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Inspire & Info Series

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I want to make a series of stories to provide inspiration and information to people about long term travel, working abroad, sustaining a life of travel, or even just traveling often!

How do you travel? How do you make a lifestyle abroad?

You could be a freelancer, an online poker player, a web developer, or even a HelpX pro. Maybe you volunteer or are addicted to couchsurfing? Do you take advantage of all the working holiday visa opportunities out there? Do you travel often, live abroad, or live a nomadic lifestyle?

Even if you are someone who “just” makes travel a priority, but can’t exactly do it full time yet. You probably think about it all the time, have a blog dedicated to it, and it’s the first thing you spend money on though…

I want your story.


#rainbow over #LuangNamtha #Laos. Like many quaint towns in #SoutheastAsia, riding around is the best thing to do. There are so many traditional villages littering the landscape here. It's pretty cool, and of course, beautiful.

I’d like to build a series of these stories that provide inspiration and information for anyone who might be interested in living a similar lifestyle. So please share with us your story, the inspiration, and how you did it, the information.

*Please don’t forget the “info” part. We want real info on HOW you are traveling. You’re welcome to provide a link in this area, you don’t need to type it all out.

Everyone has different experiences and perspectives. I want tons of stories so there is eventually a library of people who all have an inspiring tale to tell and information for the people out there who want to travel more/longer.

Remember: inspiration AND information 

Make sure to include a bio with your links, if any, and a few photos. I’ll let you know and tag you/ your page when it’s posted!

Please send your stories, with bio, and pics to: [email protected]



Here are some questions you can think about adding to your post:

(These questions aren’t mandatory, feel free to change them or make new ones.)

*What did you do before?

*What made you want to travel and live abroad long term?

*What hurdles did you have to jump in order to make this life possible?

*Do you still have any struggles that you need to overcome?

*Where have you been? Where are you? Where are you going? Where have you lived?!

*What do you do abroad/online to sustain your travel/live abroad lifestyle?

*What do you want others to know about what you do/what do THEY need to do to get where you are? (Be real! We all need the truth! This is the “information” part of the series…How can they do what you do?)

*What information can you share with the reader to help them more? Feel free to add a link to your blog with that info, you don’t need to write it all out here. 🙂

*What motto do you try to live by? / What would you tell others who aspire to have this lifestyle?

*Anything else you would want to add…

*For those who are not “full timers” talk about your process. How do you make it work? How do you do it while working full time? Plan? Save? How do you make travel your priority? Whatever you want!


mindy suissa

Friday 26th of August 2016

Just have to say,I am at work,53 and completly jealous of you. I wanted to back pack through Europe after High School and I was not allowed to forward,traveled alot in my life but not nearly how or where I wanted to..I just came across your blog and you have given me hope that it may not be too late to fulfill my dream!!

Nina Ragusa

Friday 26th of August 2016

Amazing Mindy! It's never too late. Go for it!!