So I made a nearly two-day trek from the south of Thailand in Krabi, to the North, and I finally made it to Pai. It started out by finding a volunteer exchange opportunity  on HelpX, an awesome site you should check out if you want to volunteer your time for shelter and/or food. There was an ad posted for an apartment in Pai that I could live in if I volunteered at the salt company. Sounds a bit odd I guess, but I did it and it was awesome!

View from Dave’s place.
The American guy running the company, Dave, was lovely and provided me a great little apartment in the mountains of Pai, 3 km outside the city. It was gorgeous. I had a mango orchard in my backyard, mountains all around me, cows in the rice field right out my door, and complete privacy.



My favorite Thai soup only in the northern regions of Thailand! Khao Soi. <3





Just walking home from town… Almost there!




The work I did was rather minimal, (Thanks Dave!). All I did was slap labels on a bag, then fill it with Pink Himalayan Salt, which is totally better for you! You can look for yourself on his site.

Pai is one of my favorite towns possibly ever. Check out my previous blog post about Pai to see some of the awesome things that I have done already.

I ended up living  here over two months. During this time I met a crazy Finnish girl, Kriste, who loved to party. She was living in Pai for about a month and we hung out quite a few times.

The river that flows near the town.
There is usually something fun and awesome going down in Pai. For example, Pittalew is this cute little art gallery a few kilometers out-of-town and they host monthly parties. There is live music, vendors with yummy treats, a bon fire, and you can browse their art gallery as well. Look out for their randomly posted flyers. We also went to a Moon Village party. That was interesting! It was really far and we were three people deep on a motorbike riding on nothing but a bumpy dirt road through rice fields at 9pm. But it ended up being a great time including a bon fire, music circle, good vibes and new friends.

We also had many nights in town at The Living Room Bar with the bartenders feeding us shots. I guess that’s what you get for being the regular foreigner at the bar. When the bar in town would close down, we would make our way to outskirts at the last bar for the night, Don’t Cry Bar. Once we made it here, we knew the night was going to be a looooong one. It’s more of an after hours bar and doesn’t get busy until 1:00am or so. I don’t believe I have ever left Don’t Car Bar before 4:00am.

The first time Kriste and I went to Don’t Cry Bar we were with new German friends and stayed until the sun had risen. We may or may not have fallen a few times on the way home… What? I like, NEVER party! It was fun and when Kriste left, so did the crazy party nights. It’s not to say I didn’t go out anymore, but let say my nights were a bit more low-key.

I frequented Earth Tones, an all organic café ran by a lovely Thai woman who also produces her own sustainable and organic soaps and other toiletry items. I also love The Witching Well, they seriously have some of the best food, coffee, and desserts in town, YUM! The organic café next door is quite good and the market food is fabulous as well.




Of course, being that the town has its fair share of tourists, it means that the Western food options are actually decent (omg yay!).  Mama Falafel, you got it, has some awesome falafel and HOMEMADE feta. I would also frequent a bakery in town, but the name escapes my memory.

At a random river in the middle of the jungle for a day… because I can!



Just working a bit at Art in Chai Cafe…. My spot for some AMAZING Chai tea.






Bon fire at Pitallew before the party got going.




I went to the hot spring a few times when I first arrived, but when the weather got hotter in the mountains it wasn’t pleasant to go anymore. I also went and spent the Thai New Year in Chiang Mai during this time, only three hours south of Pai, you can read about that crazy experience here.  Other than that, I didn’t really do many of the typical touristy things. I had been here before and seen most of it. I made my life here and just went about it like a regular person. Wake up, work a bit, go to town, eat. That’s all. It’s a simple life I live… I just happen to do it in awesome places that I happen to choose. So another two and half months living in the gorgeous mountains of Northern Thailand go by… I will surely be back to Pai very soon.



Oh, yea, I almost forgot! It was my two year anniversary abroad and living in Thailand while I was here, so what better way to commemorate it but getting a tattoo?! Not that this picture does it justice (and it looks lighter too), but here it is.

By: Monkey Magic Tattoo

They did an amazing job!

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.30.53 PM

It’s on my right side/back









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