been enough for me. I freaking loved it. There was so much to do and see!

I didn’t have the greatest welcome to the Philippines, but it was made up for at the music festival in Manila.

My time in Palawan was incredible. Honda Bay was stunning, the Underground River was nice, but Palawan’s El Nido totally stole the show. Freaking mind-blowing! Bohol has the Chocolate Hills and the cutest darn monkeys, and Panglao proved to be alright although we accidentally ended up there.

A slice of paradise in El Nido

Siquijor Island was certainly not creepy and haunted, and I got a good motorbike lesson too! I was so So SOOO sad to go and definitely not ready to, but hiking around the rice terraces of Banue and Batad were magical and caving and chilling out in Sagada before I had to leave was the best way to end my trip. The Philippines was amazing and I can’t wait to go back! It would probably be my most favorite SE Asian country IF…. The food and internet situation didn’t suck so bad! Its only two downfalls in my opinion. OK, transport wasn’t the best either, but I made due. Here’s some Philippines tips if you plan on going.



Just about a month later I was on the road again to Java, Indonesia for a couple of weeks. I started out in Yogkarta roaming around the largest Buddhist temple temple in the world, Borbudur, and got to see the interesting Hindu temple of Prembanan. Temple roaming is something I have done a lot of but this was a new favorite! I met some cool friends and made my way around the rest of Java with them.

Kawah Ijen

We went to Pacitan, an off the beaten path beach, and then headed to Bromo to hike the volcano and crater for some spectacular views. I wrote a helpful article on exactly how to hike Bromo for free. The last thing we did together was perhaps my favorite because it was so adventurous and kind of dangerous. We hiked Kawah Ijen, a sulphur crater with miners working hard, blue fire, more ridiculous views, and an emerald green acid lake…Incredible!

I also have a new record… This year I went to THREE music festivals in three different cities… Freaking amazing!

Fireworks at DJakarta Warehouse Party

Future Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Neverland Manila, and DJakarta Warehouse Party in Jakarta.

And just like I started my year, I ended it with another amazing time on Koh Lanta.


 I think that’s it for me… So, how was your 2014? 





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