Chat With Nina!

Your travel bff with all the answers, kicks in the butt and good vibes you need to travel longer

Hi! I’m Nina.

I’ve been traveling and working abroad for nine years and have been helping people via my blog do the same for almost just as long!

But I wanted to step everything up and start one-on-one’s to support others who feel stuck or need an extra push in the right direction from someone who has been there.

Introducing: One-on-One Chats With Nina

Hi friend!
I can’t wait to chat!

What can we talk about?

Are you trying to get out of your 9-5? Trying to travel for longer? Want to make travel a lifestyle and not a vacation? Oh hi, expert on this exact thing right here! I was all of those things, made all the changes, and happily never went back to “normal” (whatever TF that is.)

How does one deal with unsupportive family and friends? Let’s tackle this! I got a plan.

Are you going alone/going alone is preventing you from going? I hear this on a deep level my friend. I waited for literal years for someone to go with me and eventually just said fuck it and went alone. Let’s dive into this!

Want my advice or help planning your trip? I’m a HUGE nerd for planning stuff out, let’s do this!

Are you starting out blogging and have NO idea what you’re doing? Oh, hello, I’m queen of blogging fails, I can help here because I made all 5379075390 blogging mistakes and recovered from them. I started in 2012, learned blogging could be a real job around 2015 and travel blogging has been my full time job since 2018.

Do you just want some other general life advice? Need someone to brainstorm something with you? Want to say hi?

We can chat about pretty much anything. 🙂

Is there anything we can’t chat about? Almost everything is up for grabs but the second anyone gets creepy or starts with any sexual or inappropriate comments, I will hang up (and keep the money too. No pervs allowed, please)

Let's chat...

Traveling Europe…
Living in Southeast Asia…
Working remotely…
Saving cash…
Dealing with mom…
Insight on work abroad opportunities…
How to travel cheaper, better, longer…

Why Would You Want to Chat With Me?

I’ve been traveling the world for NINE YEARS.

I’d say I’m a pretty decent resource for travel advice, no? 🙂

Aside from that, I’ve held 11 travel jobs, know A LOT about working remote/abroad, understand the ins and outs of living a lifestyle that’s conducive to traveling, and overall am an expert at working, living, and traveling abroad.

I’m not here to say I know everything or toot my own horn, but I’ve been there (literally).

I know how you feel right now…

You don’t know what your opportunities are

You don’t have enough money

You’re scared to go at this alone

You don’t know where to start

Your family or friends don’t want you to go

You think you’re too old or too young

You’re afraid of running out money

You don’t know how to budget

You’re overwhelmed with everything you need to do…

I was in those shoes too and I had nobody to talk to.

Trust me when I say, I felt ALL of these things.

I was confused. I cried. I didn’t know what to do or where to start…

And I would have given ANYTHING to have someone to talk to. I had nobody and it was a terrifying process.

The good news?

You don’t have to go at this alone. I’m here to chat things out with you.

Here are some more questions you likely have…


How will we chat?
We will Skype each other!
Why are you offering chats now?
After doing this for nine years, I think I can confidently say I know what I’m doing. And therefore, help others!

People have asked me to be their mentor and to offer talks before. I turned them all away because I was scared as hell. Why would you want to talk to ME?! What do I know!? I’m awkward AF, are you sure you want to chat?

I’ve gotten over that confidence issue and I’m ready to CHAT! Hi, let’s do this. 🙂

*Warning: I can still be awkward. Sorry.

Who are you anyway?
I’m Nina, I lived and worked around the world. I’ve been traveling since 2011. I’ve been blogging and helping others travel and work abroad since 2012.

I’m you, I’m your friend, I’m a person you can talk to, that’s on your team, and that has been where you are now.

How is the chat set up?

Hey, this is YOUR chat, so you can tell me.

You’ll tell me what you’d like to chat about and from there, I help with actionable tips and steps for you to take to get abroad, advice on the best hikes or noodles dishes, or help you choose a remote work position… Whatever you need feedback on from a friend. 🙂 

How do I book a chat with you?
Just choose an available date on my calendar and we’ll get our chat date set up!

How long are the chats and how much?

The chats are $70 per hour.

This includes:

  • The one hour chat via Skype
  • A post-chat email check-in where you can update me and ask me more questions.



Let's Chat!