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5 Unusual Dates In And Around Melbourne

5 Unusual Dates In And Around Melbourne

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Melbourne is an easy city to fall in love with. If you’ve fallen for a special someone, there is no shortage of amazing coffee shops, bars, mountains, and wineries for dates. But if you want to try something new and have a killer story to tell your future kids, check out these unusual dates.

If your girl or guy is adventurous, don’t even say where you’re headed, just have them jump in the car and head off.

1. Pet the Penguin

Let’s get this out of the way. If you’re in Melbourne and interested in seeing things, then maybe you’ve been to Phillip Island. But if you haven’t, grab your special girl, guy, or cell phone and head down to the island! It’s got a famous and unique population of penguins.

And while you’re here, you might as well check out the orcas, humpback whales, right whales and dolphins that call the area home throughout the year. If you’re feeling aquatic, take your honey for a dip in the ocean. There are plenty of spots to swim, snorkel and surf down here!

2. Get Lost in Each Other’s Presence

Mornington Peninsula is the hook-shaped protuberance that cradles the bottom end of Port Phillip Bay. There’s plenty to do here; the area is dripping with golf courses, spas, camping and hot springs. We’re talking about something entirely different. At the north end of the peninsula is the Enchanted Adventure Garden. This odd park is wreathed in gardens and woodlands, but it’s how it uses them that counts.

At the Hedge Maze, you can get your Shining on with not one but three different arboreal mazes. That’s an afternoon’s worth of all-play-and-no-work right there, but if you’re date doesn’t feel like any axe-play, you can also check out the park’s “tree surfing” and “tube sliding.”

The former is a collection of miles of zip lines, aerial obstacles, bridges, nets, platforms, rope swings and climbing walls. The latter is a slide that directs inflatable tube-borne visitors on a downhill slide. That’s something every Johnny and Wendy can get behind.

3. Maybe Just Chill for a Bit

If you’re looking for a cool place to have a drink, and want to be able to make plenty of lame puns when you tell your friends about it, look no further then the Ice Bar Melbourne. This sub-zero setting sports ice couches, ice walls, ice tables and intricate ice sculptures.

But as if that weren’t enough to get that significant other warming to the idea, the Ice Bar offers a number of mind-bending puzzles and challenges throughout the ice-scape (sadly, there’s no garden maze here). Slip on some Uggs and grab a coffee, and get ready to melt your date’s heart.

4. Face Your Fears

If you’re really looking to get close, maybe fear of the unknown is enough to get him or her pulling you close. The Mayday Hill Lunatic Asylum offers Ghost Tours that take visitors through the 150-year-old facility. Over 9,000 people died at the asylum, and the site boasts a number of incidences of ghost sightings and strange encounters. Fear is the heart of love, is it not?

5. Get Buzzed With Your Honey

For something truly out of the ordinary, take your loved one over to Edendale Community Environment Farm. They offer an introductory course on beekeeping that explores the history of the craft, types of bees and their lifecycle, as well as the intricate steps involved in beekeeping.

As actual honeycombs are extracted, you’ll get to don the fluffy white bee ponchos and watch. If you or your sweetie happen to be allergic to bee stings, it’s best to freeze in your tracks and explore one of the other options on this list!

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