The infamous ridiculous traffic in HCMC…


It was time to set out to Vietnam and we were ready- visa acceptance letter and all! (Make sure to apply for a visa before you fly into Vietnam!) After flying into the SGN airport in Ho Chi Minh City (/ Saigon), Vietnam, Robin and I made the choice to continue our theme of ‘beach bumming it’ around SE Asia. So after a night out with summer rolls, Vietnamese sandwiches, and some shopping we headed out the next morning to Mui Ne Beach on the coast of Vietnam.



Searching for the surf…



Since we had just learned to surf in Bail, we were wanting to try out our skills on the water again. We cycled about 10 miles up and down hills trying to find the surf spot we were told to go to with no luck at all. We were on the wrong side and before we realized it, and it was too late to make our way over to the other side.


Around the area, there was a beautiful stream they called Fairy stream. It was surrounded by very bizarre looking sand rock creations and made for a rather unique walk.  The stream was shallow and it was like walking on water. We strolled on the water feeling like some kind of water walking prophets and found our way to the sand dunes to chill. It was a peaceful spot with nobody else around and we enjoyed some quiet time.



Breakfast and puppies!



Strong coffee before heading to Fairy Stream….



Crazy looking sand rocks





Walking on water.




Fairy Stream from the sand dunes


We were also lucky enough to spend Halloween here! Since we didn’t have costumes we made do with what we had- bathing suits. So we decided we were hippy beach bums (not that this was a stretch of the imagination for us by any means..). We dressed up in a bathing suit and used our left over Full Moon party paint to paint ourselves. This night was a blast! We met many randoms that were actually foreigners, but lived in HCMC and came to Mui Ne for the holiday. We had so much fun bar hopping along the beaches, we lost track of time and got to enjoy the sunrise the following morning! Seriously- Good morning Vietnam! Gorgeous.




You can take the girls out of Florida but you can’t take the Florida out of the girls! We love our beaches!!!





Mini photo-shoot on some desolate rocks




Happy Halloween ‘Nam!



This party had a sweet set up!



New friends








Goooooddd morning Vietnam!



After beach bumming it here for a few days it was time to have our last night in HCMC before Robins departure. It sucked so bad to say goodbye to my traveling partner. I miss you Robin! Best travel partner… EVER.


I feel the need to mention my opinion of the people here. Unfortunately, I don’t have many nice things to say. Granted we were only here for about 6 days and only in the two places mentioned, but our experience with the people were not positive. Just to name a few situations…

We were lied to numerous times, such as, the kind of bus we bought tickets for our trip back to HCMC with. They told us it was one kind of bus, and showed us pictures and everything. When we were picked up, it was a completely different kind of bus. I don’t care what bus it is! Just tell me, don’t lie! We also sat down to lunch at a restaurant and after 10 minutes of waiting we were never acknowledged. While in HCMC a man literally grabbed Robin and tried to force her to sit in a chair at his restaurant. Her arm had a small bruise on it the next day do to his force! It was a bit ridiculous to say the least, we were nothing but kind to them. Anyway, I am not the first to feel this way about the Vietnamese people, many travelers have express the same distaste. HOWEVER- I always encourage all to experience things for themselves. After all, I heard this about them before I went to Vietnam, but I wanted to see for myself.

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