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Why Hostels Can Be the Worst Ever

Why Hostels Can Be the Worst Ever

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You’re tossing and turning. You can’t sleep.

Someone is perpetually farting, there are two people rustling under the sheets in the corner, and the person above you is snoring so loudly the metal on your bunk bed is vibrating.

You’re about to finally drift off to sleep when a pack of rowdy drunks enters the room with no regard for those around them.

“Why the fuck am I staying in a dorm!?”
You ask yourself this. You have no answer.

You get up in the morning, after little to no sleep, to find your stuff was rummaged through by a drunk who thought it was their stuff. Uhhhh! hostels are the worst!

hostels are the worst


You go get breakfast. You unwillingly stuff the processed white bread slathered in fake butter in your mouth because it was included in the price.

You ask yourself again. Why am I staying in a dorm room? Especially when getting your own room is either the same price or just a few bucks more.

You then recall the state of the bathrooms. Someone has got sick, literally everywhere. The shower is cold water only and someone helped themselves to the rest of your soap. You give yourself a slap for leaving your soap in there.

Even though the state of the bathrooms is quite gross, you need to use them for obvious reasons. You have to wait in line because there are only three toilets for two dorm rooms of ten people each. This is why hostels are the worst. You can’t even do your business comfortably.

You think, “Why, oh why, am I putting myself through this? I essentially have no incentive for staying in this dorm.”

You’re fed up with it. Done. Over it.

So you get your own room, plop on the bed and laugh and cry hysterically because you’re so goddamn happy to have your own space! Rejoice!

You look back on your two weeks in a dorm room and ponder what on earth you were thinking and promise yourself to never put yourself through that ever EVER again.

So why do people love staying in dorm rooms!?

I will never get it. There are the only two positives, I see, for staying in a dorm room:
1. It’s social and you can meet people.
2. It might be a bit cheaper than a single room. (Depends on where in the world you are.)

So why do people put themselves through the mess of staying in a dorm? I’ll never get it. I’ve never had a problem meeting people when staying in my own room. There’s often a common area to socialize.

My little tip is if you’re that desperate to meet people, stay in the dorm for one night. You’ll meet people, then you can switch to a single room or maybe even meet someone to split a double room with you the next night.

hostels are the worst

Ahhhhhh this is much more like it!

In many parts of the world, a single room is only a few bucks more than a dorm, sometimes not even. So why pay a similar amount to share a cramped space with 10 people when you can have a room and privacy to yourself?

I don’t get it. Personally, I really don’t like dorm rooms. I’ll do almost anything stay out of them. To me, they often just don’t make sense to stay in.

And that’s my mini rant on hostels. I think hostels are the worst… They just aren’t for me!

What’s your take on hostels?


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Wednesday 12th of October 2016


I get where you're coming from but in some parts of the world, single rooms are just too damn expensive (Europe, US, some Latin American countries). I find that you just get used to the life after a while. Is it okay if I backlink this post in my new article on squashing myths about hostels? ;)

Nina Ragusa

Wednesday 12th of October 2016

You can do whatever you please :) I know it will be inevitable in some area bc it will cost too much for a room but I'm just personally not a huge a fan. I'll avoid it if I can! Hehe

Financial Samurai

Monday 29th of August 2016

Just need some earplugs, nose plugs, or head phones haha.

I haven't done a hostel in maybe... forever.

I went to Zurich and Lucerne and WISHED I stayed at a hostel! I didn't meet anybody staying at a hotel room, so it was lonely until I went off to Mallorca and met 7 other friends at a house. That was a blast!


Nina Ragusa

Monday 29th of August 2016

Yes it's great for meeting people but I just find other way to socialize :)

Katie @ The Budget Backpack

Wednesday 17th of August 2016

I definitely see where you're coming from, but I love hostels and can't foresee myself staying in anything but hostels when I travel. I'm lucky that I can sleep through noise (light is a little more difficult). However, for me personally, if I want to travel I *have to* take the cheapest option. On longer trips I'll for sure budget in a night here or there in a private room somewhere to recharge. If its particularly unbearable in my dorm I'm not too shy to ask to be moved, but I'm lucky that has only happened twice. Overall I've had really positive experiences with only a few negative ones to date; but I definitely understand that given what a hostel is, the potential for a disastrous stay can be quite high!

Nina Ragusa

Friday 19th of August 2016

Thanks for the comment Katie! I totally hear you. Nothing is for everyone :) It's not like I don't see the positives of hostels and it's not like I would NEVER stay at one ever again. I will just do what I can to avoid them. haha. Glad they work for you!


Wednesday 6th of April 2016

I DESPISED hostels. I travelled around Australia with my boyfriend and we found hostels so hard. Hostels in OZ charged a ridiuclous amount for a private room so we had no choice but to go in dorms. It really tested our relationship and it's just so hard to get any privacy! Plus being woken up by drunks at 4am when you have work the next day is a real pain.

Safe to say when we moved on to Thailand we were in private rooms every night!

Nina Ragusa

Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Thanks for commenting Jess! I totally hear you. Thailand is easy though as private rooms are so cheap. My travels in Aus will be by road trip so we will live in the van or camp. At least we get privacy??? Haha, I'm sure that will test us too. Happy wandering ?